Rebecca Robertson’s Curriculum Vitae<br />Consider Rebecca<br />A valuable addition to your marketing resource.<br />Intui...
Rebecca’s Key Qualities<br />Rebecca is a dedicated enthusiastic and logical individual with a strong creative instinct. S...
Rebecca’s Employment History<br />January 1999 – Present	Voice Connect Ltd<br /> <br />Founded in 1991 Voice Connect quick...
Co-ordinating diaries for the field sales team
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Consider Rebecca


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A presentation of Rebecca Robertson for your consideration

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Consider Rebecca

  1. 1. Rebecca Robertson’s Curriculum Vitae<br />Consider Rebecca<br />A valuable addition to your marketing resource.<br />Intuitive - Enthusiastic - Positive Determined - Resilient<br />For more information...<br />Mobile Telephone: 0781 3871238<br />Home Telephone: 0116 2880528<br />Email:<br />Home Address: 9 Paddock Street, Wigston, Leicester, LE18 2AN<br />
  2. 2. Rebecca’s Key Qualities<br />Rebecca is a dedicated enthusiastic and logical individual with a strong creative instinct. She has constantly demonstrated a determination to succeed throughout her life. She has never regarded her visual impairment as an obstacle or allowed it to set any limitations to what she can realistically achieve. Rebecca can offer any enlightened employer real enthusiasm and rounded ability in her chosen field. Whilst having enjoyed her time with her present employer Rebecca is keen to look for a new opportunity to develop her career.<br />“Rebecca is a remarkably positive, hardworking marketing professional who would make a significant contribution to any companies communication/marketing effort.  She is methodical, self disciplined, hard working, creative and an absolute pleasure to work with.” <br />Alastair Campbell – Managing Director – The Ideal Marketing Company<br /> <br />Education and Qualifications<br />1995 – 1998<br />University of Teesside BA(Hons) Marketing<br /> <br />1992 – 1995<br />RNIB New College Worcester A level English Literature<br /> Computer Studies<br /> History<br />Rebecca is highly computer literate and proficient in the use of all major software packages including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, Outlook, CRM Dynamics and Maximizer Enterprise Database.<br />Rebecca has owned her own home for over six and a half years now. For the past four and a half years her partner (now husband) has also lived with Rebecca and Taylor. Rebecca and Ade were married on the 7th July 2007.<br />Personal Circumstances<br />
  3. 3. Rebecca’s Employment History<br />January 1999 – Present Voice Connect Ltd<br /> <br />Founded in 1991 Voice Connect quickly established itself as the UK market leader in the voicemail and call processing solutions arena. After 10 years of solid growth the market for its core products became saturated. Voice Connect then re-invented themselves to become a ‘solution focused’ company using technology and clients know how to solve specific problems encountered within Health, Education, local authorities and other mainly public sector areas. <br />At her time of joining the firm, there was no marketing department as such. Rebecca’s role within the company has always involved her in central administration of all marketing activities from database management, direct mail, customer conferences and communication. Increasingly her responsibilities have encompassed Brand and Product Development. She also enthusiastically manages a team of three telemarketers.<br />November 2007 – Present Marketing Manager / Telemarketing Supervisor<br />Additional duties include...<br /><ul><li>Supervising the in-house telemarketing team
  4. 4. Co-ordinating diaries for the field sales team
  5. 5. Processing monthly commission claims
  6. 6. Carrying out monthly One2Ones and annual appraisals</li></ul>September 2003 – Present Marketing Manager<br />:-<br /><ul><li> Solely responsible for the marketing budget
  7. 7. Developing and managing marketing plans
  8. 8. Analysing marketing activity to measure and ensure its effectiveness
  9. 9. Producing copy for direct mail, e-shots and product literature
  10. 10. Producing copy for, and updating the company website
  11. 11. Internal communication (editor of the monthly internal newsletter)
  12. 12. Administrator of the database for Marketing, Telemarketing, Field Sales activities</li></ul>July 1999 – September 2003 Sales & Marketing Assistant<br />:-<br /><ul><li> Co-ordinate direct mail activity
  13. 13. Allocation of data for the Telemarketing team
  14. 14. Produce and maintain PowerPoint Presentations
  15. 15. Provide field sales staff with up to date customer information and reference sites.
  16. 16. Design and layout of product reports
  17. 17. Create and maintain the Voice Connect Customer Matrix</li></ul>January 1999 – July 1999 Date Verification Assistant<br />- <br /><ul><li> To manually add new records to the database
  18. 18. Canvassing new and existing database records</li></ul> <br />Roles and Responsibilities<br />
  19. 19. Rebecca’s Hobbies and Interests<br />Rebecca likes to go walking with her dog Taylor each morning before work as an opportunity to reflect and focus on the day ahead. It’s also a chance to spend some time outdoors getting exercise. She enjoys reading books – mainly fiction and her favourite genres are thrillers and crime novels. Rebecca is also a keen concert goer and music listener. Seven years ago she started and continues to take weekly singing lessons. After successfully passing an audition, for the past two years Rebecca has been a member of a musical society in Leicester. The society put on a production for one week each year at the Little Theatre and Rebecca has performed in the last two productions.<br />“I have had the privilege of teaching Rebecca for nearly eight years. Right from her first lesson it was obvious that her sight disability would in no way affect her progress as a singer. She has such drive and enthusiasm, together with an amazing memory, which collectively ensure that she reaches her goals. She not only memorises words quickly, but also retains everything she has been taught in her lesson to a far greater degree to anyone else that I teach. Rebecca also has a wonderful bubbly personality and a positive attitude in all things. I feel that with all her qualities Rebecca would be a great asset to any company and I wish her well in her career.”<br />Paula Bayley, Rebecca’s Singing Teacher<br />Find Out More About Rebecca...<br />Speak to Rebecca directly on 0781 387 1238.<br />It is a great opportunity to find out more about Rebecca and a chance to talk about ways she can help you. Rebecca is also more than happy to arrange a time to meet you in person and welcomes any questions you may wish to ask her.<br />This brochure has been created and compiled by Rebecca Robertson.<br />