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  • Funnel
  • By a show of hands how many of you here believe that SEO is a one-time“Thing” that you do to your site?
  • Usually the earlier a site is presented in the search results or the higher it “ranks”, the more searchers will visit that site. SEO can also target different kinds of search including image search, local search and industry specific vertical search engines

  • Jennifer Neale:
    Stress that LHA does a lot of this already, where appropriate, for each client - S-S takes on more of a role in Phase 2

  • So far we have covered traditional marketing methods, some social media and what are the key components of an effective website and what can happen when a well designed website engages your prospects. Now let’s talk about how we are going to drive traffic to your website.
  • 2010 Introduction Presentation B2 Bmfg

    1. 1. Internet Marketing For Business Establishing a Competitive Advantage www.site-seeker.com © 2010 Site-Seeker, Inc.
    2. 2. Understanding Technical Buyers Based on a B2B Survey by: Of 1,082 Technical buyers who participated in the survey . . . “We found a heavy reliance on online research in all aspects of the purchase cycle. We also found that as prospects become aware of potential offerings through offline channels, they naturally turn to online sources to find out more about them.” “… we were struck by how integral online research is and how it virtually mirrors the influence of traditional highly influential factors, such as word of mouth, trade shows and trade publications.” www.site-seeker.com © 2010 Site-Seeker, Inc.
    3. 3. www.site-seeker.com © 2010 Site-Seeker, Inc.
    4. 4. How They Use the Internet Based on the survey performed by Enquiro: • Google holds a dominant position – 77.7% of respondents start in Google • 74.4% choose an organic link • 18.7% choose a sponsored link – 12.2% clicked on a top ad while 6.5% clicked on the right rail ads • Top 4 organic listings captured 52.6% of all click thrus with 27.1% going to the #1 position www.site-seeker.com © 2010 Site-Seeker, Inc.
    5. 5. What Buyers Expect to Find Online Information relevant to their need . . . Do you have what I searched for? • Online Catalog or Product Pages • Searchable Technical Content – easy to navigate • Product Manuals or Spec Sheets Can you help me? • Technical Support • Contact Information – easy to find • What do other people think about this product or service? “When asked what the top influences were on the purchase decision, respondents across all phases indicated that the website of the vendor . . . and search engines were the most important influencers.” www.site-seeker.com © 2010 Site-Seeker, Inc.
    6. 6. How Products Used to be Purchased... I need a … Where do I get it? Months Shop Evaluate Negotiate Buy www.site-seeker.com © 2010 Site-Seeker, Inc.
    7. 7. ... Today (In the Internet Era) I need a … Where do I get it? Online Shop Evaluate Negotiate Prospect contact Buy www.site-seeker.com © 2010 Site-Seeker, Inc.
    8. 8. What does this mean to you? • Prospects don’t call as much • They are more informed when they do call • You must place your website in the path of prospects • Your website must be your best sales person www.site-seeker.com © 2010 Site-Seeker, Inc.
    9. 9. Vertical Websites Social Media Drive Convert Your Website Measure Your website is a machine…. Cornerstones to a successful Internet marketing strategy www.site-seeker.com © 2010 Site-Seeker, Inc.
    10. 10. DRIVE Search Engine Optimization (SEO) www.site-seeker.com © 2010 Site-Seeker, Inc.
    11. 11. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) SEO Pay-Per-Click The process of improving the An Internet advertising strategy volume and quality of traffic to a used on search engines, website from search engines via advertising networks, and “natural” (“organic” or “algorithmic”) content websites, such as blogs, search results. where advertisers bid on keywords to achieve ad placement. www.site-seeker.com © 2010 Site-Seeker, Inc.
    12. 12. Let’s define SEO... Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a multi – phase process. • To have a successful SEO program you must think of SEO in terms of ongoing and in constant motion. Two Phase Approach Phase 1: Website Structure Phase 2: Ongoing SEO Efforts www.site-seeker.com © 2010 Site-Seeker, Inc.
    13. 13. Let’s define SEO ... Phase 1 - Website Structure • Navigation • Organization of Code and Link Structure • XML sitemap • robots.txt • Tags: Title, Header, Keyword, Description, Alt Img • Content – Keyword Research, Content Rewrite (keyword density etc) • Analytics – install or verify GA, establish conversion funnels www.site-seeker.com © 2010 Site-Seeker, Inc.
    14. 14. Let’s define SEO ... Phase 2 - Ongoing SEO Efforts • Research and develop inbound links • Create Authority - Create Content Pages for: • social media • micro sites • 301 redirects from alternate domains • vertical search • Ongoing – SEO Efforts are a fluid and ongoing process: • touching and addressing all items listed above as well. • addressing website performance, strengths and weaknesses as identified in GA reporting. www.site-seeker.com © 2010 Site-Seeker, Inc.
    15. 15. Let’s define SEO a little more... SEO is NOT a one time deal. SEO is an ongoing process that requires the provider to monitor cause and effect and modify actions as needed. There are many things that affect the strength and positioning of a site that are addressed on a priority basis, yet all are crucial to the overall success. And the factors affecting the positioning of a site and it’s content pages is constantly shifting. www.site-seeker.com © 2010 Site-Seeker, Inc.
    16. 16. Convert & Measure www.site-seeker.com © 2010 Site-Seeker, Inc.
    17. 17. Clear Contact Points Products Organized by Type AND Application www.site-seeker.com © 2010 Site-Seeker, Inc.
    18. 18. Short Form Submission October 2009 120 Long Forms Submitted 142 Short Forms Submitted 262 Total 114.75% www.site-seeker.com © 2010 Site-Seeker, Inc.
    19. 19. Case Study Riverhawk Company “Our Internet marketing program is the single best marketing investment we have made.” – Kevin Sanger, VP Sales & Marketing www.site-seeker.com © 2010 Site-Seeker, Inc.
    20. 20. The Problem • 4 year old website • Not optimized for organic search • No standard terminology to describe offering • Not reaching prospects with solutions • Existing traffic not converting • Poor website navigation www.site-seeker.com © 2010 Site-Seeker, Inc.
    21. 21. The Plan • Optimize for organic search • Streamline website navigation • Increase brand awareness as engineering resource / solution provider • Improve use of website real estate • Develop valued content • Establish website performance baseline and competitive analysis • Implement web analytics to evaluate improved website performance • ROI as success metric www.site-seeker.com © 2010 Site-Seeker, Inc.
    22. 22. www.site-seeker.com © 2010 Site-Seeker, Inc.
    23. 23. April new site published Site % Change Unique baseline: Month Compared to Visitors May-June Previous Year New site data: May (before) 1,349 May - June May (after) 2,122 57.3% Jun (before) 1,320 Jun (after) 1,966 48.9% Approximately www.site-seeker.com 53% more traffic since new site was launched © 2010 Site-Seeker, Inc.
    24. 24. Client Found for “Name” Searches Search Terms May-June “Name" Non “Name” Old Site 394 861 New Site 396 1674 Additional Traffic 2 813 (Visitors) % Increase 0.5% 94.4% # of Visitors that searched by NAME – stayed the same www.site-seeker.com © 2010 Site-Seeker, Inc.
    25. 25. Client Found for “non-name” Searches Search Terms May-June “Name" Non “Name” Old Site 394 861 New Site 396 1674 Additional Traffic 2 813 (Visitors) % Increase 0.5% 94.4% 95% increase in prospect group traffic www.site-seeker.com © 2010 Site-Seeker, Inc.
    26. 26. Stickiness Sticky Rate Visitors Staying On Site May-June Non Non “Name" “Name" “Name “Name” Old 43.40% 20.30% 170 175 New 54.3% 28.7% 215 481 Additional Visitors Staying On Site 45 306 % Over Pervious Year 26.5% 174.9% Visitors that searched by name are now finding more value and staying on site longer. www.site-seeker.com © 2010 Site-Seeker, Inc.
    27. 27. Sticky Rate Visitors Staying On Site May-June “Name" Non “Name “Name" Non “Name” Old 43.40% 20.30% 170 175 New 54.3% 28.7% 215 481 Additional Visitors Staying On Site 45 306 % Over Pervious Year 26.5% 174.9% When you combine the site’s ability to engage users and increase traffic the results can be dramatic. www.site-seeker.com © 2010 Site-Seeker, Inc.
    28. 28. The Payoff • 53.2% increase in overall site traffic • 94.4% increase in prospect traffic • 174.3% more prospects stayed on the new website • 50 new inquiries per month (phone and email) with a 26% close ratio • First year revenue in excess of $750K • ROI = 345% www.site-seeker.com © 2010 Site-Seeker, Inc.
    29. 29. Why is Social Media Important? www.site-seeker.com © 2010 Site-Seeker, Inc.
    30. 30. “The premise of social media marketing and PR is engaging the consumer in conversation in a way that provides mutual benefit.” From: Marketing Sherpa 2009 Social Media and PR Benchmark Guide www.site-seeker.com © 2010 Site-Seeker, Inc.
    31. 31. 13 hours : The amount of video uploaded to YouTube every minute 412.3 years: The amount of time it would take to watch every video on YouTube 100,000,000: The amount YouTube videos watched every day 1382%: The monthly growth rate of twitter users January – February 2009 3,000,000: The average number of tweets on twitter.com every day 5,000,000,000: The number of mins. spent on facebook every day www.site-seeker.com © 2010 Site-Seeker, Inc.
    32. 32. Social Media Is: 1. Public Relations 2. Customer Service 3. Loyalty Building 4. Collaboration 5. Networking 6. Customer Acquisition www.site-seeker.com © 2010 Site-Seeker, Inc.
    33. 33. Ultimately it is ALL about gaining . . . AUTHORITY LEADERSHIP TRUST www.site-seeker.com © 2010 Site-Seeker, Inc.
    34. 34. Social Media Sites: www.site-seeker.com © 2010 Site-Seeker, Inc.
    35. 35. Who We Are: • Founded in 2003 • Corporate office in New Hartford, NY • Satellite offices in Bloomfield, CT & Boston, MA • 15 Employees in Central NY • Full Service Internet Marketing Firm • Search Engine Optimization Services • Pay-Per-Click Management Services • Social Media Implementation & Management • Web Design, Development, Applications & Testing • Web Analytic Services www.site-seeker.com © 2010 Site-Seeker, Inc.
    36. 36. Bluff forges a better way to market online By: Traci Gregory 12/12/08 10:13 AM NEW HARTFORD - Internet marketing is about more than adding a few keywords to a Web site to make it pop up in a Google search, according to Brian Bluff, president and New Hartford, NY CEO of Site-Seeker, Inc. . . . (November, 2008) Site- Seeker, Inc., provider of internet marketing and Fast Track 50 of CNY search engine marketing solutions, has been named New Hartford, NY (December, 2008) The Fast one of Central New York’s Track 50 is a list compiled annually to recognize Economic Champions for Central New York’s 50 fastest growing companies. 2008, by the Syracuse This is Site-Seeker, Inc.’s second year in the top five Chamber of Commerce. of this list. For 2007 the company was bestowed the honor of second place, solidifying its role as a model for success in Central New York business. www.site-seeker.com © 2010 Site-Seeker, Inc.
    37. 37. "The increase in our website traffic is so large that we are having trouble keeping up with it; however, that's a problem we're grateful for! Before we teamed up with Site-Seeker, our website traffic was virtually non-existent.” www.site-seeker.com © 2010 Site-Seeker, Inc.
    38. 38. "Site-Seeker has done a tremendous job working with us to improve our internet marketing efforts.” “Site-Seeker takes a refreshing analytical approach to internet marketing and it is really paying off.” “Since May of 2003, we have experienced a 10 fold increase in traffic to our website, the average length of visit has increased by 33% and users are viewing more product pages. “ www.site-seeker.com © 2010 Site-Seeker, Inc.
    39. 39. We look forward to working with you on your Internet marketing strategies. Thank You! Kathy Hokunson Regional Sales Manager, Site-Seeker, Inc. kathyhokunson@site-seeker.com www.site-seeker.com © 2010 Site-Seeker, Inc.