Tiffany & Co.


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Public Relations execution for store expansion and trade show attention in Portugal.

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Tiffany & Co.

  1. 1. Tiffany & Co. in Portugal Chen-Chen Ho, Mandi Lu, Marie Nicolini, & Zeenat Rasheed
  2. 2. Tiffany in Portugal • Tiffany is one of the world’s most iconic jewelry brands • Quality, luxury, trust • Blue Box • Wide product selection • Exclusive collections by famous designers • Locally inspired designs • Portugal • Famous for traditional filigree jewelry, yellow gold • “Gold” must have 19.2 karats or more • Local jewelry industry declining due to outsourcing and lack of modernization • Increasing demand for costume jewelry
  3. 3. Publics & Messages Consumers Media Industry Men Women TV and Newspaper Journalists Other Retailers, Vendors (Proposals, Gifts) (Gift to self) (Trusted, quality brand)
  4. 4. Publics & Messages Consumers Media Industry Men Women TV and Newspaper Journalists Other Retailers, Vendors (Proposals, Gifts) (Gift to self) (Trusted, quality brand)
  5. 5. Industry Strategy • Objective Be seen as a recognized player in the Portuguese and European jewelry industry • Message Tiffany’s is a modern, global enterprise that can transform the Portuguese jewelry industry • Strategy Participate in industry events and distribute information about the company to build awareness and credibility for Tiffany’s Build relationships with local and European manufacturers to understand local trends and scope for consignment deals Share best practices on purchasing, sales training and marketing to establish as expert and leader
  6. 6. Event Execution • Portojoia Trade Show • September 23-27, 2009 in Porto • Colored Gems theme • ~2,000 exhibitors • ~100,000 visitors • Event Budget: $20,000
  7. 7. Portojoia Booth • Open Prestige Stand Package • 27 sq. meters • Incl. display cases with cold spotlights and glass shelves, other furniture, and booth lettering • Listing in general exhibitors list and electronic catalog • White & Gold Goldsmithery • Candelabra/Candlesticks • Jewelry set with Emeralds/ Rubies/Sapphires
  8. 8. Portojoia On Display Colored Gems White Gold Housewares
  9. 9. Measurement • Generate 3 to 5 new business opportunities with Portuguese/ European manufacturers • To help Tiffany’s “localize” their store offerings • Receive positive reviews about Tiffany’s being a leader in Portugal in 5 to 6 mainstream and industry media outlets
  10. 10. Media Coverage • Local Press • Jornal de Noticias (Largest newspaper in Portugal) • Diario do Noticias (Most prestigious newspaper in Portugal) • International Press • Invite reporters from international trade media to cover smaller, less- known event • Show Tiffany’s as supporter of Portuguese industry Publication Name Frequency Content Circulation JCK Jewelers Circular, 4x per year Written by an international team for 24,940 Keystone retail jewelers JQ Magazine 6x per year Targeting upscale retail jewelers and 17,500 designers Couture International 4x per year Writen by international team in US and 15,500 Jeweler Europe for prestige jewelry market Rapaport News & Daily Internet portal dedicated to reporting Not Available news on the world diamond industry
  11. 11. Budget Program Element Cost (Euro) Cost (USD) Booth €6,299 $8,225 Trade Show Materials €1,915 $2,500 Press kit development & Translation €1,685 $2,200 Media training €804 $1,050 Bringing in foreign journalists €3,848 $5,025 Courting local journalists €765 $1,000 TOTAL €15,316 $20,000
  12. 12. Welcome to Portojoia!
  13. 13. THANK YOU!