African American Inventors


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10 Famous African American Inventors

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African American Inventors

  1. 1. Click Here
  2. 2. African American Women Inventors African American Men Inventors Quiz Work Cited Select any icon
  3. 3. Marjorie Joyner Madame CJ Walker Bessie Blount-Griffin
  4. 4. George Washington Carver Benjamin Banneker Garrett Augustus Morgan George Crum Granville T. Woods Frederick McKinley Jones Elijah McCoy
  5. 5. Invented the “Permanent Wave Machine” now known as the Hair Dryer Also invented a scalp protector to make the process pleasant Unfortunately she did not receive any proceeds from her inventions because they were invented while employed by Madame CJ Walker Select only during the quiz
  6. 6. Inspired by the loss of her hair she invented a product to straighten and grow African American women’s hair The process consisted of using the pomade she invented, brushing and a heated comb First self made African American women millionaire
  7. 7.  Inventor, Forensic Scientist and Physical Therapist Worked with amputees from WWI which is why she invented an electrical feeding device Also invented the disposable cardboard emesis basin
  8. 8. More then 300 hundred uses for peanuts including peanut butter 175 products from the sweet potato including flour, starch and synthetic rubber 60 products from pecans A dozen products from discarded corn stalks Many different dyes and paints from common Alabama clays Invented a process to produce paints and stains from soybeans Only patented three inventions
  9. 9. Self taught scientist, astronomer, inventor, writer and activist After examining a pocket watch, he built a striking clock entirely from wood First African American to gain distinction in Science
  10. 10. Developed a product to straighten African Americans hair Invented the “Safety Hood” which is now know as the “Gas Mask” which is used by the United States Army Witnessed an accident with an automobile and horse and carriage which inspired him to invent the Traffic Light
  11. 11. A chef inspired by a customers complaints about his fries being to thick, he invented the potato chip He opened his own restaurant where he had a basket at every table
  12. 12. Electricaland Mechanical Engineer Invented the “Telegraphony” a combination of a telephone and a telegraph This allowed trains to communicate with one another Received 45 patents all of which focused on perfecting the railways and the trains
  13. 13. Developed 60 patents Invented an automatic refrigeration system for long-hall trucks Invented a self starting gas engine A series of devices for movie projectors such as …adapting silent movie projectors for talking films, and box office equipment that gave movie tickets and change
  14. 14. A Mechanical Engineer Invented a lubricating cup which dripped oil where needed and eliminated trains frequent stops to lubricate Invented a portable ironing board Invented the lawn sprinkler His name now symbolizes quality workmanship “The Real McCoy”
  15. 15. 1. Who invented the potato chip? Answer 2. What is the “Permanent Wave Machine” and who invented it? Answer 3. What does “The Real McCoy” mean? Answer 4. Who created the invention that is a combination of the telephone and the telegraphy? Answer 5. Who used Peanuts to create one of their many inventions? Answer 6. Who saw a watch as inspiration for their invention? Answer 7. Who invented “The Safety Hood”? Answer 8. Who invented the refrigerated truck? Answer 9. Whose inventions helped WWI amputees? Answer 10. Who invented products to help straighten and grow African American women’s hair? Answer
  16. 16.  George Washington Carver   Madame CJ Walker   Benjamin Banneker   Garrett Augustus Morgan   George Crum   Granville T. Woods   Marjorie Joyner   Elijah McCoy   Bessie Blount  pped_Bessie_Blount  Frederick McKinley Jones 