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Engineering's slide show at the April 7, 2009 BCC Meeting, Item 5C1.

Published in: Technology, Business, Real Estate
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  1. 1. Presented by Palm Beach County Engineering Department for the Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners
  2. 2. Palomino Dr. and Blanchette Trl.
  3. 3. Assessed Properties
  4. 4. Properties on Palomino and Blanchette assessed extra 20%
  5. 5. Pinion Dr.
  6. 6. Pinion Dr. assessments
  7. 7. El Paso Dr. & Yearling Dr.
  8. 8. Rodeo Dr. & Pinto Dr.
  9. 9. El Paso, Pancho & Pinto Dr.
  10. 10. El Paso Dr. & Pancho Way
  11. 11. El Paso, Yearling, Rodeo, Pinto & Pancho Dr. highlighted
  12. 12. El Paso, Yearling, Rodeo, & Pinto Dr.
  13. 13. Current Assessments
  14. 14. El Paso & Pancho Dr.
  15. 15. Potential Assessments on El Paso & Pancho
  16. 16. Arrowhead Dr.
  17. 17. Potential Assessments on Arrowhead Dr.
  18. 18. Fargo Dr. highlighted
  19. 19. Potential assessments on Fargo Dr. highlighted
  20. 20. Potential Fargo Assessment Current project will come in under budget, potentially allowing assessments to 168 owners to be reduced by $300 + (to approximately $7100) Option A - PBC approach – allow 168 properties the expected reduction to $7100, and assess the eight Fargo owners $15,000 each Option B - Equal assessment approach – assess all 176 (168+8) properties the same amount – approximately $7400
  21. 21. DIRECTION Should the MSTU process be reopened to allow consideration for • 100% resident funded projects? Staff – Wait until the summer budget process. Should Fargo be given consideration given how it is physically situated in the Ranchette community and the ability to use existing monies from current assessments on the ultimate improvements in the right of way? Staff – Yes, limit the project to (El Paso – Yearling) and direct staff to petition the eight affected Fargo residents at the $15,000 threshold and find the monies to do the project if more than 50% support the petition. We will also use available assessment monies to address drainage issues on Fargo associated with the current project
  22. 22. DIRECTION • • Should the County contribute to an MSTU project where residents are only on one side of the street? Staff – No, given the current financial situation. However, it can be discussed at any time in the future. • If the MSTU program is “reopened”, should the County offer the ten projects previously re-petitioned the first opportunity to participate? Staff – Yes, but only if the projected cost for a 100% resident project is expected to be less than the amount they previously rejected in the 2007 re-petitioning process.