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Lakini & The Betrockers


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Infos and News about the 2nd round of the German Football Bundesliga.

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Lakini & The Betrockers

  1. 1. THE BUNDESLIGA-NEWSLETTER Lakini & The Betrockers 2nd Round 14.08.
  2. 2. Lakini & The Betrockers The Bundesliga-Newsletter Finally Bundesliga is back again! And ....... The new season promises to be even more exiciting than last season. 6 or 7 clubs are going to chase Bay- ern München, like every year the team, that is undoubtedly the topfavourite. And here are the previews of the 2nd round. Bayer Leverkusen vs. TSG Hoffenheim 1899 Saturday, 15.08. 15:30cet Last season these two teams guaranteed highspeed-football and lost of goals - at least in the first half of the season. A good example were their two encounters last season. 5:2 and 4:1 were the results - both in favour of Leverkusen. And even though Leverkusen has a new coach and plays slightly different now, I believe in another game with lots of goals and in the end a win of Leverkusen. Both teams are missing an important forward, Helmes for Bayer, Demba Ba for Hoffenheim. A possible replacement for Demba Ba could have been Prince Taggoe, but the forward has been fired - the player is obviously having serious heartproblems - however, Hoffenheim needed quite a lot of time to find that out...the UEFA will decide. I expect a fast game, with lots of chances on both sides and a minimum of 3 or 4 ver 3.00 BET: o goals. Even though I am tempted to go on Leverkusen, I will stay away from a bet on /10 CLE 6 a winner. PINNA @2.01 VfB Stuttgart vs. SC Freiburg Saturday, 15.08. 15:30cet Its understable that many people out there took a bet on Freiburg - the newly promoted team of Robin Dutt made a great impression against the “mighty” HSV and were the domi- nating team. But that was a completely different game. This is sth different now. Its VfB Stuttgart, away, a Baden-Württemberg-Derby and in my opinion, Freiburg will get to know now what it means to play against a - possible - Championsleague-Participant. Stuttgart again with their two new signings Hleb and Pogrebnyak, more over, their german internationals Tasci, Hitzlsperger and Cacao didnt belong to the worst players in that awful game against Aserbaidjan. Freiburg with problems on the goalkeeper-position. Regular keeper Pouplin is definetely out, his replacement Salz is doubtful - replacement would be U23-keeper RT -1 STU TTGA Baumann, who of course never played on Bundesliga-Level yet. BET: NA CLE 8 /10 Stuttgart simply is too good for Freiburg and will have a rather easy win. PIN @1.971 Eintracht Frankfurt vs. 1.FC Nürnberg Saturday, 15.08. 15:30cet hard to believe, but Frankfurt has that small historical chance, to make it on top of the table with a win against Nürnberg even if it might be only for a few hours. Why? Cause only two teams that won last saturday are playing that afternoon, the other one is Dortmund. So this alone is motivation for Frankfurt. But there is a big difference to the game with Bremen. In Bremen, Frankfurt was big underdog. They were able to react and to defend and they did a very good job by doing that. In this game, Nürnberg actually only has to copy Frankfurt 7 days ago...Nürnberg is the outsider, they can concentrate on defending and on counterattacks, while Frankfurt has to make the play. I believe, Frankfurt will have huge problems with this, but I think the season is still too early to rate this game and those two teams. Frankfurt gets back Amanatidis, who only played the 1st half in Bremen (and scored ET,,,, NO B 2 goals). Nürnberg without any problems. These Are My Twisted Words
  3. 3. Lakini & The Betrockers The Bundesliga-Newsletter too Some of you might remember my passion for German Football from Bettingadvice or my other projects. Yes, I disappeared a little bit from the screens, but I missed to work and write and share my ideas about Bundesliga with other people. And I hope you appreciate the work - and hopefuly it pays out too. 1.FC Köln vs. VfL Wolfsburg Saturday, 15.08. 18:30cet If Köln continues to play like in Dortmund - uff, they could already plan for the 2nd league. That was a desaster, but lets not forget, they missed several important players and few of them, like Lukas Podolski, are back now and surely will strenghten the team. Novakovic is not yet fit enough to play 90minutes, but he might be an option during the game. Still not available, most probably, will be defender Geromel, which leads to a big problem in my opinion: Kevin McKenna and Mohamad in defence accompanied by the backs Brecko and Wome - against the strong offensive players of Wolfsburg? Against Grafite, Misimovic, Dzeko? Hard to believe that this will work, even though Köln has strong centralmidfielders like Petit, Pezzoni or Maniche. Wolfsburg was dominating against Stuttgart and the way, Misimovic and Grafite scored the goals were promising. Wolfsburg wont win any game this season, they will often fail bu rg -1 - it doesnt look for now that Köln will be a place for that surprise... BET: Wolfs /10 CLE 5 PINNA @2.45 Hannover 96 vs. FSV Mainz 05 Saturday, 15.08. 15:30cet Hannover is already under big pressure. Not mainly cause they lost against Berlin, its more their loss to Trier in the cup and an athmosphere that has been bad throughout 2009 so far, and that started with firing former sportschef Hochstätter. He has been replaced by a friend of Hecking, Jörg Schmadtke, both worked together in Aachen. The game in Berlin wasnt that bad - they had good chances to win the game, but Hertha was more lucky in the end. Mainz with new coach Tuchel is currently on some wave of enthusiasm. All people love that guy, although he sit just in 1 game on the bench of Mainz. He reminds so much of Jürgen Klopp, that people forget about that detail. A homematch as a start is always some- thing nice, the real bundesliga Tuchel will get to know in Hannover now - against a team, that is under pressure already and knows, that they have to win those games t... against the newly promoted teams, if they want to stay in the league. No Be Schalke 04 vs. VfL Bochum Sunday, 15.08. 17:30cet Typical Magath. His team won, 2:1, in Nürnberg. Something you should be happy about. But not so Magath. He saw too many details that made him really angry, in all parts of his team....The coach is a perfectionist. He really wants to improve a team, thats why he came to Schalke. More work than in Gelsenkirchen he couldnt find. Schalke really played the most unattractive football of all last season and no wonder they couldnt qualify for anything in the end. Schalke/Magath will be a successful combination. Maybe not this season, but in the next years for sure. Against Bochum they do not have to fear a lot. How easy it can be to score against Bochum has been demonstrated by Gladbach last sunday, even though only in the first half. In the 2nd half Bochum came back - sth that wont be possible against Schalke. -1 They have the best defence in the league and Magath surely wont change that c halke part. And players like Kuranyi and Farfan will benefit from his ideas a lot - already BET: S CLE 6 /10 PINNA in the game against Bochum, whereI expect a rather easy win of the team from @1.909 Gelsenkirchen.
  4. 4. Lakini & The Betrockers The Bundesliga-Newsletter TOPMATCH OF THE WEEK: HAMBURG VS. DORTMUND The statistic-experts counted 24 shots on the goal of Köln-Keeper Mondragon, Kicker- Sportsmagazine 12 goalchances... Sitting in front of the tv, you actually had the feeling as if Dortmund attacked for 90minutes and shot like 100 times on the goal of 1.FC Köln, who always somehow blocked the ball, Mondragon caught it, there was the post, the bar or in the end simply a lot of inability of the Dortmun-forwards to get the ball into the net. Yeah - thats i...cause in the end, Dortmund needed an owngoal of poor Köln-Defender Marvin Matip to win the game. Dortmund played well, controlled Köln over the whole match and should have won much higher. In that case, we wouldnt see the current odds anyway. At the moment, the offer is Dortmund +1/2 @1.820 at the moment, already went down. The people out there already realized, that Hamburg goes totally overrated into that game. The problem of Hamburg is obvious in my opinion. ND DNB Huub Stevens played a very defensive style with them, sometimes Raphael van RTMU der Vaart was the most offensive player of Stevens. : DO 10 E 5/ BET .61 P INNACL Then Martin Jol took over. Although he planned to play an offensively orientated @2 football, he soon realized, that it wont be possible, the players had the old system in their heads, Jol only modified it here and there, he played more or less the same style as Stevens before. Who is Bruno Labbadia? Now Labbadia comes. He wants to play fast, shortpasses, onetouch. So from one day to another, the players, already surprised about the change on the bench, have to learn a totally new system. It went ok for Labbadia in Leverkusen - but the difference was, that Leverkusen played already a similiar football from An old bundesliga-goalgetter, who had some the times with Skibbe. good and bad times and played in the Bun- desliga for Hamburg, Kaiserslautern, Bay- The reason why teams like Leverkusen or Hoffen- ern, Köln and Bremen and scored 103 goals heim failed in the 2nd half of the season? The other in the Bundesliga and 101 in Bundesliga 2. teams found easy ways to destroy that kind of Always been known as a fighter and a player football with ease. And whenever a team decided who never gave up and always wanted to win - actually the best characterics for a coach. His to concentrated on defence than making the game, first club as a coach was Darmstadt, where those teams had huge problems. worked two seasons and brought them into the Regionalliga, then he took over Greuther Fürth Noone out there in the league is surprised anymore but failed to bring them into the Bundesliga. by Labbadias dream to copy Barcelona. Hamburg He quiickly moved to Leverkusen, and espe- might play some good games against Bayern, cially the first half of the season was a success. Stuttgart, Bremen - but - at least for the moment The 2nd half of the season became a desaster it looks like that - will have huge problems against for Labbadia, the club went out of the Top6 the other teams and I wouldnt be surprised to see and didnt qualify for the European League in the end, sth that is actually not accept- Hamburg far away from their expectations. able for Rudi Völler and Leverkusen. How- Then is the question, if the new sportsdirector, who ever, Labbadia lead his team into the final of the DFB-Cup, where they lost to Bremen 0:1. is still unknown, will count on Labbadia, who wasnt first choice of clubchef Hoffmann either... Soon after that Hamburg. whose coach Mar- tin Jol left the club to Ajax Amsterdam, needed Luckily Hamburg has some weapons: The indi- a new club and was interested to sign Lab- vidual class of some players. Petric or Trochowski badia, who played 2 years in Hamburg and had been a popular player in that time. can sometimes score out of nothing. Even though Trochowski needs 56 shots til his longdistanceshots find their way into the net, he keeps on trying..And then there is Markus Berg, the most expensive signing in HSV-History - but didnt play in the Bundesliga yet...
  5. 5. Lakini & The Betrockers The Bundesliga-Newsletter Saturday, 15.08. 15:30cet But really, the way Hamburg played in their previous three games was frustrat- ing for all followers of Hamburg. Players slow, offensively there was nothing. Against newly promoted team from Freiburg, they managed to create just 3 chances throughout the 90minutes. The goal of Jonathan Pitroipa was noth- ing but an accident, the ball fell down coincidentally on his foot and Pitroipa only knew where the goal is standing, cause he played many years in Freiburg, thats all, under normal circumstances, he wouldnt even hit a giant tractor from 11meters. Moreover, players look tired and also admitted: Yes, we are exhausted! What? Now officials blame old coach Martin Jol, who made the plannings for this season and whose calculation was: Yes, that time is enough to make my players fit...but Labbadia might still not be experienced enough. In fact, Hamburg looked more tired than at the end of the last season. Dortmund on the other hand only needs to continue to play like they did in whole 2009 so far. They went from 13 to 6 and almost qualified for the European League. The last round decided in favour of another club, who needed to win and did that in injury time with a goal, that clearly was offside. The name of the club, that “stole” the European League- 2.75 Qualification from Dortmund by an offsidegoal? HSV.... ver BET: o ACLE 7/10 6 PINN Dortmund can count on their captain Dede again, no big need to change anything else @2.0 in the team, so we will see argentinian striker Lucas (Barrios) again in the startingline-up, with Nelson Valdez at his side, which means that Mohamed Zidan sits on the bench - the man who played a very unlucky season in Hamburg and was changed with Mladen Petric last season. Dortmund is still without their defensive midfielders Kehl and Sven Bender, how- ever Tinga is a more than good enough replacement on that position. Hamburg probably will have dutch international Eljero Elia in the startinglineup to replace Pitroipa. Goalkeeper Rost is doubtful, replacement Hesl missing experience at all - it can be a risk. A big problem for Hamburg this week might have been that 12 players went to their nation- alteams. Bruno Labbadia almost had no chance to analyze the last game with his players. The athmosphere in Hamburg still is optimistic. The fans of course are dreaming about winning titles. But thats just one part of the dream, the biggest dream is to see Hamburg playing attractive football - if Labbadia at least manages that against Dortmund, even a draw or a small loss wont be a problem for him. Yet. I go against a win of Hamburg, cause Dortmund definetely seems to be in the better form and their defence looks stable enough to prevent Hamburg from playing their fast combinations. Apart of the bet on Dortmund DNB I go on an over 2.75 in this game. I believe both teams are able to score 2 goals or more. POSSIBLE LINEUP HamBUrg: Rost - Demel, Boateng, Mathijsen, Aogo - Ze Roberto, Jarolim - Elia, Trochowski - Guerrero, Petric DOrtmUND: Weidenfeller - Owomoyela, Subotic, Santana, Schmelzer - Tinga - Blasczykowski, Hajnal, Sahin - Lukas, Valdez
  6. 6. Lakini & The Betrockers The Bundesliga-Newsletter Ulli Hoeness is already changing the colour of his head into sausage-red...Another year that not all other 17 clubs want to accept that Bayern is the only team in the world that really deserves to win all titles. Even worse, for me the game of Bayern vs Bremen is not even interesting enough to be the match of the week. The 2nd against the 12th from last season...How boring...but thats not fair of course, cause of course this is one of the big german classicos. Bayern München vs. Werder Bremen Saturday, 15.08. 15:30cet Almost one year ago. Same place. Same time. More or less same players. Bremen BrEmEN: Wiese - Fritz, Mertesacker, Pasanen, Tosic - Frings, Borowski - Marin, Özil - Sanogo, Almeida BayErN: Rensing - Lahm, Badstuber, Van Buyten, Pranjic - Timoshchuk - Altintitop, Baumjohann, Schwein- steiger - Klose, Gomez won 5:2 and already at the begin of the season showed without any harm that the “Project Klinsmann” probably will fail - it did just a few months later. Now Louis Van Gaal is the new coach in München and like always, Bayern have nothing less than the ambition to win all titles that are possible. At least the championship seems to be more than realistic, cause Bayern has without any doubt the best players in their lineup and has - which is the biggest strenght of the team - enough players to replace any player more or less equally. And there is Franck Ribery. He makes the difference for Bayern. And Van Gaal will even make him the playmaker now with all freedom on the pitch. But so far, Rib- ery has been injured and wont be available for the whole 90minutes. The french will start from the bench and is an option for the last 20, 25 minutes only. The first game of Bayern this season against Hoffenheim wasnt really convincing yet. They were rather harmless and the first goal of Olic was quite a surprise. Hof- fenheim - at least in the 1st half, has been the dominating team and a clear goal of Simunic has not been given by the referee which lead to a lot of discussions in Germany about goalcameras. Sth that has not been needed in the Weserstadium last weekend. Bremen simply didnt manage to score more goals than Frankfurt. The same prob- lems like always: The defence of Bremen is too weak and when a player like ET... NO B Naldo falls out, they cannot replace him and go down. And another time, he is doubtful - but needed, cause his replacement Prödl is suspended after a red card - which already leads to some changes - Tosic has to play leftde- fender and he showed often weak perfomances on that position. The midfield with the two former Bayern-Players Frings and Borowski along with Marin and Özil is great - but forwards Sanogo and Almeida do not really scare anyone in München. Bayern most probably with Klose instead of Olic, which seems to be the better choice home. Baumjohann has better cards then Müller to start. I stay away from any bet myself. Too open everything and not clear enough. Borussia M’Gladbach vs. Hertha BSC Sunday, 15.08. 15:30cet To be honest, I am really thinking to avoid any bet on Hertha throughout the season. They are definetely unpredictable to me, cause they 1.) Never play attractive football 2.) Never dominate in any game 3.) Have no special players at, but 4.) Somehow always manage to win points. So, its very hard to predict anything in this particular game. Maybe its still too early in the season to see it clear. The first half of Gladbach in Bochum and even worse the 2nd half arent good indicators at all. Gladbach can be that good - but they can be that bad too. Frontzeck as a coach never convinced anywhere - always relegated in the end. Gladbach is a place where belongs too. Maybe a good surrounding for him, maybe it works. About Hertha I cant find words. They have one topplayer, Kacar, and several ET,,,, talents. They surely have to sign some more players, they are talking about bringing NO B back Voronin...We will see.
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