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Your Magazine

  2. 2. “ The magazine will be more visual and more spirited. The voice of YM , will be direct and honest… We want to make YM the ultimate source book for teen girls.” Annemarie Iverson Editor-in-Chief New
  3. 3. Expanded beauty and fashion coverage gooey , girly fun stuff New Bringing more of the editors’ personality to the pages And continue to write more about the things that girls really want to read about-all the
  4. 4. In Every Issue Beauty Boys Stars Style Regular Monthly Features & Columns Diary
  5. 5. The current 12-19 year old population is 31.5 million strong and by 2005 is projected to grow to 33.6 million, as the baby boomers’ children reach their teenage years. The Teen Explosion (U.S. Census Bureau) Why Target Teens? Teen Purchasing Power Teens are spending an astounding $153 billion a year! The average weekly income of 13-19 year olds is $101.40, and they spend over half of it on clothing, beauty products, food and entertainment. (TRU Fall 1999; 1999 Teenage Economic Power Study) Teens Stroll The Grocery Store Aisles They’re grocery shopping for the family! In fact, 67% often do the grocery shopping, and their parents give them a whopping $59.7 billion per year to spend on food. (1999 Teenage Economic Power Study)
  6. 6. YM more than doubled its circulation to 2.2 million and has more than tripled its newsstand sales during the past decade. Capell’s Circulation Report, January 24, 2000 Cosmo’s January and August issues guarantee a rate base of 2.5 million Source SRDS We are a Circulation Leader! 3 rd largest rate base among all beauty/fashion and teen magazines Cosmo Seventeen Glamour Teen Teen People Mademoiselle Vogue Self Elle Allure Harper’s Bazaar Cosmo Girl 2,200,000 2,400,000 2,350,000 2,000,000 2,000,000 1,500,000 1,100,000 1,100,000 1,100,000 900,000 800,000 700,000 500,000 on the “Top 10 Best Circulation Performers of the Decade” List
  7. 7. Demographic Profile Total Audience 9,159,000 Source:MRI Twelveplus 1999 In every issue, reaches over 9 MILLION teenage girls
  8. 8. %Comp 25.4 Seventeen 21.6 Teen 15.8 YM also boasts a higher composition of females 14 to 17 (70%) and a higher composition of females 14 to 24 (82%) than Seventeen and Teen. We’re Reaching Kraft Cheez Whiz’s Target Market! Source:MRI Twelveplus 1999 year - old market
  9. 9. Among all the teen books, YM reaches female readers with: The highest median HHI ($50,162)** The highest median weekly earnings ($74)** The highest percentage of employed females (46%)* Sources: *MRI Twelveplus 1999; Teen set includes YM, Seventeen and Teen, **MRI Teenmark 1999; Teen set includes YM, Seventeen and Teen We Reach Teens with Spending Power!
  10. 10. Summary New YM ’s circulation is on the rise, up to the 2.2 million in 2000 YM is a leader in the teenage category YM reaches over 9 million teenage girls in EVERY issue YM effectively reaches Kraft Cheez Whiz ’ s target audience
  11. 11. Kraft Foods Kraft Cheez Whiz
  12. 12. Kraft Cheez Whiz Rates: Percent Discount 1-2x $97,400 $87,660 10% 3-5x $94,478 $82,790 15% 6-11x $91,556 $77,920 20% 12x $87,660 $68,180 30% Positioning: YM will offer Kraft Cheez Whiz ALL page positions opposite say anything-franchise position! Kraft Foods Page 4 Color Earned Gross Rate Kraft’s Gross Rate
  13. 13. Added Value Merchandising FY 2001 Proposal Kraft Cheez Whiz Kraft Foods 3 - Page Commitment YM would like to offer Kraft Cheez Whiz Added/Value Merchandising in the form of bonus visibility in the pages of the magazine that reaches over 9 million young women 1-1/3 4/C Full Run Bonus Page or 1-Regional Page 4/C 6 - Page Commitment 1-1/3 4/C Full Run Bonus Page or 1-Regional Page 4/C Kraft Cheez Whiz Recipes and/or any other promotional literature will be inserted in goodie bags at one of YM ’s 2001 Events 12 - Page Commitment 1-1/3 4/C Full Run Bonus Page or 1-Regional Page 4/C Two “Fresh! New! Wardrobe” Events (Please see attached)
  14. 14. “ Fresh! New! Wardrobe ” Objective Maximize visibility for the Kraft Cheez Whiz branding campaign through partnership in an exclusive event-marketing program. Concept Exclusive Food Sponsorship of two “Fresh! New! Wardrobe” events providing Kraft Cheez Whiz face-to-face interaction with YM readers while aligning them with an important cause. Background The “Fresh! New! Wardrobe” events will focus on teaching today’s young women values while at the same time having fun with fashion. YM is uniquely suited to host these events because it’s the ultimate sourcebook for over 9 million young women. In every issue, YM offers information about how to get the most out of the teenage years. An Exclusive Event Sponsored by Kraft Cheez Whiz
  15. 15. Details Held at a mutually agreed-upon fashion mall venue in two markets of Kraft Cheez Whiz ’s choice, the afternoon would begin with a festive reception followed by a discussion during which YM ’s fashion/beauty editors will talk to today’s young women about maximizing the clothes they have in their closet. Topics to be discussed could include taking something very basic that girls already own and pairing it with other items for versatility, utilizing accessories, working within a budget, etc. Attendees will be required to bring one item of clothing from their own closet to be donated to the Youth Society. Prizes will be awarded to the girls who have a Cheez Whiz Sticker placed under their seats at the event. Prizes could include mall gift certificates and specially designed YM / Cheez Whiz Gift Baskets. To expand Kraft Cheez Whiz ’s reach among today’s young woman, YM will provide with the following: Exclusive Food Sponsor Reference on all information pertaining to the event including invitations, web site and in-magazine promotions and press releases Signage, product display and samplings at the event Kraft Cheez Whiz Recipes and/or any other promotional literature to be included in party bags distributed to the guests Benefits Maximum Exposure Brand Association “ Fresh! New! Wardrobe ” An Exclusive Event Sponsored by Kraft Cheez Whiz