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Skunks sage


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Published in: Education
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Skunks sage

  1. 1. Snap,Crackle,SKUNK! By:Joyce & Andrea
  2. 2. Problems...:( Skunks have a few problems or negative things about them. First of all, they make a really bad smell when provoked or have the feeling of danger. Some skunks also have rabies and can spread them if they bite you. These are basically the ONLY negative things about them.
  3. 3. A few solutions to the problems listed above could be not scaring them, not invading their property, and not surprising or attacking them. Domestic skunks can be descented so they will not have a bad smell. They can also get a rabies shot to get rid of rabies and other disease. SOLUTIONS...:)
  4. 4. FoOd Is GoOd? o.O Skunks are omnivores and eat help keep the rodent population at bay. They also eat insects that are harmful to humans. A few types of “food” they eat is field mice, small rodents as well as lizards, frogs, birds, eggs, garbage, acorns, and fallen fruit. Scorpions and black widows are also part of their diet.
  5. 5. Survey results Our survey shows, out of 10 people only 3 liked skunks. On a scale of 1-10 the average rating was 3.5.The ages vary from ages 6 to 48. We surveyed 3 guys and 7 girls. Two guys said that they liked skunks and 1 girl said she liked them. The three people say they like them because they are cute and fearless and all the people who say they dislike skunks say that they smell/stink.
  6. 6. GOAL We want to change the image of skunks; many people do not like them. We want to change that bad image. Skunks are important because they help keep the insect population stable by eating them. Skunks have been known for their awful smell and spreading the diseases, rabies. Skunks only spray because they feel threatened. All their trying to do is protect themselves. We want to show people that if they don’t get near them or bother them than they won’t feel threatened and won’t spray.
  7. 7. THANK YOU 4 WATCHING MY POWERPOINT! (_/) (=‘.’=) (“)--(“)