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  1. 1. Aditi Rao RHE 360M Prof. Batt Learning Record
  2. 2. Confidence and Independence <ul><li>Of all the various learning dimensions, I feel that I have grown most in this one. Thanks to my peers, our classroom is one I feel comfortable in - one I freely participate in and am an active part of daily. </li></ul>
  3. 3. Confidence and Independence <ul><li>Around my friends I’m usually considered the outgoing one, but somehow in the classroom I can be the shyest. This class really helped me come out of my shell in discussions, and as the class progressed so did my confidence in speaking. I found myself making more and more contributions. At times taking a stance directly opposite a peer made me nervous, but I learned to believe in my views - even if they weren’t the majority. The wiki also made it easy to collaborate, because it took away some of the tension of speaking in front of others, and instead I could confidently assert my opinions online. </li></ul>Rhetoric Observations: 9/1, 9/12, 9/17, 10/1, 10/6, 10/8 Other: Lives on the Boundary Discussion
  4. 4. Confidence and Independence <ul><li>Writing has always been a penchant of mine, from a very young age, as my interview with my father details. I tend to fare well in writing courses, but this led to a sense of false bravado in my skills that I mention in my midterm. I tend to stay within the box, and our first paper really pushed me out of it. I took a big risk in the way I wrote my paper - I definitely wavered from my traditional methods. I was nervous about it, but ended up being proud and confident about my work. The second paper helped me achieve a level of independence, as I relied less on others for editing during the draft process, and instead needed to have faith in my topic since not everyone was writing about the same thing. </li></ul>Writing Observations: 9/15, 9/29, 10/8, 11/17 Other: Paper 1, Paper 2, A1
  5. 5. Confidence and Independence <ul><li>I have definitely gained a lot of confidence in working with technology in this class, specifically with the wiki. I remember being frustrated by setting up the observations page, and even the spinning lady exercise. Gradually, as I got more comfortable with the software, I was able to do more. In fact, I was even able to help those around me when they had certain problems, which shows my tremendous progress with the wiki.The wiki proved to be in the end, an excellent resource for collaboration, and rather than email (which I am more used to), our group for the mini-lesson decided on the wiki for discussing our project. This ended up being a great tool, and only one I was okay using thanks to my newfound confidence with the program. </li></ul>Research/Technology Observations: 8/29, 9/29, 11/3, 11/5 Other: Mini-Lesson Collaboration
  6. 6. Confidence and Independence <ul><li>I began this class with little faith in peer collaboration in the classroom, with my experiences prior to RHE360M being disappointing. Even with the first peer-editing on Paper 1, I was hesitant and not too pleased about collaborating, and found it in fact quite frustrating. As the semester wore on, I grew more confident in the benefits of collaboration, especially with the mini-lesson. It was really reassuring that everyone in my group was making an effort to work together, and it instilled confidence in me for my peers and their characters. Paper 2 was thus a big growth of faith in the collaborative system of our class, as the inner-outer circle proposal exercise was truly productive and effective. Also, the peer-editing for Paper 2 went much smoother, and I found this method truly beneficial, as it forced me to spend quality time with someone else’s work. In fact, I was excited to see the critique I was given! </li></ul>Collaboration Observations: 9/15, 9/29, 10/8, 10/13, 11/12 Other: Mini-Lesson Collaboration, Paper 1, Paper 2, Peer Editing
  7. 7. Skills and Strategies <ul><li>This class has really improved my knowledge and understanding of teaching methods in terms of writing, rhetoric, and English overall. I have attained new skills and methods which I look forward to implementing in the classroom. </li></ul>
  8. 8. Skills and Strategies <ul><li>As far as rhetoric goes, this class has greatly improved my knowledge of the subject. As I mention in my midterm, I began this class not even knowing what rhetoric meant per say. But now, thanks to our analysis of strategies and methods, I have a greater grasp of the importance of the way one makes an argument through text. The paper proposals were pivotal for me, as they showed me the various methods of writing a research paper, making claims, and supporting arguments. This was a learning experience, which continued when we took apart the proposal on women’s sports, a really beneficial activity for me personally. The author’s strategic argument with lists and ample evidence inspired me to restructure my own essay. </li></ul>Rhetoric Observations: 10/13, 11/17 Other: Paper 2 proposal
  9. 9. Skills and Strategies <ul><li>My skills most improved in the writing field thanks to our in class discussion on grammar. Grammar is something I find most challenging - both for my own understanding and for the daunting task of explaining it to students in the future. Thus, learning the skills was immensely beneficial and provided me with tools to go forward and eventually teach those skills to others. In fact, in my UTL202 class, I created a lesson plan with a hook that used the story of the panda in Eats, Shoots, and Leaves . This was a clever and amusing way to get the students’ attention and direct them towards the importance of punctuation. </li></ul>Writing Observations: 9/7, 9/12, 11/10 Other: Lesson Plan
  10. 10. Skills and Strategies <ul><li>I learned a lot of new things about research and technology, and these are all things that are easily applicable in future classrooms. The Novamind Pro was one such program, which I enjoyed using and playing with. It gave me a lot of ideas for lessons, where students could rearrange their paragraphs or make webs to plan for writing. Also, thanks to the librarian’s visit, I have so much more knowledge on using UT’s vast resources to research topics. She really opened the door to a previously overwhelming process of searching for sources. I was able to find some really great articles and data through the search engines she recommended, and even found some more on my own after fiddling around with the library website. </li></ul>Research and Technology Observations: 9/25, 10/20 Other: Novamind Pro, Paper 2 (sources)
  11. 11. Skills and Strategies <ul><li>Peer-editing was not something I was a huge fan of to begin with, as I detailed in my midterm. But thanks to this class’ emphasis on various methods of editing and collaboration, I have a newfound faith in it’s advantages. The numerous methods of peer editing, especially the inner-outer circle, gave me a repertoire of ideas to introduce in my own classroom. Also, the communication exercise on Blackboard was something I found refreshing, even if the experience wasn’t perfect. I think that anonymous collaboration can do a lot of good in a classroom, especially when it comes to critiquing the teacher in a safe, non-threatening manner. Plus, I was able to use the wiki for collaborating on the mini-lessons, a great way to have students share information electronically and something I previously did not know of. </li></ul>Collaboration Observations: 9/15, 9/29, 10/13, 11/12 Other: Discussion
  12. 12. Knowledge and Understanding <ul><li>More than just new information, I have a greater understanding of so many things surrounding the education of students in English and literature, especially in terms of newfound ways to approach age-old practices, like grammar or essays. </li></ul>
  13. 13. Knowledge and Understanding <ul><li>This class taught me how to structure an argument effectively, and back it up with adequate evidence and support. As I mentioned in the midterm, my previous knowledge of rhetoric was little to none. This class taught me that anecdotes and stories can have a place in essays, even academic ones. Thanks to the exercises in class, it especially taught me the difference between a strong essay and a weak one, something I think is vital for every teacher’s understanding. In other words, I learned how to evaluate arguments, and was able to apply this during our final peer critique. </li></ul>Rhetoric Observations: 9/29, 10/13, 11/12 Other: Paper 1, Paper 2, Peer Critique
  14. 14. Knowledge and Understanding <ul><li>My knowledge and understanding of the writing process has developed most in the field of pre-writing. Never really engaging in much pre-writing in my own academic career, I was at a loss for its importance in the development of essays, etc. This class and its emphasis on outlining, drafting, journaling, etc. really opened my eyes to the benefits of various pre-writing strategies. In fact, my mini-lesson group project ended up focusing on pre-writing because of the value my group mates and I found in the process. Also, for a recent essay, I found myself outlining in detail and found it immensely helpful when it came time to actually hash out the paper. </li></ul>writing Observations: 9/1, 9/3, 9/8, 9/10, 9/29 Other: Mini-Lesson, Sexual Deviance Outline
  15. 15. Knowledge and Understanding <ul><li>The area of I gained the most knowledge and understanding in this particular field is by far research. Thanks to the librarian’s visit and our second paper I found the importance in having strong sources that connect to your thesis. With the library webpage and databases I gained great insight into how to search things, especially the details of using qualifiers like and/or and quotations in searches. </li></ul>Research and Technology Observations: 10/20 Other: Paper 2, Paper 2 sources