The evolution of machine translation


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The presentation for MCDM, University of Washington class on the evolution of machine translation. Made in Marsh 10, 2010

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  • Multi- and bilinguals UN (6 languages), EU (23) Many languages are endangered
  • First idea in 1930s by French and Russian scientists Case of Enigma and translation is like decoding First translation in 1954 in USA – from Russian to English (word by word “brute force”) IBM 701 Supervening social necessity – military, intelligence
  • METEO provides weather forecasts in French and English for the whole of Canada. Starting at 7,500 words a day in 1977 New market disruptive innovation Reaching non-consumers
  • New research centers in USA, including UW – high expectations ALPAC - the Automatic Language Processing Advisory Committee – silent years New PC and new wave of MT development
  • Development of Internet from 1990s and growth of information flows as supervening social necessity New method – statistical MT (finding analogues in bilingual documents) AltaVista Babelfish (rule based), and later Google Translate (statistical translation)
  • Supervening social necessity – growth of Internet and information volume and migration, tourism Language disbalance among users and content Hundreds of millions of Arabic speakers, only about 1% of the text on the Web is in that language
  • Future: - mobile translation speech translation cyborg translation
  • The evolution of machine translation

    1. 1. Evolution of Machine Translation: Tower of Babel 3.0
    2. 2. Translation 1.0
    3. 3. “ Robot brain translates Russian into King’s English” – IBM, January 7, 1954
    4. 4. 1 st success METEO® in Canada
    5. 5. Machine Translation Adoption Yanishevsky, A. (2009)
    6. 6. Translation 2.0 Liako (2009)
    7. 7. English - 27.6% of Internet users
    8. 8. Translation 3.0
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