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Zoids Battlefield


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This is the first ZOIDS game. only one button to press, so this game would be good for young battlers!

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Zoids Battlefield

  1. 1. Press ‘Enter’
  2. 2. Get ready for Zoids battle! Double click on me to start and prepare your concentratio n!
  3. 3. Personal Zoic Android: Liger Zero
  4. 4. Click to apply the Digital Data pod! Ready to battle!
  5. 5. Liger Zero Shoot Wait for the Order… This is your Zoids This is your guide. If it said ‘wait for order’, then wait for the order This is an attack button. The use is for attacking or riding your Zoid away Click on the screen to continue!
  6. 6. Liger Zero Fight
  7. 7. Liger Zero Let’s try to shoot! Press ‘Shoot’ button! ShootOh, no! It has Energy Shield!
  8. 8. Liger Zero Go left Elephader attacks! Ride Liger away! Whoa!
  9. 9. Liger Zero Slash Let’s claw it! Wait until order…Press Slash! Urgh! The Energy Shield!
  10. 10. Liger Zero Armo r Let’s wear the Armor! Press armor button!
  11. 11. Liger Zero
  12. 12. Liger Zero Jet Press Jet!
  13. 13. Liger Zero Claw Wait… Press claw for sudden attack! Yeah! We win!
  14. 14. Liger Zero Fight Enemy: Cerato Buzzer
  15. 15. Liger Zero Shoot Let’s try to shoot! Press ‘Shoot’ button!Yeah! We hit it! But… what is that?
  16. 16. Liger Zero ShootWhoa! It attacks!
  17. 17. Liger Zero Armo r Let’s use armor!
  18. 18. Liger Zero Schneider!
  19. 19. Buster Slash open!
  20. 20. Liger Zero Buster slash Wait… Buster Slash! We win!
  21. 21. Liger Zero Enemy: Cannon Tortoise Fight
  22. 22. Liger Zero Shoot Let’s try to shoot! Press ‘Shoot’ button!Whoa! It Attacks!
  23. 23. Liger Zero Contin ue Hey! Command Wolf attacks!
  24. 24. Liger Zero Claw Yeah! Wait for the order… Claw now! We win!
  25. 25. Liger Zero Fight Enemy: Liger Spartan
  26. 26. Liger Zero Shoot Let’s try to shoot! Press ‘Shoot’ button!Aargh! We’re under attack!
  27. 27. Liger Zero Go right Liger Spartan attacks! Ride Liger away!Phew!
  28. 28. Liger Zero Shoot Press Shoot button and let the laser keep firing! Urgh… stop!
  29. 29. Liger Zero Armo r Urgh! It’s all useless! Let’s wear armor!
  30. 30. Liger Zero Panzer!
  31. 31. Liger Zero Shoot Target locked! Press Shoot! We win again! Yeah!
  32. 32. Liger Zero Fight Enemy: Elephader
  33. 33. Liger Zero Shoot Let’s try to shoot! Press ‘Shoot’ button!Hmm… let’s use the Schneider! Armo r
  34. 34. Liger Zero Schneider!
  35. 35. Buster Slash open!
  36. 36. Liger Zero Buste r Slash Wait… Buster Slash! What? Energy Shield? But… how could it beat the Schneider?
  37. 37. Liger Zero Armo r Whoa! It attacks! Urgh! Maybe we should wear the Panzer!
  38. 38. Press ‘Enter’ Liger Zero Panzer!
  39. 39. Liger Zero Shoot Target locked! Press Shoot! Armo r Urgh! Hmm… ah! Maybe I could combine the
  40. 40. Liger Zero Solid Warrior! Press ‘Enter’
  41. 41. Liger Zero ShootTarget locked! Press Shoot! Buste r Slash Buster Slash! Oh, yeah! We win!
  42. 42. Liger Zero FightEnemy: Pyros
  43. 43. Liger Zero Shoot Let’s try to shoot! Press ‘Shoot’ button!Ungh! We’re attacked!
  44. 44. Liger Zero Armo r Oh no! Pyros attacked again! Looks like liger should try the
  45. 45. Liger Zero Panzer!
  46. 46. Liger Zero Shoot Target locked! Press Shoot! Phew! Luckily Panzer’s defense is the best!
  47. 47. Liger Zero Shoot Hmm…Pyros is weakened because of those shots! Now let’s use this situation! Press Shoot! Yeah! Another
  48. 48. Click to make your liger roars!
  49. 49. Liger Zero Fight Enemy: Liger Zero
  50. 50. Liger Zero Claw Hmm…it’s the first time ever we face our own type! Let’s see what it got! Press Claw! Whoa! It claw back!
  51. 51. Liger Zero Jump Whoa! It attacks! Let’s go away! Whoosh!
  52. 52. Liger Zero ShootLet’s try to shoot! Press ‘Shoot’ button!Great! Now let’s attack with double claw! Claw
  53. 53. Liger Zero Shoot Wow! That really hurts! Right, Liger? Claw Click! Yeah, roar! It has a good shot! Hmm… ah! Let’s shoot and then claw!
  54. 54. Liger Zero OK Yeah! We could win only by using natural power and without the CAS (Converting Armor
  55. 55. The_true_pai r!
  56. 56. It’s a bonus for finishing all the levels and destroyed the Black Draft organization! If you like the Photo, you can press Print screen (Prt Sc) button on the keyboard to
  57. 57. Blue Dinosau r
  58. 58. Cerato Buzzer
  59. 59. Command Wulf
  60. 60. Liger Spartan
  61. 61. Liger Thunder
  62. 62. Liger Zero
  63. 63. Roaring Liger Zero