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The 3 Types of Erosion


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The 3 Types of Erosion

  1. 1. EROSION What is it? What are the 3 kinds? How can it be prevented?
  2. 2. What is It? Erosion is the eating or wearing away of land by… Wind, Water, & Ice
  3. 3. Wind  Have you ever seen a sand or dust storm??
  4. 4. Water  Water carves out canyons and can even widen rivers.  Ocean water eats away at the coastline!
  5. 5. Where Have You Seen Water Erosion in Your Area?  Have you ever dumped a bucket of water all in one spot?
  6. 6. Ice Think of it as using sand paper on a piece of wood!
  7. 7. So Why Should You Care?
  8. 8. What If… Your house was built right next to the ocean?
  9. 9. Or….What If… Your driveway is made of gravel or just dirt?
  10. 10. This is Why! This could be your backyard!   Before you know it your house might be floating!
  11. 11. This Too! I bet your driveway has looked like this!
  12. 12. TIMBER!!!!!!  I don’t want that tree to fall on my house! Without dirt, the roots of the tree cannot hold itself in the ground!
  13. 13. On a Positive Note: Erosion has carved out some beautiful Natural Wonders !
  14. 14. Sand Dunes
  15. 15. “Twin Sisters” Washington
  16. 16. Old Man of the Mountain New Hampshire
  17. 17. Are You Wondering How You Can Help ???
  18. 18. Plant Something!  Plant …. • Trees • Shrubs • Flowers  The roots from the plants help hold the dirt in place!
  19. 19. Rocks, Rocks, and More Rocks! Make a rock wall at the edge or side of streams, rivers, or even in your backyard to prevent erosion!
  20. 20. Erosion is a Natural Process! Do your part to limit the amount of erosion that occurs in your area!