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  1. 1. 1. Brief idea about the company • Company name: Modern Sciences and Arts University • Mission statement: To provide world class graduates with the ability to compete and excel in an ever- changing dynamic world and to stand on equal footing with their peers from other international universities through its dedication to the pursuit of excellence in curricula, facilities, staff and students. To place significant emphasis on staff development and on creating opportunities for staff to expand their knowledge and satisfy their needs as we believe that our staff are the most valuable asset. To contribute in the overall advancement and growth of the community in which it operates. • Service: Provides Education for school graduate students. Recreational Activities (Art & Acting) Recreational life is important for personal development which is why MSA provides opportunities for students to become involved in these kinds of activities. The university holds an annual Art exhibition where students can display their paintings. There are also chances to those who like acting; there are two different acting groups, one is English oriented and the other is Arabic oriented. Cultural Activities In the fast moving, swiftly developing world we live in, cultures are constantly intertwining with one another; here at MSA we feel it is important to embrace this fact and whilst we encourage the awareness of our own local culture, we also give students the opportunity to take part in activities which adopt other cultures and view other societies. MSA created open communication channels with other Arab and Non-Arab Universities in order to create an MUN for the students to become part of this global village and gain experience in world affairs. In addition to this, MSA University organizes several knowledge competitions each year in order to encourage students to be aware of world developments.
  2. 2. Trips Traveling widens both knowledge and experience; MSA University encourages students to travel and identify different spots in the world. The university organizes several trips, some are educational in nature and some are recreational-orientated trips. Sports and physical fitness MSA's Sports Department competes yearly with all universities in tournaments sponsored by the National Sports Federation for Universities. The department also organizes sports days within the university with various colleges, clubs and other institutions within Egypt. New sports facilities exist in the new campus including basketball, handball, football, volleyball, tennis, table-tennis, boxing, body building, and judo. Career Advice & Placement MSA University is keen to provide its students with competitive programmes which all aim to prepare them to compete effectively in the job market. The academic advisors and tutors work closely with the Career Placement Office which provides feedback on the skills required by the job market in a specific programme. The office also provides feedback on points of strengths of MSA graduates and pinpoints areas that require improvement. This continuous effort insures that programmes are up-to-date and relevant to the needs of both national and international employers. The Career Placement Office organizes periodical job fairs that aim to provide students/ graduates with exceptional trainee ship/work opportunities. MSA faculties that are validated by the University of Greenwich Pharmacy Engineering Biotechnology MSA faculties that are validated by Middlesex University Management Mass Communications Computer Science
  3. 3. Other MSA faculties Dentistry Languages • Geographic domain: National and international students. • Segments: School graduates • History background: MSA University is a natural evolution of an extensive network of Dar El Tarbiah Languages Schools founded by Dr Nawal El Degwi since 1958 which has always been acknowledged by the British Council for its contribution of establishing models of best practice in IGCSE education and generating opportunities for individuals to fulfill their potentials. MSA was established in 1996, and continues to build up on its tradition of providing the Egyptian and Middle Eastern students with the best of British Higher Education since 1996 with the most advanced educational excellence in all disciplines. MSA was the pioneer in Egypt to validate its programmes with British Universities in 2002. MSA University is the first university granting its graduates a dual-origin bachelor degree; namely a British degree from Middlesex or Greenwich universities, and another Egyptian degree which is accredited by the Egyptian Supreme Council for Universities. Thus, MSA University graduates enjoy the privilege of attaining scholarships and have the chance to pursue their MA and PhD studies in the United Kingdom. MSA University is not only known for its quality of education, but also for its magnificent state- of- the- art campus which is built in the middle of the 6th October City on an area of 50 feddans (210,000 m2). You will enjoy walking through the greenery spreading around the campus and the spacious gardens, courtyards, the fresh clean air and the healthy environment. The serenity of the place helps the students to study or to socialize in a warm and really cozy atmosphere. MSA University is best known for its academic excellence both in the Middle East and internationally, with stronger than ever quality courses and teaching staff.
  4. 4. 2. What are the constraints facing the recruitment? Timing is the main constrain facing the university’s recruitment because the HR managers don’t have enough time to recruit new employees in short notice. 3. Incase of vacancy. Do they use internal recruitment and in what form? Yes, they use internal recruitment in the administration or they use curriculum vitae in order to hire new employees 4. What are the methods of external recruitment they are using? They use newspapers and magazines as an external recruitment in order to get new doctors with PHD’s. They use magazines as an advertisement for the university to attract new employees. 5. Comments and recommendations NO COMMENT
  5. 5. MGT300 Phase 1 Names: Gehad Adel Anis 086411 Nermine Ghalab 456789 Koyal Rupani 090587 Ayman Elhakim 086677
  6. 6. Dr. Marwa Hassouna