World Famous People Thinking Big!


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  • World Famous People Thinking Big!

    1. 1. World Famous People Thinking BIG! By Term 4 Technology students
    2. 2. The United States of America had never had an African-American for a president. This year was time for change. This year, I, Barack Obama, became the president of United States of America and made history.
    3. 3. Ben Townley When I was 5 my friends used to bully me because I was in Moto X. But I persevered and Kept going and never gave up. In Moto x lots of people are really up there but me I was at a low level but that never made me stop. I kept persevering.
    4. 4. Well when I was little I always wanted to be a rugby player and I always said to myself that I would always succeed with my dreams. My brothers and I would always play rugby. Sid going
    5. 5. Travis Pastrana Travis is a really outgoing person and His friends were really jealous. He Didn’t stop at the easy level he kept going Even though times got really tough.
    6. 6. Chad Reeds Chad was a Yamaha rider but he turned to Makita Suzuki. So he Didn’t stop at the easy level he Persevered to the hard level.
    7. 7. SIR EDMUND HILLARY “ We didn’t know if it was humanly possible to reach the top of Mt. Everest
    8. 8.                                         Ritchie Mccaw I was brought up in North Otago and educated at Otago Boys High, where i played rugby at No 8. I had an outstanding 2003 Rugby World Cup despite New Zealand's semi-final exit and won the New Zealand player of the year award at the 2003 and 2006 Steinlager Rugby Awards.
    9. 9. Nadia Comaneci Nadia Comaneci began her life as a gymnast when she was in primary. She moved to higher levels by being taught by two different coaches. Now she is a famous gymnast showing her talent every step of the way.
    10. 10. SARAH WALKER… Sarah Walker followed her brother’s footsteps to being a BMX rider and to becoming a world famous rider. She knew she had a talent and wanted to show it to the world and she has.
    11. 11. David Beckham… David Beckham started playing from when he was really young. He started playing in sports clubs. He never gave up on becoming a famous football player. Now he has achieved his dream and is now living it.