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Ashtabula Towne Centre


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Ashtabula Towne Centre

  1. 1. Ashtabula Towne Centre Phone (440) 969-1221 Fax (330) 376-8669 [email_address] Located in the Ashtabula Mall District Corridor Ashtabula, Ohio THE LAST, BEST RETAIL LOCATION IN ASHTABULA COUNTY LOCATED AT ROUTE 11 & ROUTE 20 Dillon Properties 733 West Market Street Akron, OH 44303 AVAILABLE AVAILABLE AVAILABLE AVAILABLE AVAILABLE ASHTABULA MALL LOWE’S HOME CENTER HOME DEPOT WAL-MART ASHTABULA TOWNE CENTRE Dillon Properties AVAILABLE
  2. 2. <ul><li>Located at the Intersection of State Route 11 & 20. </li></ul><ul><li>Ashtabula Towne Centre is located adjacent to the Ashtabula Mall which consists of 750,000 total square feet developed by the Cafaro Company in 1991. </li></ul>Location Dillon Properties <ul><li>60 miles East of Cleveland, OH and 45 miles West of Erie, PA. </li></ul><ul><li>The only major retail center within a 45-mile radius, drawing a customer base from 5 counties in 2 states. </li></ul>Ashtabula Towne Centre LOCATION ASHTABULA TOWNE CENTRE
  3. 3. Trade Area Dillon Properties ~ 45 mi Mentor, OH ~ 45 mi Youngstown, OH ~ 45 mi Erie, PA Ashtabula Towne Centre TRADE AREA “ The City of Ashtabula's central business district is the only substantive regional/retail center within the trade area…. ” Ashtabula Corridor District is located in the northeast portion of Ohio in Ashtabula County, midway between Cleveland, Ohio, and Erie, Pennsylvania. The Mall provides a modern regional shopping facility for the Ashtabula trade area. The Ashtabula trade area is rich in its diversity of business and lifestyle. The trade area's business contains both strong manufacturing and agricultural elements. The area has two Lake Erie shipping ports which are major transportation interfaces for iron, coal and other minerals. Especially noteworthy are the chemical manufacturing and plastics industries in the county. One of the most dominant companies in the area, in terms of revenue and employment, is Millennium Inorganic Chemicals, a producer of titanium dioxide. Other prominent firms include Elco Corporation, a division of Detrex Chemicals and a major producer of hydrochloric acid; OxyChem, a division of Occidental Chemical and producer of specialty chemicals; and Praxair, a leading producer of atmospheric gases.  Other chemical companies in the county produce such diverse products as calcium chloride, tetrachloride, and polyvinyl chloride.   Ashtabula leads the world in the manufacturing of molded fiber glass products. High BTU natural gas is in abundant supply and available from East Ohio Gas Company. This county is a large producer of natural gas, with extensive fields throughout the area. A regional sewage authority operates modern facilities for primary and secondary treatment levels. The city of Conneaut possesses an extensive industrial park with more than 200 acres available, as well as industrial parks in Geneva, Saybrook, Orwell, Andover and the city of Ashtabula. The 2002 Editor & Publisher Market Guide indicates that total disposable income estimates have increased 4.2 percent from 2000 to 2002. With an estimated trade area population of more than 116,000, E & P reports retail sales have increased 25.9 percent from 1997 to 2002. Molded Fiber Glass Inc., and Premix Inc., are internationally recognized in this field. Tartan Yachts Inc.’s decision to locate its corporate and manufacturing operations in Ashtabula adds another dimension to the diversity of plastic and fiberglass manufacturing in the community. Corrugated packaging materials are another important product made here. Well-served by all necessary utilities, the outlook for long-term investments in the county is good. The Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company supplies power through it two plants on Lake Road East. Future needs will be met by the company's nuclear generating facility in nearby Perry,Ohio. 
  5. 5. Trade Area Retail Sales * Ashtabula County ** Data Source : Claritas Inc. (800)866-6510 TRADE AREA DEMOGRAPHICS LOCAL AREA RETAIL SALES Dillon Properties Ashtabula Towne Centre AREA RETAIL SALES $56,638 $48,205 $28,693 Disposable Income * 54,861 52,771 40,851 Households * 143,712 141,708 136,268 Population * 2005 2000 1990 $18,715,000 Automotive & Home Supply $21,643,000 Home Appliance $26,596,000 Furniture $33,965,000 Apparel & Accessories $74,959,000 Drugs $94,157,000 Lumber & Hardware $114,104,000 Eat & Drink $137,703,000 Gasoline Service Stations $173,181,000 General Merchandise $237,016,000 Grocery Stores $345,960,000 Automotive Dealers Ashtabula County
  6. 6. Area Retailers Dillon Properties Tops 30. Dairy Queen 20. Rex T.V. and Appliance 10. Taco Bell 29. CVS 19. Drug Mart 9. Burger King 28. BP 18. Buffalo Wing 3 8. Arby's 27. Speedway 17. The Ashtabula Mall 7. Wendy's 26. Sheetz 16. Burger King 6. Key Bank 25. McDonald's 15. Bob Evan's 5. Hallmark 34. US Bank 24. Lowe's 14. J.D. Byrider 4. Giant Eagle 33. First Merit Bank 23. Office Max 13. Wal-Mart 3. Dairy Mart 32. Sky Bank 22. Chi-Chi's 12. Steak-n-Shake 2. Rite Aid 31. BP 21. Red Lobster 11. Home Depot 1. Ashtabula Towne Centre AREA RETAILERS
  7. 7. Ashtabula Mall MALL DIRECTORY Lowes RT 11 Home Depot Ashtabula Mall Walmart RR RT 20 State Rd ASHTABULA MALL Dillon Properties Ashtabula Towne Centre ASHTABULA MALL A SHTABULA T OWNE C ENTRE Sears Portrait Studio Orient Express JCPenney Claire's Boutique Sears Mirical Ear & Optical Olan Mills Photography J.B. Robinson Jewelers Cinema Six Theater Zales Jewelers Sears Auto Center OfficeMax Intermessage Communication Christopher Banks Yum Yum Tree Sears Neal's Shoes Hollywood Nails Chic Wigs Wireless 1-2-3 rue 21 Mr. Hero GNC Chi-Chi's Wendy's Ruby Tuesday Master Cuts Gamestop Champs Sports Waldenbooks Rex TV Manpower Temp Service Freedom Wireless Mr. Hero Vitamin World Regis Hairstylists Lerner New York Four Star Music Burger King Tractor Supply Company Red Lobster Lane Bryant Finish Line Bruno Pizza Things Remembered Radio Shack Kitchen Collection Fashion Bug Bob Evans Super Kmart Pharmacy Pretzel Time Kingsway Christian Books E.B. Company Body Works Super Kmart Deli Precision Lube Express King's Jewelry E.B. Brown Optical Ashtabula Gallery Super Kmart Plumb Gold Kay Jewelers Dillard's Home Store Applebee's Spencer Gifts Express Picture People, JoAnn Fabrics Dillard's American Commodore Shoe Department Payless Shoe Source JCPenney Salon Coach House Gifts Aladdin's Castle
  9. 9. Phase II <ul><li>PHASE I </li></ul><ul><li>Lowe’s Home Center </li></ul><ul><li>Dillon Drive </li></ul><ul><li>Fully Improved Sites </li></ul><ul><li>PHASE II (Conceptual) </li></ul><ul><li>Extend Dillon Drive </li></ul><ul><li>Multiple Big Box Retailers </li></ul><ul><li>Adjacent Restaurants & Smaller </li></ul><ul><li>Retailers </li></ul>Dillon Properties Ashtabula Towne Centre WHAT’S NEXT…
  10. 10. Transportation <ul><li>AREA ATTRACTIONS:   </li></ul><ul><li>White sand beaches </li></ul><ul><li>Dock Facilities </li></ul><ul><li>Yacht Clubs </li></ul><ul><li>Wineries and vineyards </li></ul><ul><li>Numerous area camping facilities </li></ul><ul><li>Geneva Grape Jamboree </li></ul><ul><li>Lake Erie boating and fishing </li></ul><ul><li>Geneva-on-the-Lake Tourism Area </li></ul><ul><li>Covered Bridge Festival </li></ul>Airport: Ashtabula County Airport, located 9 miles south of the Ashtabula Mall, serves major retail corporate customers including The Cafaro Company, Dillard's, K-mart, The Shoe Department, Bob Evans and Red Lobster. Major industrial users include Millennium Inorganics, Molded Fiber Glass, Worthington Industries, Andover Industries and PreMix for corporate flights and for cargo. The 5200 x 100 runway is accessible to private planes, as well as full-size jets. Both Erie International Airport and Youngstown Airport are within 50 miles of the Ashtabula Mall. Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is 60 miles west.  Rail: Western Lines and a Conrail north/south rail line serve manufacturing, industrial and agricultural sectors. Major east/west Conrail and Norfolk and Southern, and Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad offer rail transportation anywhere in the United States and Canada.  Bus : Greyhound Bus Lines, located 1 mile west of the Ashtabula Mall on Route 84 operates regularly-scheduled passenger/package service.  Water: Two International ports at Ashtabula and Conneaut can accommodate seaway draft vessels and provide deepwater shipment throughout the Great Lakes and to the world's ports. The railroad companies mentioned above service the docks.  Dillon Properties Ashtabula Towne Centre TRANSPORTATION Highway: Transportation has been a prime factor in past industrial decisions to invest in new and modernized facilities. I-90 is a major east/west highway, while Route 11 provides access to the Ohio Turnpike. TRANSPORTATION COMMERCIAL & PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: 
  11. 11. Star Beacon By WILLIAM LAZIRKO Staff Writer Dillon Properties September 25, 2001 Ashtabula Mall is center of retail commerce in the county Star Beacon &quot;Someone who's got 25 to 30 acres, might have a couple of horses, a couple of hogs,&quot; Heisler said. &quot;Everything we have is tailored to those customers.&quot; Steak n' Shake Restaurant opened a franchise near Wal-Mart in late June. Business at the 150-scat sit-down and carry out is &quot;great,&quot; said manager Heather Lindberg. She said many people are seemingly unaware the restaurant was open 24 hours a day, but overnight business is still strong. The Fan Wave moved from a kiosk in the center of the Ashtabula Mall to a storefront near Kmart. Co-owner Priscilla Earhart said the move made her customers &quot;much happier.&quot; &quot;We've done really well here,&quot; Earhart said. &quot;The fans have really supported us.&quot; The move from the limited space of a kiosk to a 3,000 square-foot store have expanded opportunities along with the available space. Earhart said she planed to set up a sports-themed child's bedroom in the store and expand her merchandise lines. Work on the site at Eureka Road started last spring. A retail strip mall called the Ashtabula Towne Centre is planned around Lowe's. A 116,000 square-foot Home Depot will open for business down the road from Lowe's in the fall. The complex is located on the south side of U.S. 20 near the intersection of Cook Road. The store is located about 1,500 off U.S. 20. A retail complex is planned for the space between the road and the store. A 136-seat Applebee's Family Bar and Grill opened for business Aug. 6. Assistant manager Leland Jernigan said business was great at the family-oriented eatery located across the ring road from the Ashtabula Mall. The Tractor Supply Co. at the Ashtabula Mall opened in early September. The store will hold a ribbon cutting Sept. 21 and a grand opening the next day. Eighteen employees are at work in the 19,000 square-foot store which will cater to what manager Greg Heisler calls &quot;hobby farmers.&quot; If any one area in Ashtabula County is synonymous with &quot;progress,&quot; it's the section of U.S. 20 stretching about a mile east from State Route 11. That area, home to the Ashtabula Mall, has long been the center of retail commerce in the county. Shopping opportunities have exploded along the Route 20 corridor, which is expected to draw customers away from the established shopping area of Mentor and Erie. No fewer than five new restaurants and retail stores have opened or are being built along U.S. 20. No fewer than six new major businesses have opened or are under construction within a half-mile radius of the mall. Among them: A Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse is scheduled to open in Spring 2002. The 115,000 square-foot retail facility will include a 28,000 square foot lawn and garden center and over 40,000 items. The store represents a $16.5 million investment in the community.
  12. 12. The Plain Dealer   Dillon Properties Geneva-on-the-Lake and Lakeside June 10, 2001 Best Nostalgic Vacation Destinations The Plain Dealer Sunday Magazine Ashtabula Harbor is a sweet collection of Victorian-era storefronts, now housing shops and restaurants, clustered along a narrow brick street with the river at one end and a steep hill at the other. On the high ground are fine old ship captains' homes along Walnut Boulevard. You can stay in one of them. The Michael Cahill House B&B (1106 Walnut Boulevard, 440-964-8449). Across the street is a grassy little overlook where benches provide a panoramic view of the river and the working harbor below with its network of rail lines and coal tipples. Nowadays, there is just enough commerce to make the harbor interesting to watch, but not enough to make the air gritty with soot and rank with the smell of high-sulfur coal, the way it was in busier times. Ohio 531 continues on west, from a hard-working town to a hard-playing town: Geneva-on-the-Lake. This is a real village, with its own local government, but it is also an old-time tourist honky-tonk town. the last of its kind on Lake Erie, where Main Street is more like a midway and the air smells like corn dogs and cotton candy. It may be gaudy and a little bit tacky, but for some of us, Geneva-on-the-Lake is a sentimental favorite and summer wouldn't be summer without it. It also makes Conneaut Township Park one of the prettiest spots on the Great Lakes, although it is scarcely known outside Ashtabula County. At this scenic park, just west of the Conneaut harbor and marina, the hilly picnic groves are heavily wooded and laced with a meandering creek that flows down toward the lake. Ohio 531 follows this bluff top for miles, with the lake at your right as you're driving west. The water isn't always visible. Little cottage settlements stand in the way. Lakeshore architecture is erratic and entertaining: Mildewed cabins dance cheek-to-cheek with sleek, modem glass-walled beauties. Just east of Ashtabula, a dense white fog obscures the road; it's steam from a metal-forging plant. Persevere and around the next bend is another lovely hillside park and beach. Ashtabula Township's Lakeshore Park nearly sparkles, with beautifully manicured gardens that look as though someone stopped by every morning to sweep the sand and to pluck out errant weeds from the flowerbeds. Such odd couples - smokestacks and parks - are common here, on this hard-working stretch of lakefront. Ohio 531 snakes down a series of hills into Ashtabula Harbor and across the famous 1925 Bascule Bridge that a bridge tender raises and lowers with a furious clamor of sirens and bells and an ominous groaning of metal on metal to allow boat traffic through. Geneva-on-the-Lake, the last of Lake Erie's small, old-fashioned honky-tonk resorts, has everything: Good beaches, an amusement park, funky nightlife on The Strip, and a helpful staff at the local tourist bureau. Except for holiday weekends, they can usually find you a cottage (or a motel room) for rent. (Geneva-on-the- Lake Visitors Bureau, 800-862-9948. For area attractions, Ashtabula County Convention & Visitors Bureau 800-337-6746.) Lakeside, an old gated community on the Marblehead Peninsula, is the polar opposite. Prim and proper, this beautifully maintained Victorian lakefront Chautauqua is known for its quiet decorum. In fact, it's a rule: No noise after 11 at night. There are no bars, but there are plenty of cute shops and cozy lunchrooms, and the educational and arts programs are famous for quality. Lodging options include rooms at the vintage hotels, several B&Bs and cottage rentals. (For help booking rooms, call the Lakeside Association, 419-798-4461 or see Conneaut Harbor to Geneva State Park Heading west on Lake Road (Ohio 531), a long hill climbs to the top of the bluff that runs along the entire length of the Lake line shoreline through Ashtabula and Lake counties. The hilly terrain gives this corner of the lake a look that's pastoral and inviting.
  13. 13. Inside Back Cover Dillon Properties
  14. 14. Back Cover Julie Harchalk: (440)969-1221 [email_address] Dillon Properties 733 West Market Street Akron, OH 44303 Dillon Properties