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Latin By Rowan Vco Year9

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Latin By Rowan Vco Year9

  1. 1. Latin By Rowan Perrior
  2. 2. Numbers 1-10 - Ten Novem Nine Duodeviginti Eight Septem Seven - Six Quinqu Five Quattuor Four - Three Duos Two Unus 0ne
  3. 3. Hello/Goodbye Bonus Goodbye Abyssus Hello
  4. 4. How are you? Ego sum bonus I am good Quam es vos? How are you?
  5. 5. What’s your name? Meus nomen est Rowan My name is Rowan Quis est vestri nomen? What’s your name?
  6. 6. Animals Gero Bear Leo Lion Piscis Piscis Fish Monachus Monkey Cattus Cat Cannis Dog
  7. 7. Drink Capulus Coffee Lac Lactis Milk Unda Water
  8. 8. Food Canero Cow Dulcis Sweets Panis Bread