Blogging in the classroom


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Blogging in the classroom

  1. 1. By: Ashley Hilton
  2. 2.  Learning with Blogs and Wikis (<-click to read)  Bill Ferriter  Blogging in the Classroom (<-click to read)  Nicole B. Ellison, Yuehua Wu  How to Become a Digital Leader (<-click to read)  Bill Ferriter
  3. 3. Learning with Blogs and Wikis This article by Bill Ferriter is about how we need to embrace blogs. Bill talks about how easy and simple it is to use blogs. He first talks about how difficult it is for the changes in education to keep up with the changes in society. He then points out how blogs help us to learn from society and incorporate it into our lesson plans. He then discusses how to read blogs. This may not make sense but what he is talking about is easy ways to get good information without reading the millions of articles that are on the internet today. He then starts to give advice on how to get into your blogs. He wants us to incorporate your peers and help each other find good articles. The next step is writing your own blogs. Back to Menu
  4. 4. Learning with Blogs and Wikis Bill talks to us about how important it is for us to read peoples blogs, but then he talks to us about writing our own. The whole reasoning behind the blogs is to learn from each other and push each others thoughts and ideas. An even better way to get involved is to write your own ideas and other people take what you write and make your own thoughts even better. Back to Menu
  5. 5. Learning with Blogs and Wikis I thought this article was very informative and Ferriter, B. (2009). Learning with Blogs and helpful. I like that it Wikis. Educational Leadership , 66(no5), pages 34-38. talks about ways to push your ideas and come up with new ones from other peoples perspective. Back to Menu
  6. 6. Blogging in the Classroom This article talks about what a blog is and what it does. It talks about how many Americans are using blogs and how many people read them. The best part about this article is that it discusses the student aspect of the blogs. It talks about how students benefit from it. Back to Menu
  7. 7. Blogging in the Classroom The students aren’t just communicating with the few other students in the classroom but also the other users of blogs that choose to read it. It is a great way to get students thoughts and ideas out there and actually get feedback from students around the world and build off of it. Back to Menu
  8. 8. Blogging in the Classroom I liked this article because it is more about students learning and how they learn from blogs rather then just how us as educators get our ideas out there. We are always learning no matter how educated we are so why not share our ways of learning with the ones we teach. Ellison, N.B., Wu Y. (2008). Blogging in the Classroom: A Preliminary Exploration of Student Attitudes and Impact on Comprehension. Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia . 17 (no1), pages 99-122. Back to Menu
  9. 9. How to Become a Digital Leader This article discusses how our principals and administrators are not up on the technology today. It references an article about how many of the teachers actually depend on their principals as their instructor leadership role model. Back to Menu
  10. 10. How to Become a Digital Leader Depended on Administrators 50% 40% 30% Depended on 20% Administrators 10% 0% 2006 2008 Back to Menu
  11. 11. How to Become a Digital Leader I think this is a great way to get our “leaders” motivated to learn more ideas and Ferriter, B. (2009). How to inspirations in the world Become a Digital other then what they were Leader. Educational Leadership. 67 (no2), used to teaching. There are pages 90-91. several new ways to teach and learn and it is always good to not just stick to the old ways and go after different and more valuable ones. Back to Menu
  12. 12. Blogging in a classroom setting I think blogging is a great way to expand our learning, our students learning, and our leaders learning. I also think that it helps us teach others while we explore our own ideas.