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  • Messages in advertising are product focused one-way spin. Web marketing is about delivering useful content at the right time that buyers need it.
  • Reporters and editors use the Web to seek out interesting stories, people and companies. Communicate directly with your buyers
  • Consumers are shifting from mainstream products and markets towards more niche markets or products. This is called the Long tail of marketing by Chris Anderson. Tell your story directly Clearly identify your marketing goals Tell your consumer something they don’t know, intice buyers/consumers to browse your website to find new information. Brick and Morter business can apply the new rules of marketing and have a presence online.
  • Highlight your expertise Scott explains the buyer persona, this PEMCO insurance ad, is a comedic example of a buyer persona. Buyer personas help you understand your audience and their problems
  • 20% of PR and Marketing people read blogs Blog uses: Monitor what people are saying about your, the market you sell into, your organization, and its products Participate in those converstaions by commenting on other people’s blogs. Begin to shape thos conversations by creating and writing your own blog. Scott discusses possible guidelines that could be implemented by companies to allow their employees to blog. Target your buyers directly with your news release. Write news relaeses that are replete with keyword-rich copy Your customers participate in online forums, so should you. Participating opens up the channels of communication from one- way to a two-way dialogue. When using viral marketing be authentic, those on the web are hypereffective at snuffing out phony viral marketing campaigns. When implementing these fantastic web ideas remember that your audience is going to come back to your website, make it content rich. It provides relevant, useful information that is important to them.
  • Building Your Marketing Plan: 1.Create a Clear Goal 2. Determine Clear Measurement Scott states that Marketers and PR people are like children playing soccer, we focus on the wrong thing(the ball) instead of the goal. Identify the buying personas you want to target Understand the way your buyer speaks and use their language when designing your marketing and PR plan. Develop content to reach your buyers Used focused content that your buyers prefer
  • The second half of the book could be considered its reference section. It goes into further detail on the concepts presented earlier in the book as well as the ways of successfully implementing these stragties .
  • I also liked how the book is like a reference book, you can turn to a specific chapter and find what you need information on I found interesting about the book was the author’s use of interesting websites in the footnotes. The first two sections of the book discussed the thought process behind marketing, while the last section discussed how to implement those processes This book because it was written with blogs in mind. The chapters build upon one another but can stand alone as well.
  • Shannon Mccloud Prca3371

    1. 1. Reviewed by: Shannon McCloud PRCA 3711 nrmpr_cover.jpg
    2. 2. About the author <ul><li>David Meerman Scott is a marketing strategist, keynote speaker, seminar leader, and the author who differentiates themselves from other David Scott’s by using his middle name Meerman . </li></ul>david meerman scoot.jpg
    3. 3. What I learned from reading the book
    4. 4. <ul><li>I. How the Web Has Changed the Rules of Marketing and PR </li></ul>
    5. 5. One Way Interruption <ul><li>This video is an example of how the old way of marketing and PR would invade our lives when we least expected it. </li></ul>
    6. 6. Old rules of Marketing and PR Company-to-Consumer All about the awards Keep sending those unsolicited press releases Branding Clip Books = Effectiveness Sell, Sell,Sell Mass Appeal Interruption Jargon is A O.K You need some ink! 3 rd Party quotes
    7. 7. New Rules of Marketing and PR <ul><li>The Long Tail of Marketing= the consumers shift from mainstream products (head) towards more niche markets/products (tail). </li></ul>long tail.jpg
    8. 8. Buyer Persona pemco.jpg
    9. 9. <ul><li>II. Web-Based Communications to Reach Buyers Directly </li></ul>
    10. 10. Blogs, News Releases, Forums Authenticity =
    11. 11. <ul><li>III. Action Plan for Harnessing the Power of the New Rules </li></ul>
    12. 12. Your Are What You Publish Scott states that Marketers and PR people are like children playing soccer, we focus on the wrong thing(the ball) instead of the goal.
    13. 13. Implementing the Plan <ul><li>Look for new was of presenting old concepts, like the new compact florescent lightbulb . </li></ul>bulb_old_new.jpg
    14. 14. Would I Recommend This Book? <ul><li>I would recommend this book for the thorough explanation of web-based content and the reference/ implementation section. </li></ul>
    15. 15. What Surprised Me & What I Want to Know More of? The amount of information pertaining to blogs. Professor Nixon uses quite a few of the web-based platforms mentioned in this book. I really like the platform of blogging. I would love to have more information on successfully presenting the use and potential of blogs to my boss and others at my job.
    16. 16. References blog_detail /C8B45C_detail.JPG Scott, David. (2008). The New rules of marketing and pr . Wiley.