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Topic Brainstorm


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Topic Brainstorm

  1. 1. Revision for Senior Book 1A Units 5---6
  2. 2. Topic Brainstorm
  3. 3. actor / actress silver screen studio director ( play, take, act ) role ( win) award scene script Hollywood Oscar/Academy Award follow-ups ( make ) film / movie
  4. 4. Language focus 1.make comments 发表评论 (1) In Unit 5 we learn how to make comments on a film. (2) Translation: “ 你打算关掉工厂吗?” “无可奉告” -- “Are you planning to close down the factory? -- “No comment !”
  5. 5. 2. While still a student , she played roles in many films. While she was still a student, eg. Be careful while crossing the street. 3. Although tried at the court, he seemed quite aggressive.
  6. 6. (1) Don’t talk while (you are) eating. (2) When (he was) asked how he got first place, he suddenly became cheerful. (3) He seldom, if ever , goes shopping with his wife. Few women, if any , are crazy about boxing.
  7. 7. 在英语中有一些表示时间,条件,方式或让步的从句有时可以省略一些成分: 如果从句的主语和主句一致,而且从句谓语动词又包含 be ,那么这个主语和 be 动词都可以省略。
  8. 8. 3. In the beginning , he took many small jobs to make money. At first , 4. This was the moment when Spielberg’s career suddenly became successful . took off. 1
  9. 9. 5.Take-phrases: 1) take off v. copy the speech or manner The actor made everyone laugh by taking off the members of the royal family. 拿掉 , 取消 , 脱衣 , 起飞 , 减弱 , 离开
  10. 10. 2) I am taking Thursday off because I am moving house. 3) It was at this point that her acting career really took off. 4) She just took off without saying goodbye to anyone.
  11. 11. take it to understand; assume: 理解;臆断: As I take it, they won't accept the proposal. 照我看,他们不会接受这项建议
  12. 12. take after 相似 She takes after her mother. 她长得像她妈妈。 take for 当作;误认为 We must not take it for granted that the directors will approve of the investment plan.
  13. 13. take in 收留,收容(某人)包括;囊括;包含 Her lecture took in all the recent developments in this subject. Fish take in oxygen through their gills.
  14. 14. take in 了解;领悟 I hope you are taking in what I am saying. 欺骗;蒙骗 She took me in completely with her story. Don’t be taken in by his charming manner; he is completely ruthless.
  15. 15. take over 接管 ; 获得对…的控制 take to : 喜爱,亲近:喜欢上…或和…变得亲近 She has taken to drink. = She has started to drink a lot alcoholic drinks. He hasn’t taken to his mew school. I took to her the moment I met her.
  16. 16. take up 用尽,耗掉或占用: The extra duties took up most of my time. 处理 ; Let's take up each problem one at a time. 从事 ( start sth, esp a job) She has taken up a job as a teacher.
  17. 17. 一起唱,说,喊… The whole crowd took up the cry: “Long live the King!” They took up a song at the end of the party. took up a friendly attitude. 摆出友好的态度
  18. 18. 6.Here he worked on a short film,… work on : do an activity which needs time and effort (1) He is working on an article. (2) They are working on the wall newspaper. work as /out / at
  19. 19. work out : train the body by heavy physical exercise I work out regularly to keep fit.
  20. 20. 7.Many people who saw the film were _____________ in the sea. afraid to swim 害怕人 / 物 : 不敢做某事 : 担心会发生某事 : be afraid of sb/sth be afraid to do sth be afraid of doing sth/ be afraid + that… He is afraid to swim in the sea, for he is afraid of drowning. e.g.
  21. 21. 8.Love and peace will win over war in the end. 战胜 eg. She is against the idea, but I’m sure I can win her over . 说服
  22. 22. <ul><li>Wendy didn’t like Jason at first, but he was soon able to ___ by being especially understood. </li></ul><ul><li>A. get her over B. think it over </li></ul><ul><li>C. talk it over D. win her over </li></ul>D
  23. 23. 9. She _________________________ _____________ ( 与一位有钱的年轻人结婚了 .) married a young man with <ul><li>Miss Zhang has ___ Mr. Wu for </li></ul><ul><li>two years. </li></ul><ul><li>married B. got married to </li></ul><ul><li>C. been married to D. married with </li></ul>a lot of money C
  24. 24. 10. Mr. Tian asks Wei Minzhi to have classes instead of Mr.Gao . take Mr. Gao’s place. take one’s place : 代替某人的工作 就坐, 坐好 (1) John is too ill to come. So I am taking his place. (2) He will take my place in the team because I will be away for a time.
  25. 25. 11. She has not enough money to buy a bus ticket. can’t afford to buy a bus can/can’t/be able to afford to do 能 / 不能负担起 ( 时间、金钱 ) 做… (1) I can’t afford to buy such a large house at present. (2) We are busy now, so we can’t afford to go on a holiday. ticket.
  26. 26. <ul><li>There is a lot to do. We can’t ___ ___ </li></ul><ul><li>___________________.( 浪费不起时间 ) </li></ul>afford to waste any time
  27. 27. 12. She wants them to let her appear live on the air, hoping that Huike will see her. ( 1 ) live .adv 现场地,直播地 a live television program. 现场直播的电视节目
  28. 28. ( 2 ) live up to 遵从…生活或行动: He failed to live up to his principles, his reputation and his parents’ expectations. ( 3 ) live by doing … ( 4 ) love on… ( 5 ) live through : experience sth and survive ( 6 ) live with : accept or tolerate sth.
  29. 29. 我 与 地 坛 13. Mary helped her mother ______ _________________. ( 摆晚餐桌子 ). to lay the table for supper 躺 , 位于 撒谎 放 , 下蛋 vi. lie vi. lie vt. lay lay lain lying lied lied lying laid laid laying
  30. 30. 我 与 地 坛 14. The apple is ________________ ( 稍大一点 ) than that one. a little bit bigger 修饰比较级常用 a little, a bit, some, a little bit, any, even, still, slightly. 15. Let’s __________________ ( 为健康干杯 ). drink to our health drink to one’s health / success drink to sb. drink to = drink a toast to
  31. 31. 1 我 与 地 坛 17. We should __________________ _______( 听从老师的忠告 ) in the lab. follow the teacher’s advice follow the truth sb’s advice the example of… a speech the fashion
  32. 32. 我 与 地 坛 18. We _______ ( 提供 ) food for the hungry children. provide provide: vt. / vi. supply ( 提供 ) <ul><li>provide sb with sth </li></ul><ul><li>provide sth to / for sb </li></ul>You must provide yourself with food for the journey.
  33. 33. 我 与 地 坛 It is provided in the contract that the work should be finished within a year. It's wise to save some money and provide for the future. provide: vi. provide for ( 赡养 ) She provides for her family by working in a hospital. He has a wife and seven children to provide for.
  34. 34. 我 与 地 坛 Choose the best answers. 1. Stop arguing! Let’s try ___ in a polite ___. A. behaving … manners B. to operate … manner C. acting … manners D. to act … manner D
  35. 35. 我 与 地 坛 Choose the best answers. 2. Tom complains that his wife is always ___ fault with him. A. making B. looking for C. finding D. discovering C find fault with sb./sth . 抱怨,挑剔
  36. 36. 我 与 地 坛 Choose the best answers. 3. Alfred got a job in a company ___ most famous product is chocolate. A. which B. its C. whose D. in which C
  37. 37. served, serving 服务;为…效力;接待顾客 Can I serve you in any way? This box will serve for a seat. This platform would serve as a port and a railway station. Now the examination score serves as the only criterion for a student's academic performance.
  38. 38. at your service 听您吩咐;随时供您使用 do sb. a service 给某人帮忙 of service 有用的;有帮助的
  39. 39. First come, first served. 先到先招待 ; 先到先供应。 To spend or complete (time): 度过,历任:度过或完成(时间): served four terms in Congress. 在国会任职四届
  40. 40. behave-behavior conduct v&n act-action
  41. 41. conduct oneself in a specified way: 表现,行为:以某一特殊方式行动: The child behaved badly at the party. 那孩子在聚会上的表现很差 conduct oneself in a proper way: 举止得体 , 以适宜的方式行动
  42. 42. Did you behave yourself at the party? 你在聚会上举止得体吗 ? To conduct (oneself) in a specified way: 以某一特殊方式行动: The witness behaved herself with great calmness. 那目击者表现得极其冷静
  43. 43. I told the child to behave. 以某一特殊方式行动、反应、作用或表现: This fabric behaves well even in hot weather. 即使在热天,这种织物也不会变质 (及物动词) To conduct (oneself) properly: 举止适宜:
  44. 44. conduct vt, vi. Your children conduct themselves well. 处理; 经营;引导;实施 My aunt conducts her business very successfully. 我的婶婶把企业经营得很成功。 引导;导游
  45. 45. scene n. (戏剧)一场,一景; (电影、广播等)一场 (戏剧)场景,布景 This play is divided into three acts, and each act has three scenes. 这个剧分为三幕,每一幕有三个场景。景色,风景
  46. 46. The scene is a perfect dream when you see the sun rising slowly in the east. 现场,出事地点 the scene of a great battle 大战现场 a crowd at the scene of the accident 在出事地点的人群
  47. 47. The ancient Rome battlefield was a scene of great carnage. 古罗马战场曾尸横遍地。 情景;场面 angry scenes in Parliament 国会中的愤怨情景 What a quiet but lively scene.
  48. 48. The headmaster conducted us round the school. The guide conducted us on a tour of the oldest museum in the country. 指挥(乐队)导电;导热 Metal conducts electricity. 金属导电。
  49. 49. in sight 可见 , 看得见;不远 Peace was in sight. 和平在望。 lose sight of 看不见;失去信息;失去联系;忘记;没有考虑到 out of sight Keep out of my sight. 不要让我看见你。
  50. 50. behind the scenes 幕后的;暗中 on the scene 出现;登场 Came on the scene just when we needed him. 在我们需要他的时候 , 他出现了。 set the scene 准备,预备 steal the scene 抢镜头,抢夺观众注意
  51. 51. Translation
  52. 52. 1. 他的战争片表现了爱和和平最终 必将战胜战争。 In his war film, he has shown that love and peace will win over war in the end. 2. 他是电影业的顶尖级导演之一, 在中国也有很多影迷。 He is one of the top directors in the film industry and also has many fans in china.
  53. 53. 3. 外国人必须遵守居住国的法律。 Foreigners should observe the law of the country where / in which they live. 4. 了解西方餐桌礼仪,你就可以给 人留下好的印象。 Knowing table manners in Western Culture will help you make a good Impression.
  54. 54. 5. 文明饮食习惯被很多人看作是对 文化的理解和具有良好品位的标志。 Having good manners is seen by many people as sign of cultural understanding and good tastes. 6. 这些照片让我回味我们一起度过 的快乐时光。 These pictures make me think of the happy days we spent together.
  55. 55. 7. 祝你万事如意! Wish you all the best! Wish you good luck! Wish you every happiness! Wish them victory!
  56. 56. <ul><li>Finish English weekly15 </li></ul>Homework