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Tom at HSD


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Published in: News & Politics
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Tom at HSD

  1. 1. After school Hattie and I went to Mini tennis at Mayfield
  2. 2. Later we went home to Hatties house and i met Hatties dog Coco
  3. 3. The next day Hattie and i went christmas shopping
  4. 4. Later that day Hatties friend Vicky came we played Trivial Pursuit
  5. 5. Then we went to the swimming pool and we had a great time
  6. 6. Later me and Hattie watched Robin Hood and it was very exciting
  7. 7. After Robin Hood we had tea then me and Hattie went to bed we listened to a tape and fell asleep to it Then we woke up in the morning and went downstairs for breckfast After RobinHood we had tea then me and Hattie went to bed.In the morning we woke up and had breckfast
  8. 8. After Lunch we had a lovely cold drink
  9. 9. Then we had some tasty popcorn
  10. 10. Later we went to borders i loved all the books
  11. 11. Then we got ready for bed
  12. 12. Then i went to bed