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Tennessee Valley Agriculture

A quarterly supplement inserted in the News Courier. This is only the front cover of 20 page supplement.

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Tennessee Valley Agriculture

  1. 1. Volume 1 Issue 2 AlabamaNews Rural Schools HONORED Alabama Food Prices Rebound In May........... 6 Governor Signs Catfish Labeling Bill Country-of-orgin labeling required for catfish served in FOR EXCELLENCE restaurants ......................... 7 “Lessons Learned from Rural Schools is an honest attempt to shed light on one of Gardening Helps your pocket book as Alabama’s most pressing needs” well as the environment .. 6 Photo courtesy of: Alabama Dept. of Agriculture & Industries; Dr. Morton, Jackie Ergle (Phil Campbell), Donna Silcox (Huxford), Amy Hiller (Meek), Brent Zessin (Harlan), Christy Hiett (Fruithurst), Jacqui James (Choctaw), John Kirby (Dutton), Richard Bry- Canola Production in ant (Ervin), Buddy Dial ( Turner), Aimee Rainey (Calcedeaver), and Commissioner Sparks The Tennessee Valley Local family introduces Source: Alabama Department of The need for this study was The study offers glimpses the Myers-Briggs personal- Canola into their Agriculture & Industries clear to all who participated. of what is possible when ex- ity preferences to determine rotation ............................ 13 For example, while rural Ala- pectations, teamwork, col- if successful teachers have O n May 6th, Commis- bama only has 30 percent of laboration, and pride become commonalities in personality sioner Ron Sparks the students in public schools, a way of life. Each school traits. ProductSpotlights released the Ala- it has 36 percent of the drop- studied is an example of over- The study team consists bama Department of Agri- outs. Lessons Learned from coming obstacles through of Larry Lee, Director of the North Alabama culture & Industries’ Center Rural Schools is an honest common sense, passion, and Center for Rural Alabama, winery offers market for Rural Alabama report, attempt to shed light on one caring. The publication ex- Dr. Owen Sweatt, a retired for local fruit Lessons Learned from Rural of Alabama’s most pressing plains what was learned from elementary principal, and Enjoy a sample of fine wine Schools, at a banquet hon- needs; to provide the 30 per- the ten outstanding schools, Gerald Carter, an expert atop of Sand Mountain .. 18 oring the ten schools that cent of the state’s children each of which have at least 65 in personality testing and participated in the study. who go to public school in percent of their students re- management. Goat cheese creamery The ten schools in the rural communities with a ceiving free-reduced lunches, The project was sponsored uses local ingredients study are: Calcedeaver (Mo- quality education to prepare while also doing extremely by the Alabama Department Cheese from Elkmont sold bile County); Dutton (Jack- for the future. well on reading and math of Agriculture & Indus- across the country .......... 15 son County); Ervin (Wilcox “After reading some of scores. tries (ADAI), the Alabama County); Fruithurst (Cle- the letters that the children Areas studied include: Farmers Federation, and burne County) Harlan (Cov- had written, it was obvious community support for the the Economic Development CountyNews ington County); Huxford that they have dreams and schools, how well principals Association of Alabama and (Escambia County); Meek I feel that we have a respon- and teachers interact and conducted with the support Marshall County (Winston County); Phil sibility as community lead- whether or not there are com- and input of Dr. Joe Mor- 4-H News Campbell (Franklin County); ers to make sure they have mon personality traits among ton, State Superintendent of Three Funshops to provide Southern Choctaw (Choctaw every opportunity to make outstanding teachers. In ad- Education. an unique learning opportu- County); and Turner (Perry those dreams come true,” said dition, 103 teachers from the Study results will be avail- nity for the county’s young County). Sparks. ten schools participated in able at people ............................... 17