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Lest Go


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Lest Go

  1. 1. LET’S GO TO THE BEACH...!
  2. 2. One day in the morning Mafalda was talking to Miguelito about to go to the beach with their friends… It’s a great idea said Miguelito!
  3. 3. So... Mafalda began to think about the best place to go. - my friends love swimming and making sandcastles..said herself.
  4. 4. I know…LET’S GO TO THE BEACH...! She was talking with all her friends: -I hope we’ll have a nice summer at least -besides this we’re going to be togheter
  5. 5. It’s time to go on vacation. We’re staying in a beautiful hotel near the coast on a great island.
  6. 6. The beach is the best place to relax and have fun. But don’t forget to protect your skin!
  7. 7. On the beach you can know people and make new friends
  8. 8. On the beach you can enjoying the waves of the sea, sand and sun.
  9. 9. , but Mafalda also gets angry It was a very fun trip
  10. 10. They had a good time on their vacations, but the most importantly, Mafalda was with her family and friends!