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Trend Report Preview


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Published in: Design, Technology
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Trend Report Preview

  1. 1. TREND HUNTER TREND REPORT GET INSPIRED Trend Spotting – Cool Hunting – Innovation The TREND HUNTER 2008 Trend Report is packed full of delicious trends collected from around the globe by the world’s largest trend spotting network at As a bonus, we’ve included Unlocking Cool TM , a guide on how to unleash your innovation potential & infect your products with cool. Enjoy!
  2. 2. ABOUT THE REPORT The Trend Report is a collection of 1000+ micro-trends clustered into 150+ clusters of inspiration 150+ Clusters of Inspiration 1,000+ Delicious Micro-Trends 10+ Global Perspectives 40+ Pages on How to Innovate
  3. 3. UNIQUE ADVANTAGES Our Trend Report has several distinctions to help inspire potential 1. Acclaimed Content 2. Globally Sourced 3. Premium Filtered 4. Hyperlinked 5. Measured
  4. 4. ACCLAIMED CONTENT Routinely sourced by the media, Trend Hunter is the world’s largest network dedicated to trend spotting, cool hunting and innovation
  5. 5. GLOBALLY SOURCED Our trends have been collected by a global network of roughly 20,000 Trend Hunters, the world’s largest trend spotting network Editorial Review 20,000 Trend Hunters 12,000 Trends Online 12+ Online Magazines Trends Published (Click the Magazine to Open) Trend Hunter Ad Cult Luxury Reviewer Styleteria Techopolis Naughty Trends Phone Obsession Modern Art Candy Uncool Hunting Hot Hotel Reviews Concept Cars Magazine ecomoto
  6. 6. PREMIUM FILTERED We've cherry picked the best from our database of more than 10,000 posts to bring you 150+ clusters of inspiration 12,000 Micro Trends 150+ Clusters of Inspiration 1,000+ Top Micro Trends <ul><li>Cutting Edge </li></ul><ul><li>Viral News </li></ul><ul><li>Pop Culture </li></ul>
  7. 7. HYPERLINKED 4 MORE Dive deeper – all 1000+ micro-trends are hyperlinked to our free online articles, which in many cases include galleries and videos <ul><li>Details </li></ul><ul><li>Galleries </li></ul><ul><li>Videos </li></ul><ul><li>Product Links </li></ul><ul><li>Comments </li></ul>
  8. 8. MEASURED [ TRAFFIC SCORE ] We score micro-trends for popularity, leveraging ~1,000,000 monthly views to bring you a measure of what's important Traffic Score – Relative Popularity Normalized by Month & Capped Traffic Score Relative Traffic Example: A score of 10 means the trend received at least 5x the traffic of an average trend
  9. 9. HOW TO READ Each of the micro-trends includes useful information including discovery date and the relative traffic score Ford Sync & In Car Speech Recognition 8921 June / 9.0 Discovery Date This may be before or after the product has been released, but discovery is a useful measure because it reflects when the web community took notice. Traffic Score Out of 10, this is a measure of traffic relative to other posts on Trend Hunter during the same month. >6 : Above Average >7 : Hot >9 : On Fire Hyperlinked Picture Click on any picture (in PRESENTATION MODE) to open the full article. This can include galleries, videos, and product links Trend ID Open any trend using its id:
  10. 10. WHAT’S A CLUSTER Cluster’s are meaningful groups which can inspire an idea. Note: the same micro-trends can be clustered in many different ways.
  11. 11. OUR TEAM Special thanks to our global community of roughly 20,000 members, especially the Top Trend Hunters Top 24 Trend Hunters Ranked by Trends Published in 2007 Click the Trend Hunter to Open Their Portfolio Jeremy Gutsche Canada Bianca Bartz Canada Trendopoly Ben Preiss Isreal Alex Cove USA ThisChick Canada Em Rocks UK Juan Carlos Bonilla - Mexico TechnoGadget Philippines PopEye Nisara Tao Miller Hawaii Heather Hobson Florida Design Crack California Cosio55 Mexico Hobbyist Philippines Going Like 60 USA Kyosuke0603 Philippines Justin Good Virginia Chris Skleryk Canada Hjotur Iceland Juan Rodriguez Villa Spain Rosa Capacola Pennsylvania Trend Spotter
  12. 12. ABOUT THE EDITORS Our Trend Hunter report was compiled by the following Bianca Bartz Editor, Trend Hunter Vancouver, Canada Bianca is a vibrant young journalist who is thrilled to be part of the Trend Hunter team. A graduate in journalism and student of the world, Bianca is an editor for Trend Hunter and head of PR. Writing for a newspaper would never fulfill this young aesthete. Bianca goes through her day looking for beauty in the world. It is her hope to help others see how amazing the world is and to pass on her own intrigue for the latest trends and discovering the world’s wonders. It is her greatest ambition to be able to enhance people’s lives through her work and help others appreciate that life is fabulously beautiful! Stay tuned for more trends from around the globe from this ambitiously curious “Hamburger.” Jeremy Gutsche, MBA, CFA Founder, Trend Hunter Toronto, Canada Jeremy Gutsche is an innovation expert and the founder of, the world's largest network for trend spotting and innovation. He holds an MBA from Queen's University, is a Chartered Financial Analyst, and a former Management Consultant. Today, he publishes over a dozen online magazines, speaks globally about innovation, and is Capital One Canada's Director of Innovation. Jeremy is frequently sought after by the media for his opinions on the next big thing. His broad appeal ranges from The Economist who source Jeremy for their 'World in 2008' special to MTV who calls Jeremy 'on the forefront of cool'. SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS - In his speaking engagements, Jeremy speaks about how to leverage viral trends and methodically approach innovation to generate ideas, stimulate creativity and ultimately unlock cool. With a background in management consulting and web 2.0, Jeremy brings a rare perspective on how to unleash innovation within a business context.
  13. 13. TREND HUNTER 2008 TREND REPORT GET INSPIRED <ul><li>Background About Trend Hunter </li></ul><ul><li>Unlocking Cool TM How to Unleash Your Innovation Potential & Infect Your Products With Cool </li></ul><ul><li>2008 Trend Clusters Over 1,000 Micro Trends Clustered Into 150 Patterns of Inspiration </li></ul><ul><li>Global Perspective Predictions from 10 of the World’s Top Trend Hunters </li></ul><ul><li>Ideation Template </li></ul>
  15. 15. TREND CLUSTERS Below are the clusters profiled in the 2008 Trend Report Fake Reality Glittery Gadgets Premium Flight Alcohol on the Go Mobile Dwellings Shockvertising Street Style Creative Consumption EcoAlco Nouveau Cutlery Smarketing Glowing Fashion New Bubbly AlcoChocolate Myth Reborn Scentvertising Style Over Tradition Joy in Junk Food Functional Treates Underwater Explored Food as a Medium Intimate Innovation Fun with Terror Rentable People Naughty Interactive Intentional Viral Bootastic Techaddiction Inmate Ingenuity Facebook Journalism Child Branding for Adults The Skinny on Thin Cooking Lessons 2.0 Eco-Erotica Toilet Paoer as a Medium Brandaptation Paid Cosmetic Surgery Juice Evolved Eco-Friendly Bags Bamboozled Embracing Blogs Urban Parent Gear Mega Pools SolorMoto Swaravication Taboo Mediums High-Flying Fashion Edible Art Solar Eco Gadgets Fire Breaks Free Brand Intoxication Fake Unreal Fun with Anti-Bacterial Recycled Art Self-Expression on Food Pink Marketing Collaborative Branding Offbeat Beverages DIY Green Tree Houses YouTubevertising Spoof Fashion Culinary Fusion v2 Organification Reoutine Enhanced Tween Targeting Swimming in New Waters Odd Edibilities Hybridization Storage Gond Stylish Custom Retro Pet Fashion BBQtastic Green Paper Packaging Repachaged The Nexus of Denim Yoga Culture Spirit Reinvention Urban Gardening Design Over Function Boundary Shattering Traditional Embraced Organic Eating Solarchitecture Tattoo 2.0 Beauty by Consumption Luxury Chocolate Food Diversification SecureObsession Celebrity YouTubing Convertible Couture Health by Consumption Wine-o-vation RoboCatering Unique Over Tradition Digital Beauty O2 2.0 Love Patches TechnoMassage Charity 2.0 Web 2.0 Cameras Fake Reality Boring Reborn Sexy Vegan is Still Viral Public Pillow Fighting Tech-Enabled Weight Loss Ceilings of Opportunity Getting Personal With DNA Plastic Planet Alarming Technology Printastic Gum Ideas Focal Kitchen or Bust Innovations for the Blind Creative on Paper Pervasive Gadgetry Multi-Function Necessity Wallpaperific Living While Senior Aqua Culture Interactive Touch Retromusement Public Spectacles as Sport Web Enabled Activism Dubaichitecture Mood Sensitive Tech Enhaned Ubiquity Gossip Enabled Modern Veganism Smallchitecture Vending Ubiquity The Future of Laundry The Rise of Viral Video Fascinated With Facebook Portabilitcation Multi-Functon Time Glowing Innovation Sensational Reality Rental Culture Living the Fake Life Holographic Reality Headset Couture Glorified Napping Ugly Love Video Spoofing Wearable Television Flexible Technology Connected Conscience Culturally Sensitive Toys Swiss Army Style Braillient Maintenance Made Fun I Love Me Pet Humanization Performance Pillows Graffiti Art Container Housing YouTube 101 Nouveau Toilette
  16. 16. Brandaptation (e.g. Cars) Product diversification is hardly new, but brands are now stretching beyond traditional boundaries for marketing : : : : : : : Description Some auto manufacturers have expanded their brands by offering products such as home gyms, cellular phones, video games, optical frames, and home design products (everything from kitchen appliances to luxury bathroom fixtures). They’re also forming strategic partnerships – like Rolls Royce, who teamed with a hotel chain in Hong Kong to offer their vehicles exclusively to guests. Implications Bigger companies are branching out by offering a wider range of products, often unrelated to their original offering. This approach has enabled companies to further cement their relationship with their brands’ devotees as well as expose it to a wider audience. Rolls Royce Hotel - Hong Kong Hotel Provides Guests with Sweet Ride Nokia Vertu Ferrari Phone - Ascent Ferrari 60 Luxury Home Gyms - The Ferrari Unica 3679 9783 8108 Jan / 7.3 Sep / 8.7 Jul / 9.6 Lamborghini's Limited-Edition Coffeemaker Automakers Get Into Gaming - Ferrari to Launch Video Game Mercedes Glasses - MB Jumps into Optical Fashion with 40 New Frames (GALLERY) Bathroom Inspiration - The Domus Showerhead and Porsche Design Faucets Footwear and Driving - Adidas & Porsche Design Footwear Mustang Cologne 6519 2709 8097 4531 4004 7119 Apr / 9.3 2006 / 6.6 Jul / 8.9 Feb / 6 Jan / 9.3 May / 9.8 Cluster Pop: 8.5 MARKETING
  17. 17. Beauty by Consumption We love to eat and we love to look beautiful. Marketers are helping us do both : : : : : Description Dozens of new products are touting their ingredients as beneficial for your health, like pomegranate wine, Veev Acai alcohol, Acai berry yogurt, BORBA skin care smoothies and chocolates. Implications We’ve become so accustomed to multi-tasking in our society that we’ve come to expect the products we consume to offer multiple uses as well. Food without function or beauty products that don’t have alternate benefits are a thing of the past. For established brands like Coca-Cola, this is an innovative way to diversify their product base. More Youthful By Yogurt - Acai Berry Alive (GALLERY) Drink Yourself Beautiful - BORBA Skin Care Products (VIDEO) Coca Cola Beauty Tea - Nutraceutical Products Set To Take Off Cosmetic Soft Drinks - L'Oreal and Coca Cola Launch Lumaé Pomegranate Wine - Get Healthy While You Drink Booze Yourself Beautiful - VeeV Acai Spirit (GALLERY) Eat Your Way to Healthier Skin - Borba Skin-Care Chocolates 9711 8503 6360 5929 2051 1198 Sep / 8 Aug / 9.9 Apr / 8.4 Mar / 8.8 2006 / 7.1 2006 / 4.5 9534 Sep / 8.1 Cluster Power: 7.9 FASHION
  18. 18. Vending Ubiquity New vending machines are reinventing the industry : : : : : Description Vending machines aren’t just for pop anymore. From mobile phones to soccer balls, you can pretty much get anything from modern vending machines. In fact, you don’t even have to ‘get’. You can also ‘give’ with charitable donation vending machines. Implications Almost any product and many services can be vended on a 24-hour basis, requiring no on-site staff and little maintenance. Machines that dispense free merchandise in exchange for watching advertisements is an ingenious marketing tool. Bicycle Vending Machine - (GALLERY) Vending Machine Offers Free Drink if You Watch 30 Second Commercial Nail Art Vending Machines WaterWerkz Vending Machines Mix Drinks On The Fly Solar-Powered Vending Machines - Golf Balls & Drinks Hair Straightener Vending Machines (UPDATE) - Now Set To Appear In NYC Clubs Pizza Vending Machines? 8657 7039 8244 7304 9361 4885 Aug / 10 May / 9.9 Jul / 9.9 May / 9.6 Sep / 9 Feb / 7.6 7822 Jul / 4.9 Cluster Power: 8.7 TECHNOLOGY
  19. 19. I Love Me Vanity is a powerful driver, making this one our most viral clusters. Tap into vain and attract attention (to yourself) : : : : : Description Love the way you look? Now you can have your mug immortally preserved on a range of products, from canvases to stickers, to Kleenex boxes. You can even have a custom fragrance mixed using your DNA. Why play with a Barbie doll when you could just have a mini you doll made? If you love the idea of you on a canvas, transform yourself into pop art with TrendyPortrait. Implications Help your customers (especially the self-obsessed MySpace Generation) love themselves by providing them with products and services that cater to their narcissistic side. You As Art - Transform Yourself Into Pop Art With TrendyPortrait (GALLERY) Your Look-a-Like Doll - Hero Builders Custom Action Figures Custom Dolls - Create Your Own Mini Me at Tiny Pocket People (GALLERY) Personalized Bobbleheads - Pretend You're Famous! (GALLERY) Self Kiss Exhibit - The Hottest Way to Take Your Self Portrait (GALLERY) Your DNA as a Fragrance - Smell Yourself Sexy 8665 8260 6758 3541 8398 Aug / 10 Jul / 9.9 Apr / 10 Jan / 8.5 Aug / 10 7694 Jun / 10 Cluster Power: 9.5 POP CULTURE
  20. 20. Rental Culture From designer bags to celebrities, the list of ‘rentables’ is expanding exponentially Implications - The vast quantity of temporary ownership services reflects the growing reluctance to commit to products, services and relationships. If items, particularly more costly ones, come with an option to rent, their appeal rises dramatically. Many companies offering payments in smaller denominations ultimately gain superfluous income. : : : : : : : : Rent a Wife - Finally There's Hope (VIDEO) P2P Renting - Make Money By Renting Out Your Own Movies and Games at - A Place Where You Can '˜rent' a Friend Rent a Pilgrim The Rise of Rented Luxury – Including Rental Handbags ZipCars - Rent by the Hour - Parking, Gas & Insurance Included 6342 5372 4908 2529 1894 1364 Apr / 10 Mar / 8.6 Feb / 7.4 2006 / 5.1 2006 / 5.3 2006 / 5 Geeks Exchange Expertise For Dates - Rent-A-Nerd Rent-A-Star - Celebs For Hire (GALLERY) Friendship For Rent - Relationship (VIDEO) Pet Rentals - FlexPetz Rents out Dogs (GALLERY) 9791 9291 8519 8319 Sep / 7.7 Sep / 10 Aug / 7.9 Jul / 5.3 Cluster Pop: 6.8 POP CULTURE : Rent a Garden 2613 2006 / 6.1 : Baby Clothes Rentals - Luette Leiehen (GALLERY) 8731 Aug / 9