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Distance Learning Bw

  1. 1. http://www.unlimitedmagazine.com by Benjamin Weaver
  2. 2. “Setting the Stage for Distance Learning” Early Distance Learning in Colleges Promoting Academic Integrity http://www.pierce.ctc.edu
  3. 3. http://thejournal.com. .. Chuckey-Doak High School in Tennessee created a video collaboration system and partnerships that allows students in http://www.gradebook.org Northeast Tennessee districts access to a broader range of classes. Before this partnership, the school was only able to offer Spanish for a foreign language, but now students are offered French and will soon be able to take Latin. The school is also working on a “virtual fieldtrip” option, like linking students studying the holocaust to a holocaust survivor. Continue
  4. 4. Jean Smith, a teacher at Chuckey-Doak, is taking advantage of this new system by making her lessons available to students in other districts. Smith says she is teaching an ACT prep-class at her school and to students in Hancock http://india.wnso.org County High School, which is more than an hour away from her. There are also a number of students at Chuckey-Doak who are taking courses for college credit through a local community college. Distance learning has greatly improved the chances for education and success at Chuckey-Doak and can be a powerful tool for many other school systems as well. Return Continue
  5. 5. “Calling the video link system a „golden This article was what prompted opportunity to expand Chuckey-Doak's me to explore Distance curriculum,‟ Smith said new honors classes Learning with this project. It is short and simple, but offers a are also being discussed for the next variety of solid reasons to use school year. „This opens up all sorts of Distance Learning. avenues that we didn't previously have access to because we lacked the funding to hire new teachers to cover those classes‟” (McCrea, 2009). Use Distance Learning to Use Distance Learning to I took some virtual fieldtrips increase the number of allow your students to earn in high school and they foreign language classes. I college credit. Colleges are really expanded our would have loved to have already offering online knowledge. I had forgotten taken Japanese! courses, let‟s take about how effective they advantage of them! were! McCrea, B. (2009). Setting the stage for distance learning. THE Journal. Retrieved from http://thejournal.com/Articles/2009/12/02/Setting- Return the-Stage-for-Distance-Learning.aspx?sc_lang=en&Page=1
  6. 6. http://scholar.lib.vt.edu. . . This article is a list of early research on the effectiveness of distance learning when compared to traditional college courses. http://www.nypress.com/ Much of the research indicates that telecourses are just as effective as traditional courses, in terms of grades, while also allowing for easier access. Telecourses were also found to impose more rigid organization than is found in regular classes. Another major component of the article are those sources that provide data on the effectiveness of study on distance learning, like Eastern Iowa Community College District„s 1990 program, Televised Interactive Education. Continue
  7. 7. Other items of interest include a study on which students were getting on board with early distance learning, that is telecourses. It showed that, “a majority of respondents to the telecourse survey were female (73%), under age 30 (57%), white (82%), or employed full- time (73%); (b) over half of telecourse enrollees each semester were new to the concept of telecourses, and over http://magpie11.files.wordpress.com half were taking other courses at the time” (Hirschberg, 1992). A similar study reported that “70% of the students took telecourses in preference to regular classes” (Hirschberg, 1992) and that “students gave high ratings to the quality of the telecourses, with 90% indicating that telecourses were an effective way to learn and that they would recommend telecourses to their friends” (Hirschberg, 1992). Return Continue
  8. 8. “The introduction of telecommunications into education has made it possible for schools and colleges to reach students who otherwise could not attend classes. This article provides a look at The popularity and use of distance the overall response to early distance learning. I thought it learning is increasing both because of its was interesting that the convenience and because the opinions of distance learning effectiveness of this method of have changed little since 1992 and hope that means it will instruction is becoming increasingly continue to expand. obvious” (Hirschberg, 1992). I wondered if grades would I would not have thought Telecourses were so be similar in telecourses that the percentage of effective that 90% of and traditional courses. It ispeople taking telecourses students would have interesting that they are would have been recommended them. That about the same. overwhelmingly female. I impresses me. wonder why? Has that also held through the years? Hirshberg, D. (1992). Distance learning and telecourses in community colleges. Catalyst, 22 (3). Retrieved from http://scholar.lib.vt.edu/ejournal Return s/CATALYST/V22N3/eric.html
  9. 9. http://jolt.merlot.org. . . This article asserts that students are becoming more resourceful at cheating in online courses and highlights methods that have been enacted to slow the rise in dishonesty. The authors claim that society has become more lax about cheating in academics, episodes are becoming more frequent and that older policies are http://kangjk.files.wordpress.com no longer effective. To support this, the authors cite a study of several students at Troy University. These students used a test bank to pass an exam, which was against school policy, and felt that they had done nothing wrong, even threatening legal action against the school in their defense. Continue
  10. 10. The article also claims that the increase in incidents of cheating has been perpetuated by the increasing simplicity of accessing and sharing data. This transfer of information is even easier in an online or computer-based course. The authors state that a new way of http://www.gambling911.com dealing with cheating is Many schools have found some level of success in needed. implementing an honesty policy. However, to make a greater impact on dishonesty, this article asserts that a better solution would include a community attitude, more specific standards, increased accountability and high-tech deterrents. As an example of high-tech solutions, this article offers the remote proctor, which has been employed by Troy University. The remote proctor monitors students activities during testing via a camera/microphone and reports suspicious activity to the professor. Return Continue
  11. 11. Although I had connected the “Perhaps the most disturbing of these rise of technology with cheating becoming easier, I had not assaults are shifts in society‟s attitudes considered that society has toward academic integrity and become more lax about corresponding views of what is acceptable dishonesty. This article and ethical behavior” (Kitahara and presents compelling data to make Distance Learning more Westfall, 2007). honest and effective. I thought the point that I like that strong honor The remote proctor is an students should be tested codes work so well. I had amazing tool. The ability to on what they know and not not thought that they would record students and what they can find in a be a factor at all in whether prevent them from opening resource was interesting. I or not a student body forbidden software is agree, and am often decides to cheat. powerful. discouraged by professors who disagree, Kitahara, R.T., Westfall, F. (2007). Promoting academic integrity in online distance learning courses. MERLOT Journal of Online Learning and Return Teaching, 3
  12. 12. Distance learning is an incredibly powerful and well liked tool. It gets students into classes they would not otherwise be able to be a part of and into situations full of powerful teaching experiences. This technique certainly has its shortcomings. Students are more able and likely to cheat when they think no one is watching. However, new methods are being employed to control cheating that http://trendsupdates.com have shown a lot of promise. Overall, distance learning is something that should be explored and utilized as much as possible by all teachers. It helps students, and even with the increased opportunity for them to take advantage, that is worth it. The End