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F R A N K L O V E Dsn Samples

  1. 1. FRANKL OVE portfolio
  2. 2. AVIA, the leader in endurance sports and a global brand rooted in multisport since 1979, is proud to celebrate a history of creating great footwear for the runner, triathlete, weekend warrior, and endurance enthusiast. Today AVIA participates in the sponsorship of iconic races including the AVIA Wildflower Triathlons, Vineman and the best athletes around the globe. American Sporting Goods (ASG) is a manufacturer of performance athletic footwear and apparel based out of Aliso Viejo, Calif. Brands under the ASG umbrella include Ryka, Avia, And 1, Nevados, Yukon, NSS, APEX, Turntec and Triple Five Soul.`
  3. 3. PORTFOLIO 2009 Frank Love A5560M Running C h r o m e Si l ve r / Bl a c k / Ro ya l B lue B l a c k/ Ch r o m e S i l v e r / Me t . G o l d e n O l i ve $65 Price Point Running Shoe L e a t h e r, Synthetic, Mesh m ate ria ls Compression molded EVA Convexus™-LITE cushioning Lightweight, Breathable, Flexible p e r fo r m an c e be n e fit s Various Lacing for better fit Chrom e Si l v e r / Me t. R e d C h r o m e Si l ve r / V a r s i t y Re d / St e e l G r e y Solid rubber with forefoot flex grooves e x p l a n a tion Entry Level running shoe for neutral runner
  4. 4. PORTFOLIO 2009 Frank Love Development Sketches
  5. 5. Shellpattern Revision *Please add revision to medial side PORTFOLIO 2009 Frank Love *Please use new perfs (in red) #7 ARN42580Wn deco-stitch underlay gilly hi- hi- cut-out hi- sh me mesh underlay hi- mesh mesh hi- perfs deco-stitch screen print screen print with deboss deco-stitchunderlay hi- mold
  6. 6. Convexus Lite Tooling ` final rendering PORTFOLIO 2009 Frank Love initial skecthes sample
  7. 7. Concept $130.00 The AVI-STOLTZ III features ESS ROCKSTEADY PLATE technology which provides flexibility while preventing injury from uneven surfaces, an aggressive outsole and traction design for efficient sand running, and superior stability, cushioning and shock absorption. The upper has mono-mesh on top of air mesh to keep debris out the shoe with welds to keep the foot stable. The heel tab and tongue have finger holes to help get in and out the shoe faster. The webbing lacing system gives the shoe a better fit and heel support . PORTFOLIO 2009 Frank Love
  8. 8. AVI-LITE III AVI-LITE III AVI-LITE III PORTFOLIO 2009 Frank Love medial Asymmetrical Breathable Lightweight Running Shoe lateral
  9. 9. PORTFOLIO 2009 Frank Love Performance Concepts $100.00 $120.00 Structured Cushioning Neutral Runner Stability EVA Heel Supinated Foot Type Avi- Gel Light to Medium Motion Control $175.00
  10. 10. OUTDOOR
  11. 11. REMOVABLE INSOLE Water Moccasin moisture evaporation micro mesh footbed contoured arch AVIA outdoor logo contoured heel PORTFOLIO 2009 Frank Love WELL CUSHIONED ADJUSTABLE FIT WATER FRIENDLY ENHANCED BREATHABILITY
  12. 12. initial designs AVIA OUTDOOR MOLDED 3 SEASON MOCCASIN $50.00 first round sample PORTFOLIO 2009 Frank Love first sample final lineart OUTDOOR
  13. 13. PORTFOLIO 2009 Frank Love Frank Love 2008 Stryker
  14. 14. PORTFOLIO 2009 Frank Love Jebel Frank Love 2008
  15. 15. PORTFOLIO 2009 Frank Love Kalba Frank Love 2008
  16. 16. PORTFOLIO 2009 Frank Love “I am excited to be partnering witn Ryka to create a line of fitness products exclusively for women.” -Kelly Ripa
  17. 17. EMERGE PORTFOLIO 2009 Frank Love $74.00 Women’s Running Shoe materials Air Mesh, Leather, Synthetic Doublelasted outsole w/ solid rubber p erform a nce benefi t s Lightweight, Breathable, Flexible Anatomically correct for women’s foot e x pla na t ion Ryka is the leader in performance fitness products for women Sold on Zappos, Lady Foot Locker Ryka website
  18. 18. EMERGE upper only request 7 029n# kRN40 add pull-tab Remove hi-fi and logo add lace keeper shellpattern PORTFOLIO 2009 Frank Love insole design embroidery Lineart Pointout deboss leather embroidery leather me sh stitch and turn emboss hi-fi sh embroidery me mesh emboss leather hi-fi mesh emboss sh me hi-fi embroidery embroidery emboss emboss mesh mesh mesh leather hi-fi mesh leather synthetic synthetic underlay synthetic underlay leather emboss
  19. 19. i lov e m y s c e n e i love my scene..... Sharing time with those you care about is vital to a healthy lifestyle. Whether your scene is at the art gallery, pub or bookstore, it doesn't matter, as long as you are around the people and things you love. SCENE is a compilation of products that expresses the personal identities of those who love their sphere of activity. These products are intended for 18 to 25 year olds who want to dress unique, modern, and sophisticated, but at an affordable price. They wear their love of music, art and culture on their sleeves, and believe individuality can be expressed through fashion. adidas can participate in the fresh ambitions and optimism that young people hold dear, by designing products that address their SCENE. Frank Love 2006
  20. 20. Unisex watch
  21. 21. AVIATOR
  22. 22. Exploded  view AVIATOR
  23. 23. men’s Bebop is a sneaker that helps men make the transition from work to play. bebop
  24. 24. women’s Rocksteady is a sneaker for women. This pointy tipped design has the sophisticated sex appeal of a high heel, with the superior comfort of a slip on sneaker. rocksteady