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My Family

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My Family

  1. 1. By Joey TavaresMy Family<br />My Brother Jordan Kyle Engen is six years old, he is very hyper-active he is like a human battery. He has hair the color of a penny. His birth day is May 31, 2002.His favorite hobbies are playing with his best friend Alea, he is currently in 2nd grade and is in my old elementary school. My Family Consists of my mother, Step-Father, little brother, Grandmother, and a person I consider a brother.MY mother’s name is Jacqueline Wilson Engen. She has natural brown hair and is 5’2”, she is funny and a pain at times, she is working for a physician currently and loves to be in the medical field, she works in the cleaning field once in awhile to get extra money. She is a reading fanatic she almost always has a book in her hand, and do not try to talk to her when she is reading she will tune you out and not even know it. She is always into what she is doing, even though she often gets frustrated. She loves mysteries and vampire stories. Her favorite shows are house, so you think you can dance, American idol, fringe, and heroes, we just started watching the vampire diaries.My mom and Jordan:<br />Dalton: MY Best friend I consider to be my brother, His name is Dalton Wilson Barker-Ozmun I have known him since he moved to north Carolina in 2003 we have been best friends since then we still hang out all the time. He has Blonde long hair, with blue eyes. He is 6’3” and still growing. He is a student at A.L. Brown High School, and is taking courses at Rccc College. He is trying to be a Graphic designer as am I but that will be his main profession while mine will be a physician, we are going to going into production as partners. We have had this plan and kept studying and practicing more things such as C++, We are learning the things we will need to strive in this line of work we have been ready since the 6th grade. We will be in it till the end. His hobbies are playing on the computer, hanging with me and everyone from his school, attempting to draw, he enjoys his school and everything he is doing with his life currently.“Ma” or my grandmother: She is a hilarious Person, she doesn’t know it yet but she is going deaf. She has Natural Brown hair, and brown eyes. She is Italian and it shows without a doubt especially when she is annoyed. She is currently retired she worked in a hospital for a few years after we moved to North Carolina, I don’t really know what she did before that I was very young. She is working in the flooring company with my step dad Billy for extra money occasionally but it is not her true profession. Her hobbies are reading and going to the gym, she goes to the gym every Thursday and once a month pays for a personal trainer she is in shape I’m proud of her. determination. She also is addicted to cleaning. To me Billy is more than just a “Step” dad, he is always there for me and a big part of my life. He is awesome at most sports, such as soft-ball, basket-ball, and loves to go riding on our four-wheeler. He has orange curly hair, so he often cuts it. He puts flooring in on houses for a living he has done it for 14 years now. His favorite hobby is playing soft-ball he plays every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, he is a big part of my life and I am happy he is there for me all the time.My step dad Billy:<br />