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Daniel Cieslak
makes me feel good. My last picture of my friends is one of my life experiences. I have a great group of
peers in my schoo...
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Face Class


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Face Class

  1. 1. Daniel Cieslak A5 Face Personality My family pictures described what my family was like. My first picture of the Christmas tree was about my traditions. Me and my family always meet together for Christmas on Christmas eve. The next two pictures are about my family. The one with the Airedale is my dog Vinney. The next picture is about my family. There is my mom (Karen), dad (Brian), Sister (Brianna), and brother (Matt). I chose the inherited features pictures because I thought they described me well. The picture of the blue eye was a inherited feature that I picked up from my dad. The Picture of me was to describe my body build. I got my build from my grandpa. I inherited the big ears from my father. His side of the family has big ears. My outer appearance was described through these pictures. The picture of the Axe shampoo is about my grooming products. I use axe to style my hair and also use as shampoo. The other two pictures of the pants and the Jordan symbol describes the type of clothes I like. I like Addais sweat pants and Jordan shoes. My inherited traits were pictures of what I have grown into. The picture of the gold hand is to show that I am right handed. The 20/20 vision picture is to show that I have always had perfect eye vision. Social Behavior was one of the harder categories that I had to complete. One of my role models is Johnny Depp. The picture of the poker chips and football are about my favorite sports. Football is my favorite team sport to play because you can always take out your anger on the other team. The poker chips were showing my favorite game to play with my family during parties. My talents, skills, Abilities were shown with those pictures. My first Hobby is collating hats. I loved to collect sports/company hats for fun. My second Hobby is swimming. I love to swim in my pool over the summer break with all of my friends. My last hobby is biking. I love toi bike with my family when we go on trips. My future plans were simple to show. I plan to make lots of money in my job when I am older. I intend to be a business man and work in the office. I also plan to pass college after graduating from high school. Those were the three pictures I choose. My eating habits start with Taco Bell. I love to go to Taco Bell after every football game I play in to fill me up. I love to eat steak with most of my meals because it is my favorite meat. I much dislike tomatoes. I never liked them even when I was young. I have lots of fears and pet peeves and some of them were showed with my pictures. One of my first picture is of “It” the clown. After I watched the movie “It” I was scared from some clowns. Another one of my pictures was a centipede. I absolutely hate centipedes because of their long legs. The last picture is the death man. I am afraid of dying because I would know that I would miss my friends and family. My favorite pictures were a Linkin park photo, Eminem album and the number 13. I chose the Linkin park album because I love there band and music. The picture of Eminem’s song beautiful is my favorite song right now. My last picture number 13 is showing that my favorite number is 13. My emotions & feelings were shown through these three pictures. My first one was of a man screaming. I always get mad during sports when something does not go my way. My second picture is about a boy holding homework books. This shows how homework makes me sad. My last picture of a wave runner is showing that riding one makes me feel good. The life experiences pictures in my life are a funeral casket, Arizona flag, and a picture of some of my friends. The picture of the casket is about my how my grandpa died when I was very young. The Arizona flag is about one of the places I visited. Going to Arizona with my grandma is so relaxing and
  2. 2. makes me feel good. My last picture of my friends is one of my life experiences. I have a great group of peers in my school which I love to hang out with. I loved this project for two main reasons. The first was finding pictures that describes me. Another part is sharing them with our fellow classmates. I did not like that we didn’t get to show this project with the class. I have one suggestion is that next year you should make us use citations.