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Compassion/ The Godsquad

  1. 1. Compassion Ministries/The God squad Special on Sunita Paramanik
  2. 2. Sunita Paramanik. What is so special about her? • She is smart. • She is beautiful • She is intelligent • She is joyful • She smiles • She believes in Christ BUT She may end up begging on streets as many in India. WHY?
  3. 3. May be you are not a doctor but I hope you can see the deformities in her. She stays in a orphanage in India. It is the only hope she has for a better education, comfort and a chance to make something better of her life. She can and has the potential to be a lawyer, doctor or a engineer. Isn't that what we dream for our own kids? But she can only be what she wants to be if we give her what she requires. So what are we as Christians supposed to do? Sunita getting X-rayed Why should we take this chance to make a change in her and in life for many as she is?
  4. 4. We Christians Jesus would have healed. Maybe some of us can and some of us can’t. So what? We stop thinking about her. Shut our hearts. We believe “no”. Would you do the same for your kid. I am sure “not”. We here in Compassion ministries and God squad believe may be you do not have the healing power but you do have the power to love ad supply the needs. Does that mean just money, “no”. We believe in the power of love. So we are praying for true followers of Christ who would demonstrate His love no matter what it takes. We are looking for volunteers and donors who would help us supply the needs of kids such as Sunita. We in India with Compassion and God squad are dedicated to bring forth the glory of Jesus. Yes we do not have great funds, but we know that what we are doing is something very precious to our Lord. Isn't it something great when you know that what you are doing is something so precious to God? Right now we are facing financial problems. We have no specific funding. But we refuse to give up, because we know God will supply. We do not want to lose this chance to make the difference in the life of these kids because we know he is watching over us and the Bible says (Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.) ( Proverbs: 22:6) If you are reading this and if you think God is calling you, please join us to work for his glory, do not hold yourself back. Come and make the difference in whatever way God is asking you to. Whether it be financially, or by the works of your hands. You can make a change in a country where there are millions of false gods. Among all these false god’s Jesus will shine through us. We don't want to give up this chance. Do you want to?
  5. 5. About Sunita and our Orphanage. Sunita is one of the 36 children that are in our Orphanage. If you have any idea about India, especially the interior part of India, you will know how poverty and deformity can be seen as a curse. On top of this in a men's world, if you are a girl, poor and with deformities you would find yourself In the darkest part of the world. It takes courage and people like you and us to bring them out of that dark and show them the light. Show them that they deserve more than what they have or allowed to have. Sunita is now 5 years old. She has two brothers. One of her brothers has a deformed hand and also lives in the orphanage. When she was just a couple of years old, doctors In India tried to fix her feet by forcing them straight and putting them in tight plaster casts. But this didn't work. We have been trying to contact good doctors In India and USA but so far we have no reply. Her little feet are not the only deformities Suita has, but if she can walk and stand she will have a brighter future. We don’t know if her feet can be fixed or how much will it cost or if someone would want to do it for free. Even if she can’t be healed physically we can make sure that kids like Sunita gets a better future.
  6. 6. OUR IMMEDIATE NEEDS FOR THESE KIDS FOOD: Since the Organization that was supporting the orphanage stopped funding In 2008 after the agreement terminated. The orphanage has been struggling to maintain the 3 meals a day. It is the grace of god that the brothers and sisters involved try very hard to keep the food coming in. Janice and the members of Godsquad have been helping the children with what ever fund she and the Godsquad could come up with. BEDS: Lack of funds have also contributed to the accommodation by not having better beds for the children where they can sleep well. Lack of Warm blanket during the winter season is a challenge for the children. During the summer it is tough without a fan. Our thanks to the Godsquad and sister Janice who donated 4 fans for the children to save the children from terrible heat last year WATER: The only form of water they have is to pull it out of a well and use it. Then if they wish to go to the toilet they have carry the water in a bucket and carry it to the toilet., which is not easy for a kid of 4 to 5 years. not to mention the danger of hurting themselves in a hurry. A water pump and a proper pipe lines to the toilets could solve the issue of children hauling and pulling out water from the well. EDUCATION: Books are expensive, so they sometimes share books. There is a great need of Christian books for the children so that they can read bible stories. Teachers are not always available and since we are unable to pay them on regular basis, some find it hard to stay.
  7. 7. The Compassion Ministries and the Godsquad have joined together in a effort to provide for these orphans like Suita since January 2008. We do not have r.egular funds coming in from any organization. From January the funding stopped from the previous sponsor. Our only source of income is the students attending the school from the village and surrounding area. The cost of supporting these children for their basic needs is approximately $15 per month for each child or about $510 per month. Our fervent prayer is for these children is that they would not only be provided with their basic needs but be blessed with important things such as books, medical help, toys, etc. Volunteers who can show them love and care in anyway they can will be ideal. For this to happen, however, facilities must be acquired and volunteers must be aware of extreme conditions such as heat, humidity, mosquitoes and the lack of any modern tools. The country is beautifully scenic with green fields, ponds ad volcanic peaks. Though a mostly Hindu population, Christians are speckled throughout the area. The languages spoken there is Bengali, and Hindi. Many of the schools are now teaching English. So often you will need a child to translate for you. This area is remote where the nearest medical facility is Jhalda 15 Km or Purulia 45 Km. However volunteers may opt to live in Purulia which has a little better conditions and most of the Godsquad team members live there and travel back and forth. Electricity comes and goes so often and a generator is required for electrical needs. There are many challenges but where there are challenges there are blessings too. For the most part it is a safe area for Christians. The Godsquad and the Compassion ministry will always be there with their full support with sincere and warm hearts.
  8. 8. Any one who shares the same vision with us and feels to contribute anyway they can, can reach us at: Email at: / Phone: +977 – 1 - 5537508