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Magazine Evaluation Upload Version

  1. 1. Magazine Evaluation Martin Watts
  2. 2. Similar magazines they might be interested in Attend gigs/concerts At college/ university Part of social Networking sites Big text’ers Cinema Fast, cheap food Recognised brands Music on-the-go Easy watching TV Learning To drive Popular means of transport
  3. 3. http:// = DO_NOT_USE_THIS_LINK_FOR_COLLECTION&sm =yLFdvS86r60fJ1Z6Ao%2bFlgvKZl39YHU%2fiod5PcZXdkc%3d Over 70% of the people I asked said they would buy my magazine 80% could immediately tell me My genre was Indie 60% said it Was priced correctly “ The overall Layout could be improved by rearranging text, making it look less busy and untidy” “ 80% of us would recommend it to a friend”
  4. 4. <ul><li>Why? </li></ul><ul><li>Quick </li></ul><ul><li>Easy </li></ul><ul><li>Accessible </li></ul><ul><li>Variety </li></ul>The majority of our life is supplied fast and easily or we get BORED. For this reason, any advertising I do, will reflect this and will fast – avoiding my audience to become bored even before they buy my magazine <ul><li>If it doesn’t </li></ul><ul><li>Entertain, it doesn’t last. </li></ul><ul><li>We want to pass time </li></ul><ul><li>We don’t want to feel we’re wasting time </li></ul><ul><li>We get easily distracted </li></ul><ul><li>There’s so much within our reach, it has to be different to the rest! </li></ul>We have SO many options. It HAS to grab our attention! For this reason, ill make my advertisements bright and visually interesting to look at
  5. 5. I can reach my audience in The places I know they visit most. Associating my Magazine with established Brand names should reinforce that my Magazine is a reputable product. “ FAST, INTERESTING” These three points are What I believe to be the Most effective factors In advertising. They are the basis for Establishing my reputation.
  6. 6. Here, the text is slightly distorted and difficult to read. This makes it different and individual, which I felt reflected my target “indie” audience. The scribbly graffiti effect here almost over whelms the text. I relied heavily on my audience being attracted by the initial layout and photography to pull them in, leaving their curiosity to lure them into reading more. However, where I have challenged conventions, I have also conformed to many. My masthead is accordingly situated, I have a price, bar code, skyline and the majority of my text is sat within the left 3 rd of the page. I have situated my text either side of the main picture. Usually a contents page focuses predominately on writing, however I have used a strong and powerful photograph. Being more visually interesting was much more important in my mind than text volume. Although the position and amount of text flouts a typical convention, the layout does not. I have a list of page titles sorted chronologically, listed vertically. Also, to the right I have recommended sections, with titles and featuring articles – making popular subjects easier to find. For my interview, I tried to obey the majority of conventions. As this is the more serious part of my magazine, appealing to the more serious music fans, giving it a stronger professional look will appeal to them more than lots of fancy pictures. However, using a decorative title keeps with the continuous magazine style.
  7. 7. I aimed my magazine at 16-18 year olds, as I could easily relate to this age group, and my survey results allowed me support my own thoughts with others. So what are stereotypical teenage attributes?... Continueous use of Graffiti. Obviously not representative of every teen.. But a common association . Throughout my pages, urban settings were used. I wanted to reinforce a relatable setting (such as streets and alleys) whilst also suggesting rebellious teen tendencies. The majority of teenagers are familiar with city settings, spending most of their time in them. Situating my photos in the countryside would be completely irrelevant and un-relatable to my audience I also tried to represent a teenage demographic through their dialect. In my interview I’ve used a more adolescent vocabulary; “Fu*k, Suckers, Tw*ts” etc My main articles feature subjects on music festivals and opportunities to save money. I put these in as I recognise that teens reading this magazine will undoubtedly be into music, and as 16-18 year olds, probably attend a university/college – thus probably being short of money .
  8. 8. NME was my main inspiration. Even my questionnaire revealed my target audience could tell they were my nearest competitors within the market. Because of this I will distribute my product similar to NME Magazine.
  9. 9. MySpace Facebook WHSmith Waterstones Official Website News agents
  10. 10. Distributing my magazine through similar channels will allow me to also create blogs, keeping fans updated with “Pro-Pella” events and issues. Also providing my magazine through a small selection of retailers to begin with will allow more impulse buyers, and reach passers by through its innovative look. Pulling in first time and impulse buyers will allow for my reputation to establish within the market. As “Pro Pella’s” name grows on the high street, my fans will continuously grow on MySpace, Facebook ect. Once a fairly confident name has been built through the selection of shops and internet affiliations, i will then break into the more mainstream means of Distribution. Proving to reputable retailers such as WHSmith, that my Magazine will pull in customers will prove easier with the evidence of internet followers, and previous sales figures. Once “Pro Pella” is on branded shelves like WHSmith, Waterstones and online distributers like IPC, – already existing fans of other music mags like NME and Kerrang! Should become curious and take an interest in “Pro Pella”. These distributing operations should lead to a huge success in my magazine and therefore sales figures of “Pro Pella”. NME uses lots of online means of distribution and promotion. They have MySpace and Facebook accounts, allowing for event updates and magazine advertisements. Their magazine’s can be purchased through retailers such as WHSmith, Amazon, Waterstones and Martin McColl's.
  11. 11. Technology Survey Monkey PowerPoint Photoshop
  12. 12. What Have I learnt? How to design and piece together a magazine professionally which reflects the appearance of a genuine music magazine. And the reasons why a magazine is laid out in this way. Collect relevant and genuine feed back through an attractive survey structure. Successfully edit an original image using Photoshop using a variety of techniques. Upload work onto the internet easily where it can be easily shared and viewed. How the process of original file, to internet affiliation occurs.