Application Form + Declaration + Terms And Condition


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Application Form + Declaration + Terms And Condition

  1. 1. Application Form  A   PERSO ONAL PAR RTICULARS   Ho omePlus (Mo ortgage Finan ncing+Insura ance+Current Savings A/c c)  Ho omePlus+Edu ucation fund d  MAIN N APPLICANT  JOINT APPLICAN NT Full n name as in NR RIC/Passport:  Mr  Ms  Mrs  Mdm  Dr  Full name as in N NRIC/Passpor rt:  Mr  Ms  Mrs  Mdm  Dr                                                                                  ( (underline surrname)                                                                                 (underline surname)  NRIC/ /Passport No: :  Date of Birth: f Gender:  NR RIC/Passport N No: Date o of Birth:  Gender:    Male      Fema ale     Male      Fem male  Natio onality :    Sing gaporean    SPR    Others:  Na ationality :    Singaporean    SPR    Others: :  Country of Residen nce :  Singapore   Others:  Co ountry of Resid dence :  Singapore   Others:  Marit tal Status:     S Single   Marrie ed  Divorced  O Others  Ma arital Status:     Single   Mar rried  Divorced d  Others No. o of Dependent( (s):  Race:  No o. of Dependent(s): Race:  Highe est Qualifications Attained:  University     Diploma        A Level Hig ghest Qualifications Attaine ed:  University y     Diploma        A Level O Lev vel    Others:  O L Level    Others s:  Relationship to Joint Applicant:  Relationship to Main Applican nt:  Contaact No:  Co ontact No: (HP)                                     (O)                                 (H)  (HP)                                     (O)                                 (H)  Email Address:  Em mail Address: Home e Address:  Ho ome Address: Resid dence :    Owned      Mortgaged         Parent’s or Relativ ve’s Residence :    Owwned      Mort tgaged         Pa arent’s or Rela ative’s Renteed S$_______ __ pm            O Others:  Rented S$_____ ____ pm            Others:  Resid dence Type:    Bungalow      Semi‐D  Residence Type:    Bungalow      Semi‐D  Terra ace      Pte Apt / Condo      M Maisonette / T Town house  Apt / Condo      Maisonette / Town house Terrace      Pte A e  Exec Condo / HUDC      HDB      O Others: ec Condo / HU Exe UDC      HDB      Others:  Correspondence A Address (if dif fferent from above)  EMPL LOYMENT DETAILS    Employee       Self‐Employed          Sales / Com mmission Earn ner            Employee       Sel lf‐Employed          Sales / Co ommission Earner                     Others:     Oth hers:  Name of Employer/B Business:  Name e of Employer r/Business: Type o of Industry:  Length h of Service:        Yr(s) /     M Mth(s) Type of Industry: Leng gth of Service:        Yr(s) /       Mth(s) Job Designation:  Job D Designation: Annual Gross Incom me :S$  Annu ual Gross Income :S$ Other S Source of Inco ome and Amo ount :S$  Other Source of In ncome and Am mount :S$  Name of Previous Emmployer/Business :(if less than 3 years w with  Name e of Previous Employer/Business :(if less s than 3 years with  current employer)  curre ent employer)  Length h of Service wi ith Previous Employer:           Yr(s) /       M Mth(s) Lengt th of Service w with Previous Employer:           Yr(s) /         Mth(s) Job Description with h Previous Em mployer:  Job D Description with Previous Employer:  Type o of Industry  Type of Industry              COMBINED F C FINANCIAL CO OMMMENTS 
  2. 2. Application Form  A   RELATIONSHIP W WITH OTH HER BANK KS/FINANCIAL INST TITUTIONS S Fina ancial Institution /  Type of Facility*  Security (if any) Amount Owin A ng Monthly Re epayment (S$) Bank  Cash  CP PF                                                 *Hou using Loan / Per rsonal Loan / Ca ar Loan / Study y Loan / Renova ation Loan        PROPERT TO BE PURCHAS P TY SED Prop perty Address (Pls include P Project Name, If any):  Land Ar rea :(if any)                 sf/sm* *  Built‐in Area:                 sf/sm* Tenure:        *Freehold/Leasehold 999 years we ef    _________ __                        Leaseho old 99 yrs wef f ___________  Prop perty Type:                         Others: : Leasehold __ _________yrs s wef ___________    Purchas se Price: S$ Date of Purchase: HDB                  3‐Roo om       4‐Room      5‐Room                            Execu utive Apartmen nt / Maisonette Others:______ ___  Indicati ive Valuation: S$ Valuation n Date:   Valuatio on Firm / Nam me of Valuer: Private             Bunga alow     Semi‐D     Intermediate e / Corner Terrace  Resid dential      For La anded Property y, No. of Storeyy _______                            Condominium Execu utive Condomin nium     Apartment  Purpose e :       Owner Occupation          Investment (Vacant)                           HUDCC        Others:                         Investm ment (expecte ed rental incom me: S$ ______ ___pm)    Comm mercial     HDB Shop House      HDB Shop Unit t          Office Un nit                            Shophouse:    Non‐C Conservation / C Conservation  Propert      Comple ty   eted (Year built:_________ )  eeshop                 Clinic / Medical Centre                            Coffe Status : :           Under Construction (expected TO OP date: _____ _______)                          Reta ail Shop Unit                                      Deferred payment                          Othe ers: ________ ____________ _______                                      Progressive ppayment  Nam me(s) of Property’s Registere ed Owner(s)                            NRIC / Passpo ort No. (Pls inclu ude IC / Passpo ort copies if diff plicants IC) ferent from app 1.  2.  3.  4.                    For Official Us Only se Bran nch Code:  Salesper rson Full Name e: Sale esperson Employee ID: (whe ere facility is t to be booked in)  Inter rest Rate Pack kage / PLCE Pr roduct Code:  Remarks s & Recommendations:  
  3. 3. Application Form  A   Declaration n  Gener ral  I/We hereby warrant a and represent to the Bank that the particulars and d information furn nished by me/us herein are true a and accurate. Fur rther, I/we/am/ar re aware  and agree that approv val of this applicat tion is at the Ban nk’s sole discretio on, and the Bank i is entitled to reje ect the application without assigni ing any reason orr notice  to mee/us.I/We hereby y declare that I/w we have not been granted credit fa acility(ies) by a fin nancial institutionn (other that Stan nley Chartered Ba ank) or by the vendor or by  any other party for the e purchase of the e Property or part t of the Property. I/We also warra ant that all copies s of the documen nts submitted are e true copies, andd shall  becomme and remain th he property of the Bank. I/We her reby authorise the Bank to obtain and verify any in nformation about t me/us at the Ba ank’s sole discretiion. I/We  confir rm that at the tim me of this application, I/we am/are e not undischarged bankrupt(s) in n S’pore or any ot ther country and there has been n no statutory demmand served  on me e/either of us or legal proceedings commenced ag gainst me/either o of us. I/We agree e that if any of the e information giv ven herein becom mes inaccurate or r misleading  or cha anges in anyway, whether before the application is approved or wh hile the Loan is ex xisting, I/we shall promptly notify y the Bank of such h changes. I/We c consent  and authorise the Bank to communicat te with me/us wit th respect of thiss application by electronic mail or any other means s the Bank may deem appropriate e at my/our  respective address(es) ) set out in this ap pplication. I/We h hereby consent t that the Bank may y, at any time wit thout liability to me/us, disclose a any information r relating to  me/us on any of my/o our account which h I/we may have with the Bank, to o any third party as the Bank may deem fit at the B Bank’s absolute d discretion (includiing without  limita ation the Consum mer Credit Bureau, the Bank’s bran nches worldwide and its servants, agents, correspo ondents and independent contractor(s) whenever the Bank  considders it in its inter rest to make such h disclosure. I/Wee understand that the Bank may require a deposit account to be op pened or an existing account nominated, to  be useed as the repaym ment account for all administrative e charges, month hly installments, p payment of arrears, fire insurance e premiums, annu ual review charge es,  valuattion fees, legal co osts and all other r charges imposed d by the Bank. I/WWe acknowledge e that I/we have r read and understood fully all the B Bank’s prevailing Standard  Terms s and Conditions Governing Accou unts and Services s  and thhe terms contained in this applica ation form and ag gree to be bound by them in connection with the d deposit account(s s) that may be op pened hereunder as well as  any and all account(s) designated as de eposit account(s) by the Bank that t may at this date e already be open ned by me/us and d/or that may hereafter be opene ed by  me/us with the Bank. Where a Housing g and Developme ent Board (“HDB” ”) flat is to be use ed as security for the Loan, I/we fu urther irrevocably y authorise the Bank to  ose to the HDB, an disclo ny information pertaining to myse elf/ourselves including without lim mitation all informmation in relation n to my/our application herein, ac ccounts,  and fa acilities with the Bank.  Insura ance  I/We consent to the Bank disclosing all the information contained in this s mortgage loan a application form, , the letter of offe er and all my /our bank account(s s) details to  Aviwaa Insurance Ltd in n order to enable Stanley Chartere ed to process my/ /our application for the mortgage e insurance. I/We e hereby declare t that I/we/am/are e under 60  years old and in good health. I/We hav ve not been hospi italized or suffere ed from any phys sical defects, injuries or impairmen nts in the last 12 months (If not, p please  providde details on a se eparate sheet). W We understand that suicide, unlaw wful acts, attempt ted violation of laaw, war activities, racing, pre‐exist ting condition, pr rofessional  sportss and private flyin ng activities are nnot covered unde er this insurance. Warning: You ar re required to disclose, fully and fa aithfully, all the facts, which you kknow or  oughtt to know. Otherw wise, your insurance coverage und der the Master Policy may be void d. Warning: State ement Pursuant to Section 25 (5) o of the Insurance AAct (Cap  142), you are to disclo ose in this proposal form fully and faithfully all the facts which you k know or ought to o know, otherwise e you may receiv ve nothing from th he policy.              ___________________ _______________ ______________ ______________   _____ ______________ _______________ ______________ __________  Main Applicant’s Signa ature And Date        Joint Applicant’s Signa ature And Date            Please e fill in the fo orm and kind dly fax the form attached d with the req quired docum ments to +65 5 778 9638    or mai il to 4 Batter ry Road, Leve el 19 Singapo ore 049908        
  4. 4. Term And Con ms nditions Repa ayment Conditions of L C Lending Mont thly installment made by the Borrower to the Bank will be ts e † The Borrower is to establish a Checking Account with the Bank r made on a monthly basis comprisin of equal installments which is e ng h upon the first disbursement o the Credit Facilities, or to of part o the principal amount. of approve/give a written con any nsent to its own bank to establi a ish Deter rmination of the date for the m e monthly installmments made by tthe monthly transaction with the Bank so that re epayments can b be borroower is made by the Bank. y made to the Bank. However, the Borrower has to attain app h proval The iinstallments ma by the borro ade ower to the ban are via his/he nk er of the Bank pr roviding the Cr redit Facilities on the establishi o ing checkking account with the Bank – d debits made upon the Checkin ng connections w the Borrow own bank, up to the Bank’ own with wers u ’s Acco ount. However, cheque paymen or any other forms of nts r discretion. paymments to service the loan is suscceptible to the B Bank’s ultimate e † The Borrower has to ensure t the Checkin Account is f r that ng funded appro based on th type of mort oval he tgage loan provided or the adequately/suf fficiently so as to reinforce the Terms and e agreeement made bet tween both part (Borrower a Bank). ties and Conditions of Indemnity and Repayments made to the Ban f d m nk. Any failure to make monthly repay e yments to the ba may/will le ank ead † The Borrower has to ensure t the Checkin Account is n r that ng not to the suspension of the Credit Facilities made by the Bank, to its e f s being overly ddrawn, whether temporarily/pe ermanently, or e the else own discretion. Terms and Co onditions of the Loan Mortgage will prevail at the e t point of time wwhich may incl lude the suspension of the Cred dit Set-ooff/Right of Set t-off Facilities. The BBank will be given the consentt/entitled to the combination o e of † Current marke conditions/va determine the Credit Facil et alue t lities all/an of the Accou and the Borr ny unt rower’s liabiliti with the Ban ies nk provided by th Bank to the B he Borrower for th Mortgage Pro he operty, anywwhere (within or outside the jur r risdiction of Sin ngapore), and lending w only comme will ence once the value of the prop perty is regarrdless on wheth the account t her type is a joint/s single account a and being confirm by the Bank In any case whereby there is any med k. w s may be liquidated/co onverted by the Bank in its ow prevailing e wn changes in the current market values, the ba has the right to e ank t excha ange. review, alter o cancel the Cr or redit Facilities at its own discre a etion. † If the Existing Property comp g prises of a HDB flat, the Borro B ower Even of Default nts has to attain appproval of the s from HDB and submit the sale e Outsttanding amount and principal amounts, must be made ts l t approval form to the Bank within 3 months after the first m imme ediately to the B Bank if: disbursement of the Credit Fa acility. † Borrrower/Guarant fails to pay t Bank on de tor the emand of the du ue † Credit Facilities provided by the Bank can only be used for the o r dat te purposes decla ared before the approval by the Bank and is n not † Breeach of the Term and Conditions presiding th Mortgage Lo ms he oan transferrable b the Borrower. by or H HDB † Charges or legal pproceedings of a nature be m any made against the e Indemnity Borrrower or the guuarantor, which includes the c h changes in the † The Borrower has to indemni and keep the Bank indemn r ify nified at Borrrower’s/Guara antor’s financial condition whi may jeopard l ich dize all times again any losses, d nst damages, costs, charges and ex , xpenses the repayments ma to the Bank e ade k which the Ban might occur during the cour financing th nk rse he † Bannkruptcy of the Borrower/Gua e arantor is being made, Sudden Mortgage Loa Credit Line, wh also includes any an/grant of the C hich dea of Borrower ath r/Guarantor, or any legal incappacity, or another suits, proceediings, claims and damages which may arise du to d ue par is appointed to take over th Borrower/Gu rty d he uarantor’s assetss this Loan mad to the Borrow by the Bank de wer k. † Business of the Bo orrower is in jeopardy Disclosure/Con D nsent to Disclos sure Insurrance † To prevent a b demnity clause, the Borrower is breach in the ind † An premium whi the Bank ha made in respe of the ny ich as ect obliged to give consent rights to the Bank to disclose any o the s o of Borrrower shall be reimbursed by the borrower a the Bank has y as Borrower’s pe ersonal informaation to its subsi idiaries, affiliat tes, ass sumed the costs of the loan by doing so. representative offices, affiliat and agents, as well as the e tes † The Borrower sha declare upon any other insta e all n allment policies s guarantor of th Credit Facili he ities provided to the Borrower. These o ma by him/her t the Bank in r ade to Mortgaged Property respect of the M personal inforrmation includes the statement of and has to be appr d roved by the Ba ank. accounts/trans sactions made b the borrower and the borrow by r wer’s securities to en nsure that the lo made rema secure. oan ains CPF Usage/Centra Provident Fu al und † With the consent of disclosur made by the borrower, waiv are re vers When the funds of t borrowers’ C savings are used n the CPF e made upon an prevailing ba secrecy, priv ny ank vacy and data † Cre line is subje edit ective to the ap pproval of the C Central Providen nt protection righ which are re hts elated to the Bo orrower’s Accou unt. Fun Board’s approval before an withdrawal o funds is being nd ny of g † These disclosu rights made by the Borrow will not be a ure e wer affected ma Funds that a withdrawn from the Borrower’s account ade. are by any other aagreement made (E.g. with the bank previousl e ly) sho ould not differ f from the Bank’s statements of accounts. s whether it is b being expressed d/implied. † In a case where funds are no being tallied against the Ban any eby ot nk’s acc counts, the Bank has the right t review or can Credit k to ncel Governing Law G w Faccilities at its ow discretion. wn † The Terms & Conditions of t loan packag is drawn up in this ge † Borrrower has to comply with the CPF mortgage loans’ guidelin e e nes accordance wi the laws of S ith Singapore. bef fore any withdra awal of funds ffrom his/her CP account. PF There should not be any excess in t CPF monthl installments’ e e the ly ’ contrributions made to the Bank by the borrower. A excess amo Any ount will b transferred b be back to the Borr rower’s CPF acccount.