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King Henry VIII


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King Henry VIII

  1. 1. The Man With Six Wives
  2. 2.  The life of Henry VIII  The Beginning  The End  Personal Reflection  The wives of Henry VIII  List of Henry VII’s Wives  Facts of Henry VII’s Wives  Personal Reflection  Religious Reforms of Henry VIII  Formation of King Henry’s Church  Formation of the Church Continued  Personal Reflection  Quote  Works Cited
  3. 3.  Took the throne at age 18 after the death of his older brother Arthur.  Married Katherine of Argon, his brother’s widow.  A charismatic and physically attractive man he ruled well for many years.  His health and physical prowess began to deteriorate as well as his mind.  The king broke with the Catholic Church because the Pope would not grant his divorce.
  4. 4.  After breaking with the church, Henry created the church of England.  He divorced Katherine and began a downward spiral of wives, executions, and bad ruling.  The king died after an unsuccessful reign.
  5. 5. Henry VIII began his reign wonderfully. He was well liked by his subjects and his prospects were endless. After several unsuccessful attempts at Producing an heir, Henry began his downfall. Although not the greatest king in England’s history, he made some long lasting changes in the English way of life.
  6. 6.  King Henry VII’s Wives:  Katherine of Argon  Anne Boleyn  Jane Seymour  Anne of Cleves  Katherine Howard  Katherine Parr
  7. 7.  Katherine of Argon  Anne of Cleves  Married 1509  Married 1540  His Brother’s Widow  Marriage was Annulled  Daughter: Mary after 6 Months  Anne Boleyn  Katherine Howard  Married 1533  Called the “Rose without a  Executed 1536 Thorn”  Executed 1541 due to  Daughter: Elizabeth I Earlier Counts of Adultery  Jane Seymour  Katherine Parr  Married 1536  Married 1542  Died in Childbirth 1537  The Only Wife Charged  Son: Edward with a Crime and Found Innocent
  8. 8. Henry VIII is notorious for his numerous wives. Many myths surround Henry and his wives. He is painted as an amorous womanizer but in fact the main reason for his many wives was his frantic effort to produce a son and heir to the throne. He finally succeeded in having a son, Edward, with Jane Seymour but his son barely outlived his father by six years.
  9. 9.  The Many Steps Leading to King Henry’s Church of England:  1521: Henry writes “A Defense of the Seven Sacraments” against Martin Luther and receives the title of ‘Defender of the Faith’  1527: The Pope denies Henry’s request for a divorce from Katherine of Argon  1529: Henry removes Wolsey after his failure to solve the king’s great matter, his divorce of Katherine  1534: Act of Supremacy confirms Henry as head of the Church of England, separate from Rome but still Catholic in doctrine
  10. 10. ▪ 1535: English bishops reject all Papal authority and the Coverdale’s English Bible is printed ▪ 1536: Investigation and dissolution of monasteries begins and the ‘Pilgrimage of Grace’, a revolt against Henry’s religious reforms is set in motion ▪ 1538: Widespread destruction of shrines and relics begins and the Great Bible comes into circulation for use in the English Churches ▪ Henry issues the Six Articles to prevent a drift to Protestantism
  11. 11. Unbeknownst to most people, King Henry was was a very religious man. He broke with the Catholic Church because they refused his divorce to his first wife, Katherine. Although that seems to be self indulgent reason for him to break with the church, he based his decision on religion.
  12. 12. “Henry had become a misanthropic, suspicious and cruel king, and his subjects began (discreetly, for such words were illegal) to call him a tyrant. In his early years, Henry’s charisma and egoism had been directed into a little showing-off while jousting (on one occasion he presented himself before the queen and the ladies with 'a thousand jumps in the air'), but the ends to which these qualities were now deployed had changed ( Lipscomb, 2009).”
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