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Speaker booklet

  2. 2. 01 VISION Young people have energy and passion but lack resources and life experience. Older people have resources and experience PROVERBS 20:29 “The glory of young but often lack time and energy. What if men is their strength, but the splendor youthful strength was guided by wisdom. of old men is their gray hair.” What if wisdom was aided by strength? What if young and old came together and worked together, each group supplying what the other lacks? They could make history.
  3. 3. 02 INTRODUCING TWENTY29 Twenty29 is a community of passionate individuals drawn together in partnership to face the greatest ideas, opportunities, and obstacles of our day. It is the great coming together of two generations — the transition point between present and future leadership. Twenty29 is about character, competence, and collaboration. It is an experiment in quality over quantity. The best venue. The best audience. The best speakers. THE EVENT Three days, fifty speakers, eighteen minutes each to give the talk of their lives to five Twenty29 is modeled after highly hundred of the most committed and capable successful event called TED. young people in the world. Get a taste at TED.com BILLY GRAHAM TRAINING CENTER AT THE COVE Ashville, NC • August 1-4, 2011
  4. 4. 03 FOUNDERS At fifteen Alex & Brett Harris were national speech and debate champions. At sixteen they launched the most highly trafficked Christian teen blog on the web. At seventeen they served as the youngest interns on record at the Alabama Supreme Court. At eighteen they released their bestselling book, Do Hard Things. At nineteen they founded the most successful independent grassroots organi- zation of the 2008 Presidential Primary. At twenty they enrolled at Patrick Henry College, joining the smartest freshman class in the country based on incoming assessment tests. Not surprisingly, mainstream publications “Alex and Brett are the real deal — young men of character, depth, and eternal from The New York Times to WIRED Magazine perspective.” — Randy Alcorn have labeled them “evangelical prodigies.” Now twenty-one, they are launching their most ambitious project yet: Twenty29.
  5. 5. PLATFORM WEBSITE: Nearly 40 million page views from over 5 million unique visitors since 2007. CONFERENCE: Over 40,000 teens, parents, and youth workers reached in two years. BOOK: 250,000+ copies sold with translations in more than a dozen languages. MEDIA SUPPORT Dr. James Dobson Charles Colson Nancy Leigh DeMoss Focus on the Family Prison Fellowship Ministries Revive Our Hearts Doug Fields John Piper Albert Mohler Purpose-Driven® Youth Ministry Desiring God Minstries Southern Baptist Theological Seminary “ I have watched Alex and Brett take on new and daunting endeavors with resolve and determination and, as a result, mature and develop into leaders for this generation and an example for all generations.. Justice Tom Parker Alabama Supreme Court
  6. 6. 04 SPEAKERS Our speakers are opinion leaders, influencers, captains of industry, creatives, content generators, and social entrepreneurs. They are bestselling authors, college presidents, political gurus, and ministry leaders. Ultimately, they are men and women with a heart for the next generation — willing to set aside time to purposefully invest in deserving young people. JIM ELLISTON DR. ALBERT MOHLER FRANK PASTORE Co-founder of CloverSites, a “The reigning intellectual of Former pro-baseball pitcher Web 3.0 company providing the evangelical movement” for the Cincinnati Reds. Now churches and ministries with — according to TIME.com — hosts The Frank Pastore Show some of the best looking and and President of the Southern on KKLA 99.5 FM, the largest best working sites on the web. Baptist Theological Seminary. Christian talk show in the U.S.
  7. 7. 05 AUDIENCE Twenty29 features an invitation-only audience of the most exceptional young people in the world — based on their godly character and practical competence. Our attendees are future pastors, filmmakers, CEO’s, politicians, authors, and missionaries. Many of them have already started making their mark on the world. You get to make your mark on them. CHRISTINA DICKSON CHLOE ANDERSON 25-year-old founder of The ZACH HUNTER 22-year-old film producer and Revolutionary Media Project, 18-year-old abolitionist and director for Epicenter Picures. a growing cadre of young global spokesperson. Speaks Congressional Award Gold activists looking to change to hundreds of thousands Medal winner and specialist the world through art. each year about God’s heart in youth development. for the hurting and oppressed.
  8. 8. 06 FORMAT The 18-minute format was first introduced at TED1990. This communication revolution helped speakers deliver the talk of their lives by focusing on what was most important and polishing their presentations. Today, TED’s approach is used at cutting edge events around the globe, and their talks, available free online, have been viewed over 100 million times by 15 million people. DELIVERED CAPTURED SPREAD Every speaker from the most Every presentation is caught Every video is long enough well-known to the unknown professionally on video and to be meaningful and short speaks to the same audience made available for free on a enought to share — a recipe for the same amount of time. state-of-the-art website. for global (and viral) impact. VISIT TED.COM TO SEE THE POWER OF 18-MINUTES. Then, imagine the same approach in the Christian and next generation contexts. That’s Twenty29.
  9. 9. 07 NETWORK Twenty29 fosters collaboration by drawing together exceptional individuals and providing loads of stimulating subject matter and intentional space for interaction. We encourage speakers to join us as participants, both before and after their presentations. An 18-minute talk might get someone’s attention, but the conversation afterwards can be just as important. CONNECT LEARN INVEST Make sure you catch at least Everyone grows at Twenty29. Twenty29 makes meaningful one of our “Speakers Only” Stick around to enjoy some interaction easy, with ample breakfasts — a great chance exciting and fascinating talks time for spontaneity, as well to interact with your peers. from great thinkers and doers. as strategic, structured times.
  10. 10. 08 VENUE
  11. 11. 09 COMPENSATION Every speaker receives an all-expenses paid opportunity to speak to one of the best audiences, in one of the best venues in the country. We cover all travel costs, up to four free nights in one of The Cove’s famous country inns, and eleven scrumptious meals prepared by The Cove’s kitchen staff. Following the TED model, Twenty29 does not offer any honorarium. WHY WE DON’T PAY OUR SPEAKERS Not only could we never afford to pay normal fees for fifty speakers of this caliber, but we also want to make sure our speakers come for the right reasons. This approach allows us to identify those who truly share our ethos — speakers who are willing to sacrifice earthly rewards for heavenly ones.
  12. 12. 10 CLOSING If the vision of Twenty29 appeals to you, please join us at The Cove. Our THOUGHTS speaking slots fill up quickly so the sooner you confirm the better. CONTACT US: Our invitation to you is simple. . . speakers@twenty29.org Help us pass the baton.
  13. 13. ™ CHARACTER. COMPETENCE. Collaboration.