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Partner Church Ppt


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Partner Church Ppt

  1. 1. The Light is Shining on the MAASAI But most of the TANZANIAN MAASAI are still in spiritual darkness
  2. 2. The Maasai Are… •A semi-nomadic people living in southern Kenya and northern Tanzania. •Some 500,000 live in Kenya and about 1,000,000 live in Tanzania. •Livelihood is raising cattle, goats, and sheep.
  3. 3. Missionary Efforts to Kenyan MAASAI… - Thousands have come to know Christ - Through the Kanga (Story Cloth) - Eagle Baptist Assn. formed “Reaching and teaching Maasai to reach and teach Maasai.”
  4. 4. But prayer is urgently needed for: RAIN __ _ •Three feeding projects this year that have fed tens of thousands. •No rain, and death of livestock mean starvation & death for Maasai.
  5. 5. Please Pray for…  Rain  First trip into Tanzania in January,2010  On Monday August 31, Calvary Road was given permission to go into Tanzania---- Praying for this for the past five years.  The Tanzanian door to stay open  Continued penetration into the darknes with the Light of the Gospel  Newly formed Eagle Baptist Assn.  For the Governments of Kenya and Tanzania to give Calvary Road Ministries visas that will allow us to share Jesus in both countries
  6. 6. Sources    Any further information email John Shepherd, President, Calvary Road Ministries, Knoxville, TN (
  7. 7. Camping in the bush of Kenya