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Oyble presentation at Fireweek 09, Lulea


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Oyble presentation at Fireweek 09, Lulea

  1. 1. iBrussels & Oyble Kristof Michiels Vrije Universiteit Brussel, IBBT-SMIT 01-07-09 Herhaling titel van 1
  2. 2. Introduction - The iBrussels Wireless Campus - Application strategy: towards a organically growing “Virtual Service Delivery Platform” - The example of Oyble - Demo
  3. 3. iBrussels: wireless campus • mission:  a permanent test- and demozone  active partnership with industry and government  platform for scientific research and education • Offer living lab environment with +10000 users • design, develop & evaluate reference applications in a real life context • focus on mobile, web 2.0, internet of things
  4. 4. Urbizone as a catalyst • Free public wifi network on university campus • Supports broadband-intensive services • 1 km2 outdoor + strategic indoor coverage • Direct connection to fiber backbone • Active user community • Part of larger Brussels wifi infrastructure (largest in Belgium)
  5. 5. Focus of experiments • Different application domains – Sport & leisure – Education / R&D – Culture – Work/productivity – Social networks
  6. 6. 3 examples AirGraffiti Mind the Steps Wayfinding 2.0 Context-aware Motivational Sensor-based urban mobile community navigation for service activity monitor public spaces
  7. 7. These applications are not silos • Developed pragmatically • Exist as independent applications and tools within campus portfolio • At the same time pieces of a larger puzzle • Versatile components that can be used by other applications
  8. 8. Virtual Service Delivery Platform • Strategically add to a “Virtual Service Delivery Platform” • And by opening up your technical infrastructure: users can become co- creators
  9. 9. Oyble: part of iBrussels demozone • Developed out of real campus needs • We have a teacher-student e-learning platform: Pointcarré (Dokeos-based) • Problem of last-minute notification, re-scheduling classrooms • Could not depend on mobile internet alone, must have a wider reach
  10. 10. Oyble: a piece of the puzzle • Initial idea of an sms alerting application… • … soon became that of a loosely coupled service that allows members of any group to connect in heterogeneous circumstances • Much more use cases possible
  11. 11. Oyble: a group-communication hub sms • Users can send/receive messages or interact with web the service using SMS, e- sms mail, the web or an API email Custom • A widget that can easily be app pasted into existing User talking, other users listening websites is available • May be used as broadcast or as many-to-many oyble communication tool Or group conversation
  12. 12. Oyble • Swiss army knife: API to get messages in + make it possible to speak to other APIs from within Oyble • Can be used as application extension, part of VSDP-puzzle • Not limited to the campus demozone
  13. 13. Other use cases / the future • Letting users and groups (e.g. student bodies, research departments) use it on the iBrussels campus • Opening up to other interested parties • Exploring other use cases:small-to-medium sized communities (e.g. ‘soccer parents); bridging communities and technology (e.g. grandparents-grandchildren, digital divide project, …)
  14. 14. Try it out / contact • iBrussels Wireless Campus /demozone – Pleinlaan 2 – B-1050 Brussels – – Jan Cornelis: – Kristof Michiels: – Sms: fireweek subscribe – Tel Sweden: +46 703 89 03 82 – Tel Finland: +358 505 76 86 50 – Tel Belgium: +32 497 63 83 40 – You’ll receive a code that gets you into the application at – Getting out: fireweek unsubscribe The iBrussels Wireless Campus is a project initiated by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel & iLab.o With the support of the Brussel- Capital Region