Complimentary Training Jan Jun 2010


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These are the latest dates for our Complimentary NLP Sales & Coaching Training this year.

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Complimentary Training Jan Jun 2010

  1. 1. DELTA: Training, Coaching, Consulting. DELTA NLP Sales Diploma NLP Coaching Diploma Complimentary Places January – June 2010 If your Business Success depends on bringing out the Best in People then You need to put the Best into your People +44 (0) 1438 832140
  2. 2. DELTA: Training, Coaching, Consulting. NLP - creating HUGE difference in Business quickly! Why NLP? Because NLP is for people and organisations who have realised that UK business today is one great ‘People on People’ interaction. That’s all we really do. Think of your day and you’ll quickly realise that you are either interacting with people or creating information to create an effect in people… even with something as simple as a text or email. So if all you have is you and other people then you need something to get the best out of both. Organisations that don’t ‘get’ this are left wondering why factors such as ‘ownership’, morale, and cynicism are out of control, why teams of people seem to add up to less rather than more, why results are sinking. Some organisations do get this. Their people get on, their managers have rapport with teams, they have control and direction and they get the job done. These are the organisations that, even in a downturn, treat this as an opportunity because those that invest and keep their heads when all around are losing theirs are the ones that prosper. Much more than systems and process training, much more than training behaviours or rote skills, Business Specific Neuro- Linguistic Programming (NLP) develops Critical Abilities in people upon which true competencies and success are built. Traditional training works at the behavioural and procedural level and may be an easy option for some people because it has an overtly structured approach. The truth is we need all of this and much more. What is a compelling argument for NLP is that of it TM being the only People Technology that allows us to define a structure for what goes on in the mindset, attitude and approach of successful people… and if we know how successful people communicate and do what they do, then we can install that in ourselves, others and our organisations. If you want to be:- • in control of your situation, • able to relate successfully to customers, stakeholders, as a leader • delivering results with and through people, consistently Delta Business NLP delivers the Critical Abilities you need in a ‘use now’ format. OUTER • Process • Behaviours • Systems • Rote Skills Organisation Your Self • Critical • Culture Abilities • Values as actually Lived • Mindset • Attitude INNER Four Quadrants crucial for Business Success – The Secret to Success is below the Surface Structure. +44 (0) 1438 832140
  3. 3. DELTA: Training, Coaching, Consulting. What is a Business Specific Diploma? These four-day NLP Diplomas are foundation courses in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) specifically for the business applications of Sales, Leadership, Coaching and Business Communication. They also form Part 1 of DELTA’s NLP Business Practitioner Certification Programme. For anyone interested in excelling and in sharpening their skills, these workshops provide a practical guide to using NLP to achieve greater business success in any sector. How does delta do it? First of all, you’ll be trained by people with the highest NLP Business Qualifications and some of the best Real Business Experience available. Second, at DELTA Training, Coaching, Consulting we believe in mapping what is relevant from the field of NLP into the appropriate application in business. This is based on a working and expert knowledge of the best existing business models for contexts such as sales, leadership and team dynamics and real experience of using NLP in Business to deliver results. Power of NLP People Technology ACTION ! RESULTS Model Excellence of Proven Systems You will learn the Critical Abilities behind:- • Enhancing your performance at meetings, negotiations, and presentations. • Influencing, leading, empowering and motivating others. • Communicating and managing others effectively. • Accessing your own personal states of excellence at will. • Using powerful language to empower yourself and others. • Building and maintaining rapport - the key to successful relationships. • Creating compelling goals and plans for you and your teams. • Gathering specific, high quality information from people. • Increasing your flexibility of behaviour. Professional Business Certification The ‘NLP Works’ Diploma courses are run according to the International NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA) standards, and provides a thorough foundation of NLP skills and techniques for business and leadership training, and for personal and professional growth. +44 (0) 1438 832140
  4. 4. DELTA: Training, Coaching, Consulting. Sales OR Coaching Diploma at a Glance? Sales Diploma Coaching Diploma • Need to know how to influence? • Want to get the best from people? • Involved in sales already - need an edge? • Want people who excel with people? • Do you have to ‘sell’ ideas internally? • Want results from empowered people? • Want better sales results? • Want a coaching culture? • Need to connect in a stakeholder • Want people to take control of their own environment? situation and task? This diploma is for you if any of these are true. It This course takes the best of simple coaching takes the best of existing sales systems and skills and systems and where these run out of steam it brings allies it with the most appropriate Critical Abilities in the power of NLP to remove the obstacles that from the NLP world such as:- limit performance. It includes:- • What is the real secret behind rapport? • When, how and why to Coach. • How do you really do persuasion? • Simple Coaching systems. • Get high level execs to want your input. • ‘Power coaching’ questions. • How to gather key information easily. • Overcoming limiting self beliefs. • How to get the influence on your side. • Overcoming mindset Issues. • How to plan effectively without admin. • How to elicit motivation. • Motivation through presentation. • Getting yourself in the coaching zone. • Competition and Objection destroyers. • Gaining commitment and planning action • The Structure of Sales Genius. • How do you get in the zone for every game? A few comments from delegates after attending our Diploma courses; ...Great focus on something lacking in the workplace at the moment - NLP - and it's application in business Kevin Taylor - Head of ICT at Breckland Council. ...Made me top performer in my company just by making simple changes - Dan Ashforth - Professional Sales ....A generous way to introduce NLP. Huge thanks Dave and Darren - Sherri Cam - Executive Coach ....If you only attend one course this year – do yourself a favour and make it with DeltaTCC. - Graham Bunting, Founder and Managing Director, PERA Consulting Ltd +44 (0) 1438 832140
  5. 5. DELTA: Training, Coaching, Consulting. Training Schedules You have a choice of 2 Part 1 courses per Diploma and if you wish to complete the full course, you will need to complete the corresponding Part 2 Venue - Kents Hill Park, Training & Conference Centre, Timbold Drive, Milton Keynes, MK7 6TT Accommodation is available at the Training Centre and the full facilities are available to course delegates including use of the onsite gym, pool, bar, cyber cafe plus free internet. Please contact 01908 358099 or email for details. Courses : Jan – Mar 2010 Dates : Venue : Times : Cost : (ex.VAT) Sales Diploma Part 1 Jan 18-19 A 9.30 - 5.30 Free Part 1 Feb 4-5 A 9.30 - 5.30 Free Part 2 Mar 8-9 A 9.30 - 5.30 £499 Coaching Diploma Part 1 Jan 25-26 A 9.30 - 5.30 Free Part 1 Feb 22-23 A 9.30 - 5.30 Free Part 2 Mar 22-23 A 9.30 - 5.30 £499 Courses : Apr – Jun 2010 Dates : Venue : Times : Cost : (ex.VAT) Sales Diploma Part 1 May 5-6 A 9.30 - 5.30 Free Part 1 May 24-25 A 9.30 - 5.30 Free Part 2 Jun 21-22 A 9.30 - 5.30 £499 Coaching Diploma Part 1 Apr 19-20 A 9.30 - 5.30 Free Part 1 May 17-18 A 9.30 - 5.30 Free Part 2 Jun 14-15 A 9.30 - 5.30 £499 +44 (0) 1438 832140
  6. 6. DELTA: Training, Coaching, Consulting. What is the Investment? The first 2 days (Part 1) of any Diploma is complimentary. We offer this as a no obligation “taste” for organisations and individuals to learn more about NLP in Business without making a financial commitment. This is a full 2 days training. Should you wish to finish the course there is an investment of £499 + VAT required which allows the delegate to complete a Diploma, gain the certification and be eligible to continue on to the Business Practitioner. NB – if your business is in England and employs between 5 – 249 people you may be eligible for the “Leadership and Management Development Grant” which could cover this cost. This is available through your local Train to Gain broker. Please contact us for further information Diploma Part 1 Complimentary Diploma Part 2 + Certification £499 + VAT Please note that these courses are also tailored for in house delivery so if you would like to take advantage of having these courses delivered for your own organisation please let us know. How do I book? Please email us at with the course and dates you require. Full joining instructions will then be sent approx. 3 weeks before the course. For telephone enquires please contact the office on 01438 832140 How do I pay? • You can pay online using your Credit or Debit Card in our Secure online shop. • You can pay over the telephone by calling us on 01438 832140. Please have your card details to hand. • You can pay via BACS – all the banking information will be on your invoice • You can pay by cheques made payable to “DeltaTCC” VAT Reg : 934 8176 00 +44 (0) 1438 832140