It Wedding Invitation Card Bhavin & Krupa


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It Wedding Invitation Card Bhavin & Krupa

  1. 1. IN CONFIDENCE  BS DASHBOARD  [WED-INVT-BWK-001] – Bhavin weds Krupa   1. Business Requirement   Scenario Number Scenario Name AS I WANT TO SO THAT Business Benefit Exclusion Impact WED-INVT- BWK-001 Bhavin Weds Krupa A Friend Invite you to my wedding with Krupa You and your family can share this joyous occasion with me and my family  The wedding couple gets blessing(& gifts) from you  A small get-together with common friends  Much needed break from hectic work life  A visit to Prosperous Gujarat  Nice tasty Gujju food  Dandiya in Non-Navratri Season  Critical 2. History
  2. 2. IN CONFIDENCE    Version Date Author Highlight Draft 0.1 09/10/08 Krupa Patel Bhavin Sandesara Allotted business Scenario for primary assessment Draft 0.2 18/10/08 Bhavin Sandesara Feasibility Analysis Started (Over call) Draft 0.3 30/10/08 Bhavin Sandesara Pre-Design face2face workshop @ Client Side Draft 0.4 28/12/08 Bhavin Sandesara Ready to Design Status (Engagement) Draft 0.5 17/01/09 Bhavin Sandesara Project shifted to offshore for frequent planned workshops (Groom shifted to Pune from Hyderabad) Draft 0.6 18/01/09 Bhavin Sandesara Design face2face workshop @ Vendor Side Draft 0.7 19/01/09 20/04/09 Krupa Patel Bhavin Sandesara More frequent workshops for better understanding of scenario and procurement of resources (Outings/Shopping/New House Arrangements) Issue 1.0 02/05/09 Bhavin Sandesara Ready to Build Status – Development commencement (Marriage)        
  3. 3. IN CONFIDENCE      2. Dependencies, Risks, Assumptions, Issues Section   2.1 Dependencies   Ref. Dependency Agreement WED-INVT-BWK-001-DEP01 Bride should be present in Patan on wedding day Confirmed WED-INVT-BWK-001-DEP02 Groom should be present in Patan on wedding day Confirmed WED-INVT-BWK-001-DEP03 Panditji should be available on wedding day on time Yet to be Confirmed WED-INVT-BWK-001-DEP04 Family, Friends and Relatives should be available for blessings (with gifts) Yet to be Confirmed   2.2 Risks   Ref. Risk Likelihood Impact Mitigation WED-INVT-BWK- 001-RSK01 Groom is of angry nature Low Problems in married life Bride should be understanding WED-INVT-BWK- 001-RSK02 Groom might be attracted towards other stuff!!! Low Problems in married life Bride should give lots of love to Groom
  4. 4. IN CONFIDENCE  WED-INVT-BWK- 001-RSK03 Bride might be attracted towards other stuff!!! Low Problems in married life Bride should be given ample opportunities for shopping 2.3 Assumptions   Ref. Assumption Agreement WED-INVT-BWK-001-ASS-01 “Rab ne bana di Jodi” WED-INVT-BWK-001-ASS-02 Bride loves Groom (Inverse relationship exists) Confirmed through various telephone conversations, SMS, email and meetings WED-INVT-BWK-001-ASS-03 Friends would be bringing gifts along with them Communicated in advance and Confirmed through various telephone conversations & email   2.4 Issues   Ref. Owner Contributors Issue Priority Status WED-INVT-BWK-001- ISS-01 Friends Host How to take leave from hectic schedule? High Closed - May 1 being labour day there should be holiday in your office. It’s Saturday/Sunday where you might not require leaves which mean that you can attend the marriage without any leaves. WED-INVT-BWK-001- ISS-02 Friends Host How to reach Patan on May 1? High Open – Give a call to host and resolve the issue. Host to suggest way out WED-INVT-BWK-001- ISS-03 Host Friends Where to stay in Patan? Medium Closed – Host has already arranged for it – Friends to confirm/communicate their plans in advance
  5. 5. IN CONFIDENCE  3. Design   3.1 Overview It is very important in life to have a partner who will share your happiness and will support you in times of sorrow. This scenario is an invitation for the wedding of Bhavin and Krupa and should be considered as a personal invitation. 3.2 Acceptance Criteria   Acceptance Ref. Acceptance Criteria Compliance WED-INVT-BWK-001-AC01 Is the bride caring, honest and loving? WED-INVT-BWK-001-AC02 Is the groom caring, honest and loving? WED-INVT-BWK-001-AC03 Has Both bride and groom agreed to love and care for each other for the rest of their lives? WED-INVT-BWK-001-AC04 Has the planning for the wedding done completely? WED-INVT-BWK-001-AC05 Has Honeymoon already been planned? WED-INVT-BWK-001-AC06 Does the menu have non-veg food also?          
  6. 6. IN CONFIDENCE  3.3 Process Design    DJ - Dandiya o Day: 1st May 2009 o Address: Baliya Hanuman Ground, In-front of Bharati Society, Patan o Time: 9 PM  The Wedding o Day: 2nd May 2009 o Barat Departure time : 6 PM o Marriage Hall Address: J.J. Party Plot , Chanasma Highway Road, Patan o Marriage Time: 9 PM  Reception o Day: 3rd May 2009 o Address: Baliya Hanuman Ground, In-front of Bharati Society, Patan o Time: 6:30 PM  Please refer to Static Design for more details about functions, timings and venue. o Interpreter might be required as it is in Gujarati language  Please refer to Network design for directions o Stop sign has been used to indicate the destination points  Pick up arrangements would be managed/suggested by host o Where ever possible, Host will try to group some pick ups  Accommodation has been arranged by host  Patan Tourism information would be provided by host on the arrival of Patan o Friends cum Tourists have to plan an extra day for this activity o o 3.4 Network Design
  7. 7. IN CONFIDENCE  3.5 Static Design
  8. 8. IN CONFIDENCE                    3.6 Resilience and
  9. 9. IN CONFIDENCE  Failure Not an Option. System should have 100% reliability and uptime. 3.7 Resilience and Failure
  10. 10. IN CONFIDENCE  4. Test Design Test Ref. Test Agreement WED-INVT- BWK-TST01 Friends should attend the marriage ceremony Can be tested on D day WED-INVT- BWK-TST02 Friends have got gifts for wedding couple Can be tested on D day WED-INVT- BWK-TST03 Married life should be happy and prosperous Can only be tested on Live WED-INVT- BWK-TST04 Husband should come back to Home on time Can only be tested on Live. If not followed then Dinner might not be served WED-INVT- BWK-TST05 Wife should always join Husband whenever he feels like going for Movie Can only be tested on Live WED-INVT- BWK-TST06 Husband should always join Wife whenever he feels like going for Shopping Can only be tested on Live. If not followed then Consequences can be disastrous WED-INVT- BWK-TST07 The total number of arguments in a week should be limited to a maximum of 2 Can only be tested on Live WED-INVT- BWK-TST08 There should be no disputes at all. Any disputes should be solved within an SLA of 1 hr. The husband should always be wrong if the SLA is to be met. Gifts would be presented if Husband found genuinely guilty WED-INVT- There should be a baby in the house within the +- 1 year is acceptable
  11. 11. IN CONFIDENCE  BWK-TST09 first 4 years after build of this scenario