Matt and john 1920 summer olympics 1


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Matt and john 1920 summer olympics 1

  1. 1. 1920 Summer Olympics Matt Fields John Trueman
  2. 2. Home Olympics Build International Unity Pictures 1920 Olympic Exclusions German Response to Exclusion Nedo Nadi Willis Lee’s Records Fun Facts Works Cited
  3. 3. Olympics Builds International Unity • “The six colours, including the white background, represent the colours of all the world's flags... this is a true international emblem.” • “Holding an Olympic Games means evoking history.” • “Determination and perseverance move the world; thinking that others will do it for you is a sure way to fail.” • “The Olympics have been with the world since 776 B.C., bring nations together in celebration, and have only been interrupted by war, especially in the modern era.
  4. 4. 1920’s Olympic Photos Olympic Ceremony The Crowd Rifling Rifling Prone Soccer Fencing Wrestling Track Track (again) Video of Opening Ceremony
  5. 5. Who Was Excluded From The Olympics?  Hungary  Germany  Austria  Bulgaria  Turkey
  6. 6. Germany's Response?  Deutsche Kampfspiele!  “German Fighting Games”
  7. 7. Olympic medal record- Nedo Nadi Men's Fencing Gold 1920 Antwerp Foil Individual Gold 1920 Antwerp Sabre Individual Gold 1920 Antwerp Foil Team Gold 1920 Antwerp Epee Team Gold 1920 Antwerp Sabre Team
  8. 8. Olympic medal record- Willis Lee Men's Shooting Gold 1920 Antwerp Team 50 m small bore rifle Gold 1920 Antwerp Team 300 m army rifle, prone Gold 1920 Antwerp Team 600 m free rifle Gold 1920 Antwerp Team free rifle, 300 m + 600 m Gold 1920 Antwerp Team free rifle Silver 1920 Antwerp Team 300 m army rifle, standing Bronze 1920 Antwerp Team 100 m running deer, single shots
  9. 9. Fun Facts • These Olympics were the first in which the Olympic Oath was voiced, the first in which doves were released to symbolize peace, and the first in which the Olympic Flag was flown. • The USA won 41 Gold, 27 Silver, and 27 Bronze medals, the most won by any of the 29 nations attending. Sweden, Great Britain, Finland and Belgium rounded out the five most successful medal-winning nations. • The Games also featured a week of winter sports, with figure skating and ice hockey making their Olympic debut. • At the age of 72, Sweden's 100 meter running deer double-shot event champion Oscar Swahn won in the team event to become the oldest Olympic champion ever. • 23-year-old Paavo Nurmi won the 10,000 m and 8,000 m cross country races, took another gold in team cross country, and a silver in 5,000 m run. His contributions for Finland broke the U.S. dominance record in track and field with 9 medals. • In a unique moment in Olympic history, the 12-foot dinghy event in sailing was held in two different countries. The final two races in the event were held in the Netherlands, as the only two competitors in the event were Dutch. • The games were supposed to be held in Hungary, but because of the war the privilege was taken away • Antwerp is awarded the Games in memory of its innocent victims of World War I
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