Understanding the behaviour and response of online shoppers to advertising


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Understanding the behaviour and response of online shoppers to advertising

  1. 1. Inside the eBuyer’s mind Understanding the behaviour and response of online shoppers to advertising
  2. 2. About the research • Developed an online questionnaire • On consumer shopping behaviour • On advertising response comparing ecommerce sites and social networks • Surveyed 1,500 European online shoppers • Research conducted in France, UK and Germany (February to March 2009)
  3. 3. Key insights • 82% of European online shoppers are spending more time shopping online in a recession • When they’re in the e-buying mindset, 60% of online shoppers are most receptive to advertising on ecommerce sites • In contrast, just 9% of European online shoppers pay attention to an ad when they’re on a social network
  4. 4. The Credit Crunch Shoppers are more active online Compared to six months ago, do you shop more / less online? Whilst shoppers across Europe are uniformly shopping more online, a significant 30% are shopping ‘a lot more’ online Attitude I shop more online 51% 55% 52% I shop a lot more online 33% 26% 30% I shop less online 15% 18% 15% I shop a lot less online 1% 1% 3%
  5. 5. Shopping Behaviours Shoppers are researching more Compared to six months ago, do you spend more / less time researching an item before you buy? On average, European online shoppers spend 87% more time researching online Attitude I spend more time 91% 88% 83% researching before I buy I spend less time 9% 12% 17% researching before I buy
  6. 6. Shopping Behaviours Shoppers’ needs are very distinct Which of the following best describes your behaviour when buying an item on the Internet? The key drivers for shopping: Trust / Value / Selection Attitude I spend time researching an 69% 66% 73% item online before I buy it I go straight to my favourite, 42% 41% 34% trusted shopping site I research the best price 41% 47% 52%
  7. 7. Purchase Trends Popular product categories Which of the following categories of products do you buy from the Internet?
  8. 8. Purchase Trends Trends across product categories Compared to six months ago, are you likely to buy items in the following categories more or less?
  9. 9. Advertising Impact Advertising needs to be contextual When are you likely to pay attention to an advertisement? Attitude When I’m on a shopping website looking to buy 61% 57% 61% something in a particular category When I’m using a search 37% 38% 41% engine When I’m on Facebook, 13% 6% 7% MySpace, etc. When I’m browsing a 18% 18% 12% portal like MSN or Yahoo
  10. 10. Advertising Impact Targeting helps increase effectiveness Which types of online advertising have prompted you to buy a product or service over the Internet?