Peter Lik Press Kit[1]


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Peter Lik Press Kit[1]

  1. 1. “Mother Nature sets the scene, I simply capture it.” Peter Lik
  2. 2. THE PHOTOGR APHER Peter Lik is one of the world’s most innovative, prolific and awarded landscape photographers. His passion, dedication and love for his art is unsurpassed, making him the recognized leader in his field. Born in Melbourne Australia, the only son of Czech immigrant parents, Peter is completely self taught. His talent for photography was evident from an early age when he first picked up a camera at the age of eight, and has retained a spirit and enthusiasm equaled only by his unbounded energy and deep affinity for the land. It was while traveling in Alaska in 1994 that Peter’s fascination with photography took a dramatic turn when he discovered the encompassing view of the panoramic camera. It opened up a whole new world of creative possibilities and took his photography to new levels. “My photography is about the challenge of translating the awesome power and beauty of the earth into a tangible record of a moment in time. In my images I strive to convey the elements of nature that most inspire me – her strength and her fragility. I listen to the land and through color and composition I explore the familiar form and look for the picture within. My deep connection with the heart and soul of the landscape is what drives me on and keeps me searching for that indefinable ‘perfect’ image.”
  3. 3. THE ADVENTURE Peter has been traveling to the ends of the earth, weathering all types of climates, in a quest to find nature’s most exquisite terrains to photograph. Equipped with his Earth Roamer Xpedition, camera and tripod, Peter is determined to obtain that perfect image of Mother Nature at her best. From Australia’s sweltering rainforests to the dry desert landscapes of southwest America, from waist-deep snow in the freezing weather of Alaska to the 145-degree heat in Nevada’s Death Valley, Peter has survived everything earth has thrown at him. Peter’s never-ending search for beauty and tranquility within nature’s palette keeps collectors of his work in a state of anticipation as he releases several new images each year. PHoto CouRtEsy oF E ARtHRoAMER
  4. 4. C a n y o n L a n d s n at i o n a L Pa r k , u tA H
  5. 5. THE ART LiMitEd Edition Limited Editions of high quality Archival Prints are developed at the Peter Lik corporate headquarters. silver Halide technology is the photographic process that is used to develop Peter’s photographs. All levels of production are in-house and follow rigorous stages of quality control. Printing, mounting, custom framing and shipping are all supervised by the artist himself. the quality of Peter’s images reflects the integrity and dedication to his life’s passion. tHE artist ProoF CoLLEC tion Artist Proof images from Peter Lik Galleries are reserved for serious collectors interested in maximum investment value. these rare pieces appreciate in value due to their increased exclusivity. Many of Peter’s images are now only available in Artist Proof prints since the limited edition prints sold out. PrEMiUM PiECEs Peter Lik has a lifetime collection of images. there are several pieces designated as part of a Premium collection that appreciate in value at extraordinary rates. Premium shots are carefully added to the collection and are generally priced according to their rarity and appreciation rates. the newly unveiled Platinum Edition features the fine art images in Limited Editions under 20. turn scarlet is the first featured image of the Platinum Edition. there are only 7 prints available for this particular print. over the next few years, Peter will continue to unveil Platinum Edition images. Fine art Collectors around the world anxiously await the release of the next Platinum Edition image to add to their collections. H E av E n o n E a r t H G R A N D C A N to N , A R I zo N A LiMitEd Edition oF 950
  6. 6. T H E C O M PA N Y After achieving immense popularity in Australia, Peter Lik Fine Art Photography expanded to the united states in 2005, where he established his corporate headquarters in Las Vegas. the corporate building is comprised of a 19,000 square foot facility including executive offices, a state-of-the-art production and framing studio and warehouse and shipping units. Having absolute control of the crucial development process provides Peter Lik’s clientele quality assurance at every stage of production. In between shoots, Peter oversees the company by monitoring the quality of all aspects – from advertising to proper packaging techniques. Peter Lik is proud to support the local community of greater Las Vegas by offering employment and training to a large number of local staff to oversee his American operations. Establishing global headquarters in Las Vegas is a reciprocation of his renowned success in America. this achievement clearly marks Peter’s position at the pinnacle of fine art photography. P E t E r L i k C o r P o r at E H E a d o F F i C E , L A s V E G A s , N E VA D A
  7. 7. THE PROCESS PrintinG Now, more than ever, photography is being recognized as a fine art medium. Each limited edition Peter Lik image is individually printed, numbered and signed with a certificate of authenticity guaranteeing its credentials. Editions are limited to 950 in quantity, with some earlier works of only 100 – many of which are priced in excess of $50,000. Every step towards creating these magnificent photographs is undertaken with the utmost care to ensure the highest quality image and the maximum life of the print, alongside preserving an accurate representation of the scene as Peter experienced it. Peter shoots on Fuji Velvia Professional film, renowned for its superior sharpness and color saturation. the panoramic format lends itself well to large prints while maintaining superb detail. the image is then printed onto the finest quality media available. the high quality assurance methods used at the Peter Lik production facility insures the best quality every time.
  8. 8. Fr aMinG A truly great photograph has the power to capture your attention and evoke intense emotions. When fine art is fused with the perfect frame, it creates a harmonious union. Needless to say the frame that can unite art and design in such a way must be beautiful, made of the finest materials available and created by the best artisans in the world. so naturally when Peter Lik began his quest to find the perfect frame to compliment the Peter Lik Collection of Fine Art he looked to Roma Moulding, the leading manufacturer of high quality Italian picture frame moulding and Italy’s largest moulding manufacturer. Each image is individually examined for errors before being framed by a trained staff utilizing the most advanced techniques and equipment. Every aspect of the pristine, dust-free environment is dedicated to preserving the life of the image by using a system known as “High Quality Conservation Framing.” the photograph is cold-mounted onto a Lexan panel using the ultimate in mounting technology. All materials used in the studio are acid-free to protect the integrity of the photographic surface. strict procedures are in place to ensure the finished framed image complies with Peter’s exacting standards. As well as offering traditional and contemporary framing through the galleries, unique timbers are sourced from Italy and styled by Peter and his creative team. the studio also imports the exclusive custom-designed “teak slatted” frames from Indonesia. once completed, the framed images are carefully packed, fully insured and shipped to Peter’s clients all over the world. PHoto CouRtEsy oF RoMA MouLDING
  9. 9. THE GALLERIES Panoramic views of nature are showcased throughout the galleries of Peter Lik. these images speak for themselves and leave the casual viewer breathless; the truly conscientious observer will experience fine art. the adventures of Peter Lik as a photographer and explorer are gracefully interpreted throughout his galleries. From the Brazilian wood flooring to the stone storefront, Peter grounds a sense of the exotic into a luxurious experience. the galleries are furnished with environmentally-friendly furniture that is designed for those captivated by the rustic style of nature. Peter Lik is a name known worldwide with a presence that is scattered throughout Australia and the united states, including New york City, Miami’s south Beach, Las Vegas, La Jolla, Aspen and Hawaii. As the most awarded photographer in history, Peter Lik is a leader in fine art photography. His quest for the perfect shot never ends. He explores this world driven by a vigorous determination to express his vision of beauty and his profound respect for nature. C a E s a r s Pa L a C E G a L L E r y L A s V EG A s , N E VA DA
  10. 10. Wa i k i k i G a LLE ry HoNoLuLu, HAWAII
  11. 11. L A s V E G A s , N E VA DA vEnEtian GaLLEry AUS TR ALIA U N I T E D S TAT E S NEW soutH WALEs NEW yoRK CALIFoRNIA L A s V E G A s , N E VA DA sydney the Plaza Hotel La Jolla Level 2 QVB 768 5th Avenue 1205 Prospect street suite C 455 George street, New york, New york 10019 La Jolla, California 92037 sydney, NsW 2000 888 545 6696 858 200 0990 M a n da L ay B ay G a L L E r y 61 2 92690182 soHo FLoRIDA QuEENsLAND 419 West Broadway New york, New york 10012 Miami Port douglas 888 545 6696 701 Lincoln Road, suite B 19 Macrossan street, Port Douglas, QLD 4871 Miami Beach, Florida 33139 CoLoRADo N E W yo R K , N E W yo R K 61 7 4099 6050 786 235 9570 aspen noosa key West Isis Building, suite B shop 2, seahaven 519 Duval street #1 406 East Hopkins Avenue 9 Hastings street, Key West, Florida 33040 Noosa Heads, QLD 4567 Aspen, Colorado 81611 tHE PL a Z a GaLLEry 305 292 2550 61 7 5474 8233 970 925 1820 HAWAII Cairns LAs VEGAs 4 shields street Lahaina Cairns, QLD 4870 venetian 712 Front street 61 7 4031 8177 #2071 Grand Canal shoppes Maui, Hawaii 96761 3377 Las Vegas Blvd. south M A u I , H AWA I I 808 661 6623 Las Vegas, Nevada 89109 702 309 8777 Waikiki L aHaina GaLLEry Waikiki Beach Walk Caesars Palace 226 Lewers street #L118 t-10 Forum shops Honolulu, Hawaii 96815 3500 Las Vegas Blvd. south 808 926 5656 Las Vegas, Nevada 89109 702 836 3310 kona the shops at Mauna Lani Mandalay Bay WA I K I K I , H AWA I I 68-1330 Mauna Lani Drive, suite C-2 #126 Mandalay Place Kohala Coast, Hawaii 96743 3930 Las Vegas Blvd. south 888 545 6696 Las Vegas, Nevada 89119 702 309 9888 Wa i k i k i G a L L E r y
  12. 12. AWA R D S & R ECO G N I T I O N aU s t r a L i a n i n s t i t U t E o F P r o F E s s i o n a L P H o t o G r a P H y ( a i P P ) the prestigious Australian Institute of Professional Photography sets the benchmark for photographic excellence within Australia. Each year, peers of the industry judge the country’s premier photography professionals. the AIPP has awarded Peter with their highest accolades, culminating in 2003 with his acceptance into an elite chapter as ‘Master sotHEBy's of Photography.’ Becoming a Master can take several years and is an honor few Australian For over two centuries, internationally-known art auction house photographers achieve. over the past five years, Peter has received the recognition of sotheby’s has set the standard by which the value of an artist’s the AIPP in the form of over 30 awards, including silver, silver with Distinction and the work is judged. sotheby’s has featured several valuable works coveted Gold. In 2002, Peter’s iconic image ‘Ancient spirit’ earned the title of ‘Highest of art from some of the world’s most prominent artists, such as scoring Print’ of the year in the competitive Landscape category. Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, and many more. In the November 2004 edition of their catalogue, sotheby’s presented two of Peter Lik’s sold-out editions, crediting his works of art as timeless among the classics. P r o F E s s i o n a L P H o t o G r a P H E r s o F a M E r i C a ( P Pa ) Professional Photographers of America has provided education and a sense of Peter’s work is gaining increasing international recognition community to the photography industry since 1880. today, PPA is the world’s largest and distinguishing him as the master photographer of this non-profit association for professional photographers, with more than 18,000 members generation. Every photo produced is a limited edition, giving in 64 countries. the Professional Photographers of America exists to assist its members investors assurance of a generous return as each piece’s value in achieving their professional, artistic, and fraternal goals and to advance the making of progressively increases. Astute buyers are seeking out early images in all of its disciplines as an art, a science and a visual recorder of history. Peter edition Peter Lik’s as valuable collectibles or more recent works is dedicated to the association’s ideals of expanding public awareness of panoramic as an affordable entry-level investment in photographic art. photography by networking the promotion and exchanging artistic and technical ideas. WorLdWidE PHotoGr aPHiC soCiEtiEs Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) Professional Photographers of America (PPA) the Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA) Photographic society of America (PsA) Photographic society of Malaysia (PsM) the Photographic society of New zealand (PsNz) the Royal Photographic society (RPs) British Institute of Professional Photographic (BIPP) Hong Kong Institute of Professional Photography (HKIPP)
  13. 13. MEDIA Due to overwhelming popularity, Peter Lik has gained much exposure in the media over the past few years. Feature articles in FoCus Magazine, What’s on and M Lifestyle continue to elevate Peter’s status as the leading landscape photographer. Coverage ranges from his elaborate gallery openings and the rustic style that he incorporates into his homes and galleries to the stunning photography that graces the walls everywhere in between. Peter has been featured in an exclusive television show in the united Kingdom highlighting the most accomplished photographers in history and is often caught by paparazzi at the hottest clubs in Las Vegas and New york. the spectrum of media coverage highlighting the most awarded landscape photographer in history is as diverse as his shots of nature. “it is delicate, it is serene and it is graceful. He touches every texture: the tender and the abrasive. He captures every light; the brilliant and the dwindling.” -Body of Work “Whether it is a beach in Hawaii or canyon caverns in arizona, Peter captures elements that maintain the essence of a landscape.” -Focus Magazine “Entering a Peter Lik Gallery is a total sensory experience. His connection with the heart and soul of the landscape is evident in his incredible images.” -Luxury Las Vegas
  14. 14. PUBLISHING In 1997 Peter Lik Publishing was established in Peter’s hometown of Cairns, Australia as a means of producing and marketing his own work. Recognizing a niche in the industry for quality photographic imagery, Peter began with a range of specialized panoramic postcards and books, which quickly achieved market domination. the first large format book – the award-winning “Australia – Images of a timeless Land” - was released in 1998, and the collection has since expanded to include more stunning publications – ‘san Francisco’, ‘spirit of America’, ‘Las Vegas and Beyond’ and most recently ‘Hawaii-the Aloha spirit.’ Peter Lik Publishing has grown to mirror the success of his galleries and leads the marketplace in fine art and quality photographic based merchandise.
  15. 15. C H A R I T I E S & A S S O C I AT I O N S since the company has been established, Peter Lik Fine Art Photography has aligned itself with several key organizations to support the local communities of his gallery locations and raise the profile of important environmental issues. through his art, Peter is able to portray the incredible natural beauty of National Parks and other heritage-listed locations in the hopes of stimulating awareness of endangered areas around the world. tourism tropical North Queensland (ttNQ) and tourism Queensland (tQ) – of which Peter is a member as well as a contributor – have used his photographs extensively as a valuable marketing tool promoting Australia to the rest of the world. Much of Peter’s initial success came from the support of his local community in Cairns, Australia and he is delighted to give back in the form of contributions and public appearances. Many donations are made through the galleries and corporate offices in the form of cash, books, and limited edition artworks. ® dream foundation
  16. 16. FA M O U S C O L L E C T O R S AERosMItH JEnniFEr LovE HE Wit t stEvEn t yLEr R o L L I N G s to N E s PaU Ly s H o r E & s H a n E s t E P H E n s ronniE Woods i va n a t r U M P Aerosmith Rock n’ Roll Hall of Famers Frank Gehry World Renowned Architect Ted Johnson New England Patriots Rolling Stones Rock n’ Roll Hall of Famers Oscar Goodman Mayor - Las Vegas Patrick O’Bryant Golden state Warriors Celine Dion singer George H. Bush 41st President Alonzo Morning Miami Heat Cindy Crawford Model / Actress Bill Clinton 42nd President Magic Johnson NBA Hall of Famer Randy Gerber Club owner Jennifer Love Hewitt Actress Bill Walton NBA Legend / sportscaster Darryl McDaniels Rapper - Run DMC Justin Timberlake singer / Actor Shaquille O’Neal Miami Heat Dr. Dre Rapper / Producer Pauly Shore Actor / Comedian Pat Riley NBA Coach Miami Heat Ivana Trump Actress / Entrepreneur Sofia Milos Actress Randy Orton Professional Wrestler Wayne Newton Mr. Las Vegas Mary Hart Actress / television Personality Gavin Maloof owner sacramento Kings and Palms Casino Resort Steve Wynn World Famous Hotel Developer Alex Rodriguez New york yankees