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  1. 1. Across the Heart of Michigan we have served 2,373 Girls
  2. 2. We have delivered the Uniquely ME! Program to 1081 Girls
  3. 3. 1,338 Girls have experienced the Living on My Honor Program
  4. 4. Over 205 Girls have benefited from The New Leadership Experience
  5. 5. 40 Girls have benefited from our OK2BU Program
  6. 6. We have given 36 Presentations to the Community to inform them about what we do, the girls we serve and how they can help. 112 Heart of Michigan staff members attended Outreach training on LOMH, OK2BU, STEM, and Uniquely Me.
  7. 7. We have set up 58 programs in low density areas throughout the Heart of Michigan
  8. 8. Outreach has set up 9 new program location sites and continues to look for new possibilities
  9. 9. Outreach girls have sold over 15,437 boxes of cookies thus far, and we are striving to sell thousands more!
  10. 10. 85 girls have had the experience of attending camp thus far. This summer we are planning on having 150 more girls attend camp.
  11. 11. 932 Outreach girls have attended council sponsored programs. These include; the Ann Arbor Hands-on Museum, the Western Michigan Glass Society, EDRU’s Pajama Rama, McCheer Off and Impressions Five
  12. 12. Higher Education staff work to establish strong relationships with surrounding universities and colleges to recruit student volunteers.
  13. 13. Higher Education staff has recruited 6 long term, 57 short term, and 63 episodic volunteers.
  14. 14. 28 Volunteers have been recruited to assist it taking Outreach girls to camp and council sponsored events.
  15. 15. We have made 33 colleges and universities aware of GSHOM’s new Higher Ed Facilitator position
  16. 16. Higher Education Staff have attended 8 volunteer fairs and promotional events
  17. 17. Higher Education staff is working with student organizations to create programming. WMU hosted a Girl Scout pizza party to initiate campus scouts. WMU is also hosting Outreach cookie booths.
  18. 18. EMU continues to actively provide volunteers through the It’s Great to be a Girl program. CMU Campus Scouts is going to host a College 101 event April 25th and partner with other campus orgs hoping to host between 50-100 junior high and high school students.
  19. 19. Higher Ed has created new recruitment materials to better connect with 18-29 year olds. These materials include; flyers, brochures, Pow erPoint presentation, and an I-Movie.
  20. 20. Outreach and High Ed staff continue to strive to provide the Girl Scout Experience to ALL GIRLS!