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Work at height by abid nadeem khan


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Safety alert

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Work at height by abid nadeem khan

  1. 1. Work At height Behavior Base Scaffolding Safety. By: Abid Nadeem Khan
  2. 2. Never work on wall , Sheets and without Safety harness. Always prefer inspected Scaffolding for work at height activity .
  3. 3. Never work on roof and sheets. Always prefer Inspected Scaffolding.
  4. 4. Don’t work on last step of ladder by supporting single pipe. Always prefer proper scaffolding
  5. 5. Never work on un complete scaffolding , even if you have harness.
  6. 6. Un Complete Scaffolding .. Missing railing and uncompleted platform
  7. 7. Un Complete platform … Two planks placed improperly and without tightened ,also too much gape.
  8. 8. Never work on pipe and never ever tie your harness ,near to your foot, always tie it with railing
  9. 9. Never work , out side platform by supporting pipes , Also don’t risk your life without harness.
  10. 10. Never work on scaffolding if missing railing …
  11. 11. Don’t work and sit on scaffolding ,which is missing railing .
  12. 12. This person is now concentrating some where else but hazard is still waiting him to make a mistake. Kill the hazards , never work without railing , which protect your life..
  13. 13. Always use ladder , if missing then don’t work and risk your life.
  14. 14. Always use ladder , if missing then don’t work and risk your life.
  15. 15. Always use ladder , Never descend from structure.
  16. 16. Two persons should not work on single plank and without harness. Always prefer complete platform.
  17. 17. Don’t use uncompleted harness, missing leg straps..
  18. 18. Don’t exceed pipes more then 6 to 12 inch from end support.. You have left hazard for your friends . Never do it , just for your relaxation
  19. 19. Never block the walk ways and emergency routs by scaffolding.
  20. 20. Never open the door or chain ,which protect you at scaffolding and permanent platform, like batching plant.
  21. 21. Always close the entrance by protected chain or door at scaffolding and permanent platform.
  22. 22. Don’t Use Cell Phone during work , Specially work at height
  23. 23. Always use lanyard with planks on sheet for sheet installation activity.
  24. 24. Tie the planks properly.. Very good practice
  25. 25. Use toe boards to protect the tools from falling. And Railing with mid rail for your own protection
  26. 26. Always tie your harness , and remember above your shoulder.