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Museum Center Field Trip!


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Museum Center Field Trip!

  1. 1. Museum Center Visit By: Ashlee
  2. 2. Allosaurus Fragilis
  3. 3. Ordovician Period
  4. 5. Sauropod Hipbone and Some Backbone
  5. 6. Paleontology Center: Where they hae a lot of fossils!
  6. 7. Paleontology Center Group Picture
  7. 9. Crinoids: Echinoderm This is an invertebrate. It is not a plant, it is an animal. They propel themselves in water. The center of it looks like a starfish when you look closely, and that is where the anus is. They are sedentary which means they latch on to items such as rocks.
  8. 10. Cephalopod This is a predator of the ocean. As he gets older, the chambers on his body extend. They swim backwards.
  9. 12. Wigos* Corals
  10. 13. Megalograptus- Eurypterid (Sea Scorpion) Another predator of the ocean. This came from New York City.