Phylum Project


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Phylum Project

  1. 1. Mammals Nilan Jayasuriya
  2. 2. Rabbit: I like to graze Sperm Whale: I’m the Hedgehog: I like to on forbs and grass, but largest toothed animal forage in hedges for I’m physically incapable in the world, and I will bugs. As I do this I like of vomiting. In live to be 80 years old to grunt. addition, I only sweat one day. through my feet.
  3. 3. Habitats • As a class, mammals can be • Subclasses- found anywhere with varied conditions due to being • Eutheria (placental endothermic. mammals): • (specific habitats ->) rainforests, deserts, savannas, oceans • Metatheria (marsupials): underground, forests • Prototheria: freshwater ponds and streams
  4. 4. Activities • Hunting or grazing • Swimming • Running • Sleeping • Chasing weaker animals away
  5. 5. Genealogy • Hair/Fur: insulation • Warm-Blooded (endothermic): body temperature maintenance • Lower jaw is connected to the skull • Red blood cells lack nuclei The platypus is an exception to most of the unique features found in mammals.
  6. 6. Specialized Features • Female mammary glands that produce milk for offspring • Chain of bones that submits sound waves across the middle ear • Abdominal cavity • Only has left aortic arch
  7. 7. “Ideal Mate” • Of the same species • Intelligence • Willingness
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