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  1. 1. Dinosaurs
  2. 2. Dinosaurs Dinosaurs roamed the earth 260 million years ago but they died out long ago so we know little about them. Here are some dino facts and dinosaurs that i have studied.
  3. 3. Spinosaurus
  4. 4. Spinosaurus Both one of the largest, and also one of the strangest of the Dinosaur age, Spinosaurus had a long slender snout, and large sail on its back. Spinosaurus was originally discovered in Egypt in the early 1900s. The original fossils were destroyed however, in a bombing raid during World War II. The long snout of Spinosaurus may have been used to catch fish. Some scientists believe that Spinosaurus was a scavenger, using its alligator shaped mouth to eat the soft flesh of rotting animal carcasses. Spinosaurus'' sail was not unique. During the time period in which it lived, many other dinosaurs had sails, including just about every major type or group of Dinosaurs. What were these sails used for? Dinosaurs were, for the most part, cold-blooded animals. This means that they could not regulate their body temperature. When the whether outside cooled down, so did the body''s of these large animals. Sails may have been used to catch sunlight, and warm the blood Spinosaurus as well as other animals
  5. 5. Dinosaurs armor
  6. 6. Some dinosaurs had sharp teeth long horns long whip like tails but the most tough of them all was the armor. Dinosaur armor come in all shapes and sizes. armor was used for protection to keep safe from predators but the armor doesn’t always work
  7. 7. Enemies Dinosaurs had enemies the carnivore was the enemy of the herbivore and the herbivores were enemies of the carnivore. But the enemy of them all was the Tyrannosaurus rex
  8. 8. Extinction Scientist think dinosaurs died because of meteors. Or volcanos and the ice age but no one knows
  9. 9. Dinosaurs food Some dinosaurs ate each other they were called carnivores. Carnivores were meat eaters and were usually big in size. Most small carnivores hunted in packs to combine their strength which means they could hunt bigger stronger prey. The bigger carnivores hunted alone and got smaller prey.
  10. 10. On the other hand there were pant eating dinosaurs called hebivores they only eat bush tree leaves and plants. Herbivores had to defend them selves so they used armor, horns and whip like tales to protect them or there young. Also usually herbivores fought for mates
  11. 11. Herbivores