REVISION TEST for 6th Grades

1)Resimlerle ilgili olarak hangisi söylenemez?

             Mr. Shelly                                    13)                  What is his job?
Mr. Shelly ne söylemiş...
19)             Resimle ilgili olarak ne söylenebilir?
                                                         23)It has ...
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6.Grade Test


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6.Grade Test

  1. 1. REVISION TEST for 6th Grades 1)Resimlerle ilgili olarak hangisi söylenemez? 5) Amy What does she need? a)She needs a jug of water. b)She needs a cup of water. c)She needs a glass of tea. Jane Susan d)She needs a jug of coffee. a)Jane has got straight hair. b)Susan is not fat. c)Jane is plump. d)Susan has got straight hair. 6) Ayşe is making a cake. Sıralama nasıl olmalıdır? 2) I.Pour the dough in a cake mold. Joe and his grandpa Rose II. Serve cold. III. Mix the margarine, eggs, milk and sugar in a big bowl for 5 minutes. IV.Bake your cake in an oven at 160 degrees for 45 minutes. Susie and John David a)I-III-IV-II b)II-III-IV-I Yukarıdaki resimlerle ilgili hangisi söylenebilir? c)III-I-IV-II d)III-IV-I-II 1)Rose is painting. b)David is drawing. c)Susie and John are riding a horse. d)Joe and his granpa are playing hopscotch. 7) a)a slice of cheese and a loaf of bread b)a piece of cheese and a slice of bread c)a loaf of cheese and a piece of bread 3) d)some cheese and a piece of bread Jake Resimlerle ilgili olarak hangisi söylenemez? a)Jake loves fishing. b)Jake doesn’t like watching tv. 8) c)Jake doesn’t enjoy fishing. Resimle ilgili olarak hangisi söylenebilir? d)Jake dislikes watching tv. a)There is a little coffee in the cup. b)There is some coffee ,n the cup. c)There isn’t much coffee in the cup. d)There is a lot of coffee in the cup. 4) Yukarıdaki yiyeceklerin sıralaması nasıl olmalıdır? a)mushroom-cheese-butter-peas b)mushroom-rice-meat-peas c)spinach-rice-chicken-beans d)peach-rice-meat-beans
  2. 2. 9) Mr. Shelly 13) What is his job? Mr. Shelly ne söylemiş olabilir? a)He’s a security officer. b)He’s a newsreader. a)I ‘d like to have a pizza and a cup of water. c)He’s a ski instructor. b)I’d like a slice of pizza and a glass of orange juice. d)He’s a mechanic. c)I’d like to have a big pizza and a glass of orange juice. d)I’d like a glass of lemonade and some spaghetti. 14) What does a newsreader do? a)She/He takes care of patients. b)She/He guards people. c)She/He catches criminals. 10) d)She/He reads news on Tv or radio. What time does he go to school? 15) Ali: How often do you have a shower? a)He goes to school at half past four. Seda:…………………………………………………….. . b)He goes to school at eight o’clock. Hangisi Seda’nın verebileceği cevaplardan değildir? c)He goes to school at twenty past eight. a)I have a shower at 7 o’clock. d)He goes to school at twenty to eight. b)I have a shower everyday. c)I have a shower twice a week. d)I have a shower once a day. 11) 16)Which is wrong about germs? Resimle ilgili olarak ne söylenebilir? a)She is angry. a)They are dangerous for health. b)She is ill. b)We can’t see germs with bare eyes. c)She is excited. c)They are healthy. d)She is busy. d)They are make us weak and ill. …………………hours 17) Hangisi ilacın üzerinde yazılan do you sleep a day? uyarılardan olabilir? 12) a)Dry clean only! b)Don’t use for children under eight. c)Serve cold! I sleep eight hours d)Shake well before opening. a day. Boşluğ a hangi soru kelimesi gelmelidir? a)How many 18) b)How long Resimle ilgili olarak hangisi söylenebilir? c)How moch a)The room is in a mess. d)What time b)The room is not dirty. c)The room is clean. d)The room is tidy.
  3. 3. 19) Resimle ilgili olarak ne söylenebilir? 23)It has got a long beak and long legs. It has got a)He looks tired. two wings. Which animal is this? b)He looks happy. c)He looks angry. a)rabbitb b)pigeon c)whale d)stork d)He looks bored. 20)Seçil: Would you like to come to my graduation ceremony on Saturday? Tuna: _______________________ . 24) It lives on land. It has got four legs and a tail. It has got stripes. Which animal is it? a)zebra b)eagle c)crocodile d)lion Tuna is busy on Saturday. What does he say? 25.It is an important feast for Muslims. On the first a)Certainly. Where is it? day people wear their best clothes and visit their b)I’d love to but I can’t. relatives. People offer sweets during that feast. c)Sure.What time does it start? d)Of course. Which feast is it? 21) Arda:Would you like to go skiing tomorrow? a)Thanksgiving Day b)Christmas Ezgi:No, thanks. c)Ramadan Feast d)Children’s Day Arda: Why not? Ezgi: ___________________________ . GOOD LUCK  Ezgi has an exam. What does she say? a)I must study. A.B. b)Because I have a meeting. c)I’m ill. ELT d)Because my grandparents are coming tomorrow. 22) Tarık:Shall we go diving tomorrow? You: ________________________ . You want to accept your friend’s invitation. What do you say? a)Certainly. What time do we meet? b)I’m sorry, I can’t come. c)I’m afraid, I can’t. d)No, thanks.