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This PowerPoint teaches when to add "es" to the end of words to make them plural.

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Tausha's Technology Integration

  1. 1. Standard 4 Phonics and Spelling-Students use phonics and other strategies to decode and spell unfamiliar words while reading and writing.
  2. 2. Each slide began with the singular form of a word such as “tree” and then a visual picture for the students to assimilate each word to. At the end of each word I put a blank so the students could fill in either an “s” or “es” to make the word plural. The first couple of words were words that only needed an “s” at the end to make them plural. This part was review for the children.
  3. 3. More than 1
  4. 4. Make the word “Tree” plural by adding an Tree___ Tree_s_
  5. 5. Trees
  6. 6. To make the word “apple” plural we would add an Apple____ Apple_s_
  7. 7. Apples
  8. 8. X, CH, SH, SS, V, or X
  9. 9. Box will become Box___ Box_es_
  10. 10. Boxes
  11. 11. Dish will become dish___ Dish_es_
  12. 12. Dishes
  13. 13. Kiss will become kiss____ Kiss_es_
  14. 14. Kisses
  15. 15. Lunch will become lunch____ Lunch_es_
  16. 16. Lunches
  17. 17. Bus will become bus____ Bus_es_
  18. 18. Buses
  19. 19. ◊ It was easy to show visuals for each thing. For example, it would have been very difficult to bring “buses” into the classroom, but through a PowerPoint the students felt as if they were looking right at the buses. ◊ I loved having a blank available for the students to fill in with their answer. This allowed them to easily be able to see the singular form of the word and how to change that word into being plural.
  20. 20. ◊ The students responded very positively to this PowerPoint presentation. ◊ The students were excited about learning because they had visuals of specific objects they were learning to write in the plural form. ◊The students understood how to add a different ending to each word to make it plural because they were visually able to see each root word and a blank proceeding it.
  21. 21. ◊ I could have written the specific rules for when to add an “es” on the board and had them in the corner of each slide so the students could remember when to add an “es”. ◊ I set the projector behind the students because the ELMO was going to be used after my lesson and the ELMO had to be put there. This was a mistake however because I was teaching from behind the students and the students were making hand puppets in the light from the projector.
  22. 22. 1. Student use of technology: Although the students were not handling the technology, they were actively learning through viewing the PowerPoint. 2. Technology use is essential: In this particular lesson I taught the students something completely new through this PowerPoint, so yes, it was essential. 3. Focus on learning task: All the time was spent on the learning task. The students were constantly trying to figure out what they needed to add to the end of each word to make it plural. The technology only made that easier. 4. Added Value: I was able to show a visual picture of each item to the students, whereas I would not have had the means or space to do that other wise. I also was able to quickly show the students the letters that needed to be added to the end of each root word.