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Floridays Training

  1. 1. Summer 2003 One world, One language. Imagine capturing the experience of total training with Floridays International in a single moment. A single frame. It is the moment of passage This single frame was displayed on the from knowing the language to entrance doors of our training center, as communicating effectively in English. The soon as the first course was completed moment you control all international aspects back in 1997, upon suggestion of our …be yourself, in English! of your professional activity with confidence very first participant. and ease. One goal: be yourself in English!!! .
  2. 2. Pensacola enjoys optimal A top location geographical positioning for a “5 star” on the high summit of the Gulf of Mexico, on training the border between Florida and Alabama, only three hours drive from New Orleans (LA), one hour and a half from Floridays International is located in Gulf Biloxi, and 50 minutes Breeze, a green and residential peninsula by plane from Atlanta situated amongst the beaches of the Gulf (GA) and Orlando of Mexico and the city of Pensacola, on (South Florida). the border between Florida and Alabama. Among the many recreational, sport and Pensacola is the very first site where cultural activities Europeans landed in the United States in available during your 1559. Today, it is ranked as one of the stay are the following: top 10 cities in the United States for quality of life and personal safety, and Golf, sailing, hiking, one of the top 5 cities for business snorkelling, museum investment opportunities. (Money visits (naval aviation, Magazine 2002). Native American, civil war and colonial ), Between 5 and 10 of the best beaches in shopping and… the the United States can be found within 40 whitest beaches in 2 miles of Pensacola beach. America!.
  3. 3. 3 100% tailor made Floridays International chose the most appropriate location for Business training solutions English and management training, in Floridays International provides the Pensacola area chamber of professional consultancy and training in the commerce. English language for professionals and companies in non-English speaking The authentic context of a business countries. center allows for vast exposure to the The company was founded in 1997 by a American business mechanism. group of young professionals, American, British, and Italian, coming from The classrooms are international corporate management and soundproofed and equip with training experiences. modern instruments for an efficient learning experience. In the first six months of activity, Floridays International held nearly 200 specialized Our staff of TESL certified and personalized programs in the Training trainers carries out day-to-day Center in Pensacola (USA) for nearly 300 training utilizing advanced professionals, entrepreneurs, and managers communication techniques from European, Latin America, and the Far and tailor made materials. East.
  4. 4. A shared method which 4 focuses on results! Each participant’s linguistic The lessons are structured, lively and training is based on results from interactive. The communicative method needs analysis carried out by a privileges practice and listening, and senior trainer at our headquarters addresses each progressive phase of in Italy a few weeks prior to communication in English. During each departure. phase of learning, we focus upon the cultural differences that influence The preliminary meeting must different means of expression among establish with precision the English speaking peoples. Particular following: emphasis is paid to situations pertinent to • participant’s training objectives the world of business. • didactic material (ad hoc) • calendar of activities and The use of available materials at our business meetings ( lunches offices (audio, video, software, personal with guests, visits to local computer, books, and specialized companies) journals) permits the participant to • practical use of English outside integrate work in the classroom with the classroom in the “English in individual progress. action” sessions.
  5. 5. A winning training mix: Language & Management COURSES The final objective of the trainer The individual “one-to-one” is to enable the participant to gain courses for professionals are held greater familiarity with self- throughout the year. expression in English and fully comprehend his/her own line of They have a minimum duration speech beyond the significance of of two weeks and are based on a individual words. full-immersion, 5 days a week didactic program. For this reason, Floridays International has designed To guarantee the quality of the English programs in the USA training program and individual built upon interaction between assistance to the participant, there professionals of different are a maximum number of 8 nationalities. courses allowed per month. TRAINERS The trainer has the role of “tutor” We advise for this reason that and “facilitator”, monitoring the your reserve the time period you intensity of the participant’s have decided upon for the involvement within their tailor individual course as soon as made program. possible. The course consists of 4 hours of personalized training per day and an additional 2-3 hours of needs 5 specific work per day, for a total of 30-35 hours per week.
  6. 6. 30 hours per week Business Communication English We focus on the passage from knowing the English language to acquiring ownership of communication skills. The participant’s business reality is involved during each phase of learning. We privilege communication in a business context through constant classroom work and daily interaction with American business men. Social meetings take place in the presence o f the trainer both in a work Business Campus 2006 context (office and company visits in the area) and in a social context (lunch and “after hours” with guest speakers and local professionals). We emphasize activities that enable English communication in a business context, specifically daily meetings with managers and local professionals in the presence of the trainer. The classroom program focuses on the 6 principal managerial skills in order to reinforce the participant’s ability to sustain a fluid a line of speech, and manage meetings and telephone appointments in a business context at an international level. The curriculum is directly based upon the work responsibilities of each 6 participant. Available in group (max. 6) participants 35 hours per week English Management Skills
  7. 7. Total Communication English 20/30 hours per week We emphasize activities that enable Business Campus 2006 English communication in a business context, specifically daily meetings with managers and local professionals in the presence of the trainer. The classroom program focuses on the 6 principal managerial skills in order to reinforce the participant’s ability to Customized Topics sustain a fluid a line of speech, and manage meetings and telephone • Meetings appointments in a business context at • Financial English & Banking an international level. • English and the Internet • Media Communications The curriculum is directly based upon • Telephoning the work responsibilities of each • Socializing for Business participant. Available in group (max. • Presenting 6 participants) • Management and Marketing • Advertising • Writing for Business • Sales and negotiations • English Communication Skills for Secretaries/Personal assistants • Medical English 7
  8. 8. Floridays Trainers’ team 2006 Kate Barron (UK) Lindsey Kelly (US) Director of Studies Journalist - Writer Sabrina Lowd (US) Kimberly Blair (US) ESL trainer Journalist Dominique De Bonis (US/IT) Lois Silberstein (US) MBA – International Consultant ESL trainer – Business consultant Donna Arnett (US) Harvey Stober (US) Speaking Voice Specialist NYSE analyst of the year 1998 Leslie Baroni (US/IT) Manuel Siverio (UK/US) MBA – ESL trainer Business & Management consultant 8 Corporate and professional Testimonials
  9. 9. Non stop hospitality service … Arrival at Pensacola, FL Floridays’ staff will be at the gate to assist the FLORIDAYS participant and guide him INTERNATIONAL to his/her pre-selected SERVICES: Leaving Pensacola, FL accommodation Floridays’ staff will handle the Check-in • Participant’s final check-out and escort the The participant will be accommodation (resort participant to the airport to assisted during check-in at his/her on the sea, apartment, insure a stress free departure. hotel, residence) accommodation, where he/she will receive a free welcome kit. • Rental car reservation Week-end planning Floridays’ staff offers • All inclusive meal plan detailed advice and solutions information for organizing weekend excursions or relaxing • Tutoring for relatives getaways • Baby sitting Orientation week-end Floridays’ staff organizes After hours a logistical / tourist The participant will be briefing with each involved in evening events, participant which dinners, and cocktail hour includes a welcome with local professionals brunch on the sea and/or trainers to further Communication Help line practice classroom work. We offer assistance with cellular phone (tri-band) activation, should the participant request assistance 9
  10. 10. Summer 2003 Tell me and I will forget, Show me and I may remember, Involve me.. and I will understand 93, Chanteclaire Circle Gulf Breeze, FL 32561 (USA) Tel. Fax (1) 800-252-1318 Web: www.floridays.com Email: mail@floridays.com Noi lo abbiamo scritto sulla porta d’ingresso del nostro centro training, appena terminato il primo corso nel 1997, su suggerimento del nostro primo cliente. Obiettivo: sii te stesso (in Inglese)!!! …be yourself, in English!