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11 pages of business information provided by the Netherlands Embassy in Skopje

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Economic NewsLetter Netherlands Embassy Skopje

  1. 1. No. 5 / April 2010 Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Skopje Ministry of Foreign Affairs Economic NewsLetter Netherlands Embassy Macedonia The Economic NewsLetter of the Embassy of the King- dom of the Netherlands in Skopje offers you twelve pages of news, bringing the Dutch and Macedonian business “Be CreActive, Design Your Future City” is the theme of community closer together. this year’s events around the celebration of Queen’s Day Contents during the month of April. The events address com- ponents of the creative city Embassy News concept: architectural and landscape design, bicycle- Environment Programme for Bucim and friendly urban planning, con- Lojane Mines temporary arts, tourism and sustainable development. Customs Twinning Co-operation Continued The creative bicycle festival Dutch Grant of 7 Million EUR Velofest, Dance Fest Skopje with performances by the Embassy on Twitter Rotterdam Dance Academy and design workshops by the Business News Dutch artist David Graas are Transavia: Direct Flight from Amsterdam examples of the events. CBI Brings Dutch and British Fashion Buyers A Dutch park will be opened in Ohrid and last but not least: to Macedonia on 29 April the first weekly CBI Support for Macedonian Wine charterflight of Transavia will land at Skopje Airport directly from Amsterdam! Interview Humanity is another impor- From Peanuts to Fighting Counterfeiting tant element of every crea- tive city, and the start of the Queen’s Day Queen’s Day activities will coincide with the start of the April 2010: Month of “Be CreActive” humanitarian action “You Can If You Want”. Under the Statistics name “dare2care” the initia- FDI Development tors will collect money for the construction of an intensive care unit at the Paediatrics Short News Surgery. See also page 12 EVD Now Part of Agentschap NL - ORIO Call and Open - Second PSI Tender - Fact Sheets - The month of April will be full of action. I hope to wel- Feasibility Studies - Spreekdagen - come you at one of the many SME Forum events we are supporting! Simone Filippini, Ambassador Note: logos and blue text are hyperlinks to websites! 1
  2. 2. No. 5 / April 2010 Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Skopje Ministry of Foreign Affairs Embassy News Environment Programme for Bucim and Lojane Mines In 2008 the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) initiated the West- ern Balkan Environment Programme which is fully financed by the Netherlands with 15 million USD. Part of this programme is the project “Sustainable Mining Clean Up and Pollution Management in Bucim and Lojane Mines”. The objective of the UNDP Western Balkan Environment Programme is to provide so- lutions for environmentally hazardous “hotspots”. The Netherlands is financing this programme with 15 mln. USD. Heavy metals in surface water Since the start of Bucim cop- per mine near Radovis in 1979, leakage water from the mine and waste dump has been pol- luting the surface waters in the area with heavy metals, mostly copper, zinc, nickel, The emerald green colour of copper oxide is always present cadmium and arsenic. The in the river Topolnica, due to the waste water from the project will enable cleanup of Bucim copper mine. The project “Sustainable Mining Clean surface water and air pollution Up and Pollution Management” will put an end to this. prevention. A system for col- lection and treatment of the forestation of the hydroflota- toxic 50% arsenic trioxide, water from the mining zone tion dam will be completed as which is a common by-product and waste dump and pumping well as a watering system in of processing other ores. Since of the polluted waters back order to prevent air pollution the waste has a very fine struc- into the technological process from the waste dust. ture and there is a local school is constructed. Additionally, a in close vicinity, the interven- 15,000 tons arsenic tion will focus on cleaning up trioxide concentrate the existing waste dump and The Lojane Chromium and An- preventing further air, soil and timony Mine near Kumanovo ground water pollution. was active in the period 1923 till 1979. The waste that was web links generated by processing the ore was disposed just in front programme of the plant. Today, the ruins document Highly toxic chromium tri- of the plant are marked by • programme website oxide provides an orange orange piles of waste, due to • Netherlands and Western colour to the piles of waste the highly toxic chromium tri- Balkans Environmental at the abandoned Lojane oxide. These piles also contain Network (NEWEN) mine near Kumanovo. some 15,000 tons of highly • UNDP Macedonia 2
  3. 3. No. 5 / April 2010 Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Skopje Ministry of Foreign Affairs Embassy News Customs Twinning Co-operation Continued With a ceremony in Skopje on 9 March, a new technical co-operation project between the Dutch and the Macedonian customs administration started. The ceremony marked also the official closure of the previous project of five years of fruitful technical co-operation. Since 2003 Dutch customs Trophy for combating counter- The current project which will officials assist their Mace­ feiting from the World Cus- end in 2013 is financed by the donian colleagues in impro- toms Organization. (See also Dutch MATRA programme with ving their operation. The ini- the interview with Eli Mufi­ 300,000 EUR. See also the tial assistance evolved into a sovski on page 8). brochure on this co-operation. five­year twinning programme that started in 2005 and was funded by the Netherlands with 420,000 EUR. The pro- gramme and its continuation include five components: 1. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) protection 2. Customs Procedures 3. Origin of goods 4. Customs Valuation 5. Audit control, accounting, communication skills and capacity building Especially in IPR protection, the Macedonian customs made significant improvements and received the Yolanda Benitez Embassy News Dutch Grant of 7 Million EUR The Netherlands provided a grant of 7 million EUR to the Macedonian govern- ment for macro-support. On 26 March 2010 Deputy Policy Loan (PDPL) of the for the way it managed the Prime Minister and Minister World Bank. In order to obtain effects of the global financial of Finance, Zoran Stavreski this PDPL significant reforms crisis. Our support is a sign of signed for a 20.5 million EUR had to be implemented in pub- the confidence that Macedo- loan from the World Bank and lic expenditure management, nia will continue with reforms an additional 7 million EUR labour market and financial to strengthen the Macedonian grant from the Netherlands. sector stability. economy and the prosperity of The Dutch grant agreement its citizens. A strict macroeco- for macro-support was pro- Compliment nomic policy is still required,” vided as an addition to the “The Government of Macedo- said ambassador Filippini. Programmatic Development nia deserves a compliment continued on page 4 3
  4. 4. No. 5 / April 2010 Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Skopje Ministry of Foreign Affairs “This will be the last time that lands,” said the ambassador. was budget support. “We hope the Netherlands will be provid- that we will justify the trust of ing macro-support to Mace- among biggest donors the World Bank and the Neth- donia. However, this does Minister Stavreski stated that erlands in Macedonia. Their not mean that our assistance the Netherlands is one of the support is a testimony of the to Macdonia will end. We will biggest donors in Macedonia adequate policy of the Gov- continue to support Macedonia and has provided over 200 ernment aimed at improving through other pre-accession million EUR support of which the living standard in Macedo- instruments of the Nether- more than 100 million EUR nia”, said Stavreski. Embassy News Embassy on Twitter Since 22 February 2010 the Netherlands Embassy in Skopje provides real-time updates on its activities through Twitter. The website was established in 2006 as a platform for sharing current status, activities and ideas with the world in messages of not more than 140 char- acters, known as “tweets”. These tweets may also contain references to (news) articles at other websites as well as references to pictures. Both tweets and pictures can easily be send by mobile phone, right on the spot. At the Netherlands Embassy in Skopje provides real-time updates on Dutch-Macedonian co-operation. Minister of Foreign Affairs first Dutch politician on Twitter The outgoing Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs, Maxime Ver- hagen can be considered an Twitter, which is only a 650), using either the website “early adopter” in using Twit- month or two after presiden- or his iPhone. ter, being the first Dutch poli- tial candidate Barack Obama So far, the Embassy has 46 tician to very seriously using started tweeting as part of his followers and has sent 38 this service. campaign. tweets. Minister Verhagen has Since July 2008 Verhagen is Verhagen has sent more than well over 34,000 followers and sharing his activities through 7,000 tweets (Obama: some Obama: 3.7 million. 4
  5. 5. No. 5 / April 2010 Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Skopje Ministry of Foreign Affairs Business News Transavia: Direct Flight from Amsterdam On Thursday 29 April at 08h40* Transavia flight HV 227 from Amsterdam will land at Skopje Airport. The Dutch-Macedonian tour operator Karatanova Tours From May through October 2010 Transavia operates di- played a leading role in per- rect flights from Amsterdam suading Dutch charter airline to Macedonia on Thursdays. Transavia (Air France-KLM sub- * Only 29 April: arrival 08h40 sidiary) to start direct flights to Macedonia from Amster- early/late season: Skopje dam. “Things started moving high season: Ohrid after the Dutch and Macedoni- 17/24.06 and 02/09.09: an Ambassadors Filippini and combination Skopje/Ohrid Dimitrov met with Schiphol Group,” says Dennis Spaan, business partner of Kocirov. History teacher In 2003 Vasko Kocirov esta- blished Karatanova Tours. The following Dutch travel agencies visited Macedonia in February Kocirov is still employed as a and now offer trips to Macedonia with charter flights of Transavia: teacher of history at a secon- dary school in the Netherlands, Karatanova Tours 0252 869556 De Jong Intra 0180 457803 but since the success of Kara- Peter Langhout 0900 0991 tanova Tours only part-time. ID Riva 010 4111128 Both Kocirov and his wife orig- Q-International 055 5395800 inate from Strumica, Macedo- One2gether Travel 013 8200200 nia and live in the Netherlands Global Cyclist 0263 391720 since 1992. Vakantiebeurs In 2008 foreigners spent 587 thousand overnights and 167 million EUR in Macedonia (source: State Statistical Of- fice, National Bank). Since 2004 Kocirov has brought some 2,000 Dutch tourists to Macedonia. In January he presented the upcoming char- terflights at the international tourism fair Vakantiebeurs in Utrecht. The fair celebrated its 40th anniversary with 1,600 exhibitors from 60 countries Macedonia was also present at the international tourism fair world-wide, showing their Vakantiebeurs, January 2010, in Utrecht, the Netherlands. offers to 117,335 visitors. 5
  6. 6. No. 5 / April 2010 Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Skopje Ministry of Foreign Affairs Business News CBI Brings Dutch and British Fashion Buyers to Macedonia The Dutch governmental agency CBI is active in Macedonia with an Export Coaching Programme for the apparel industry. CBI joint the USAID Macedonian Competitiveness Project in organizing a B2B event in Skopje. 2 days, driving west, north, south and east of Skopje for a total of 800 km. Men’s coats and men’s shirts were his main interests. BMB Clothing is now planning sample orders with 4 of these factories. Quality, workmanship Major issue is the limited ca- pability of the manufacturers to provide fabrics themselves. Lack of knowledge, manage- ment capacity and affordable working capital are the main reasons. Another very impor- tant issue on the UK market is certification for strict com- pliance with health and safety regulations. Johnson and CBI are already working on these CBI and the Macedonian Com- were among the companies issues. petitiveness Project (MCP) of that sent their staff to Skopje Still, all UK visitors are im- USAID organized a B2B event on CBI­financed flights. pressed with what they saw in Skopje for the Macedonian in terms of quality and work- apparel industry, targeting the Individual guidance manship. UK market. On 2 March Macedonian gar- ment manufacturers presen- Dutch eager to order Top UK fashion retailers ted themselves at Holiday Inn, CBI already brought 5 groups MCP’s Project manager Brett Skopje, giving the UK guests of buyers to Macedonia, inclu- Johnson set very high targets the opportunity to meet with ding Dutch fashion companies for this event. Not only he was every potential supplier. The like Corel, Summum Woman, focussing on the top companies following days CBI experts Venducci and M&S Mode, all in UK fashion retail, he also provided individual guidance of which already started sam- managed to gather the Dutch and detailed background pling and are eager to start governmental agency CBI, the information during the factory business up to 9,000 pieces German GTZ and the Swiss visits with the objective to es- for a single order. SIPPO to jointly organize this tablish sustainable business event. And indeed, Johnson relationships. did succeed to raise interest among the largest UK apparel Mr Ken Rankin, sourcing mana- retailers. TopShop, Monsoon, ger for BMB Clothing, had the Whistles and BMB Clothing pleasure to visit 7 factories in See: 6
  7. 7. No. 5 / April 2010 Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Skopje Ministry of Foreign Affairs Business News CBI Support for Macedonian Wine CBI, agency of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, supports the Macedonian wine industry both individually and sector-wide. In spring 2009 Dutch govern- Economy and the Netherlands chambers of commerce and mental agency CBI launched Embassy. the ministries of agriculture an Export Coaching Pro- and economy - together de- gramme for Macedonian win- Joining forces velop a national export mar- eries. First event in this 5-year Participants at the conference keting plan for the wine sector. programme was the EXport stressed the need for joining PROfessional training of one forces in order to become suc- week in Rotterdam. cessful on the export markets. ProWein, Düsseldorf Ten Macedonian wineries have been supported by CBI to par- ticipate in the fair ProWein in Düsseldorf, 21-23 March. Ad- ditionally, the wines have been presented at a meeting of the Dutch Wine Board. The first workshop in Febru- Since Macedonia does not yet ary focussed on the internal have a branch organization analysis of the sector. for wine and since the Minis- try of Agriculture started pre- paring a national strategy for this sector, CBI decided to fa- cilitate also the development of a “sector export marketing plan”. Mr Mile Kostov of Skovin put it this way: “We are gathered here thanks to CBI and the Ministry. We never took the At the second workshop in initiative to gather ourselves.” March participants were deal- Mr Nikola Ljubotenski of Ima- ing with the analysis of the EU ko Vino pointed out the risks market. of any further postponement of jointly defining strategies, Co-operation AgBiz Minister Dimovski at plans and actions: “It is a In both projects, CBI closely race; Macedonia is not the only co-operates with AgBiz, a kickoff conference country that wants to put its project of USAID. At the kickoff conference in wines on the European map.” December 2009 in Skopje CBI welcomed the Minister of Agri- Four workshops culture, Mr Ljupco Dimovski, Four workshops have been as well as representatives of scheduled in which all stake- the wineries, the Ministry of holders - i.e. private sector, See: 7
  8. 8. No. 5 / April 2010 Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Skopje Ministry of Foreign Affairs Interview From Peanuts to Fighting Counterfeiting Both her parents came from Macedonia, but she is born and bred in the Nether- lands. She studied law in Groningen, but started her career in the management of the restaurants and pubs of the family. Now, Eli Mufisovski (34) is a law en- forcement professional in Macedonia, fighting counterfeiting. challenging enough. Intellectual Property Rights” “Exactly. It is a valuable expe- is one of the themes on the rience to open a pub - it is an road to EU integration and this enormous amount of issues caused my introduction to SNB you have to deal with! But React, a Dutch organization as soon as it was running, I that takes action against coun- became the first “senior trade terfeiting - let’s say “fake ver- assistant” at the Netherlands sions of world known brands”. Embassy. One and a half Now I am leading a team of 5 years later I had to conclude employees in Skopje, fighting that there were no further counterfeiting.” possibilities to grow within the Embassy - unfortunately, What does fighting counter- In the early seventies Vera because I enjoyed very much feiting mean in daily practice? and Mile regularly spent some working there.” “First of all, we try to enforce months in the Netherlands, compliance with the laws on initially for taking a student Holland House protection of intellectual pro- job during summer. A few perty rights (IPR). The pro- “A period of various activities years after the birth of Eli, they cess towards EU integration followed and in the summer opened their first restaurant. has urged the Macedonian of 2005 we opened the pub Until Eli Mufisovski graduated customs authorities to pay at- Plaza de Toros. Whenever the from the faculty of Law in Gro- tention to this issue. Besides, Dutch national soccer team is ningen, her family was run- fighting counterfeiting also playing, we turn Toros into the ning “Grill Restaurant Ohrid” has positive effects on taxes, “Holland House”, recognizable in Assen. consumer safety and of course by everybody by the orange Peanuts decorations!” the general image of a coun- What was your next move try. Finally, fighting counterfei­ When did you emigrate to ting hits the criminal organiza- Macedonia? tions that are often behind the “Well, in 2000 I moved to Mac- production, trade and sales of edonia, but at that time my in- forged goods.” tention was to stay only tem- porarily. Our pub Piazza Liberta Organizing destruction opened in Skopje in June that “In Macedonia we get our year and that was the occa- leads on possible counterfeit sion for my arrival. Even after goods mostly from the cus- a decade, Piazza Liberta is still after the opening of Toros? toms (some 70%) and the known for the peanuts I in- “The Netherlands and Macedo- market inspection. We first troduced as a complementary nia have a twinning project to contact the brand owner for snack!” improve the operation of the verification, usually based on Macedonian customs. “Border pictures but sometimes based But the pub alone was not Enforcement for Protection of on a sample. In case the brand 8
  9. 9. No. 5 / April 2010 Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Skopje Ministry of Foreign Affairs owner confirms that the goods still order us to take action. If enable us to actively remove are counterfeit and orders us not, the goods will have to be advertisements of counterfeit to take action, we contact the released.” products. Through internet consignee, the transport com- providers we also have the pany and finally the consignor. Internet Monitoring entire content removed from If none of them replies, we The list of members includes websites that are dedicated proceed to organize destruc- famous brands in various sec- to counterfeiting of a certain tion of the goods.” tors, but not in software or brand.” film industry. Confusing similarity What are the results of your “True. These sectors have or- What are the further conse- ganized their own measures efforts? quences for counterfeiters? against illegal copying, dis- “First of all, the Macedonian “Very often none. SNB-React tribution and downloading, customs authorities realized has some 160 members, most- which is not the same as coun- a very high enforcement of ly world-famous brands. Their terfeiting. SNB-React focusses the regulations. We managed main interest - and therewith on physical products, rather to have the simplified proce- the objective of SNB-React - is than “virtual”. dure of “silent acceptance” to prevent counterfeit products However, we do fight the sales fully applied in Macedonia. from appearing on the market. of counterfeit products on vir- These two facts have lead to Identification and destruction tual marketplaces. Part of our a decrease of the number of of counterfeit products is a team in Skopje is dedicated to cases with 19% in 2009, which very cost-effective measure to “internet monitoring”. We have shows that tracking and de- reach this objective. However, agreements with Ebay (includ- stroying counterfeit products we do try to claim the costs of ing the Dutch Marktplaats) and is effective.” destruction. similar sites worldwide that Sometimes we meet in court, but usually in cases of “confus- ing similarity” - let’s say look- alikes. For example in case of sports shoes with 4 diagonal stripes: that gets too close to an Adidas-shoe with three stripes. Up to now, we have won 8 cases and lost none.” How are your actions financed? “The members pay a member- ship fee based on the desired geographical coverage and they pay also a fee per case. In Macedonia we work for only 40 members. The others have chosen not to include Mace- donia in their coverage, for example because their trade SNB (Stichting Namaak Bestrijding) was established as a foundation in mark is not registered here. 1991 by the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce to fight counterfeiting. In case we have a lead for a Meanwhile, the European Commission supported the establishment of RE- ACT in Italy. In 2002 SNB and REACT merged into the co-operative asso- non-member, the brand owner ciation SNB-REACT UA. In 2006 SNB-REACT Macedonia started, covering concerned might be represen- also Croatia, Greece, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey. ted by another organization or 9
  10. 10. No. 5 / April 2010 Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Skopje Ministry of Foreign Affairs Queen’s Day April 2010: Month of “Be CreActive” The Netherlands Embassy organized a wide palette of activities around the Queen’s Day Celebration. Theme is “Be CreActive, Design Your Future City”. On the occasion of the celebration of the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Beatrix, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Macedonia organizes and supports a series of events starting from 1 April and ending on Queen’s Day. “Be CreActive, Design Your Future City” is the motto of all planned activities as they all represent some of the components of the creative city concept: creative architectural and landscape design, bicycle-friendly urban planning, contem- porary arts, tourism and sustainable development. See the programme below. For more information, please visit Date Time Venue Activity 07.04 18h00 Youth Cultural Centre Bicycle tour around the City of Skopje and official opening of Velo Fest 07.04 21h00 Youth Cultural Centre First public screening of “Whilst the Water Silently Speaks” movie by Kole Angelovski 07.04 22h00 La Kana Spanish Bar Party with music for cycling 08.04 17h30 Faculty of Architecture Bicycle-friendly urban design, workshop by Mr Wim van der Wijk, Infrastructure and Transport advisor at Royal Haskoning 08.04 19h00 Youth Cultural Centre Exhibition of bicycle photographs Vesna Trpkovska, Tomislav Georgiev 09.04 19h00 Youth Cultural Centre Award ceremony for the most beautiful urban bicycle and the oldest bicycle in Macedonia 10-28.04 various towns Bicycle tours, photo exhibitions, movie screenings and parties with “bicycle” music in several towns in Macedonia 14-29.04 Art Institute Skopje Cardboard design workshop guided by Dutch designer David Graas 14.04 20h00 Skopje Dance fest – Performance of Rotterdam Dance Academy 17.04 20h00 Bitola Dance fest – Performance of Rotterdam Dance Academy 23-24.04 all day Krusevo Creative industries workshops 28.04 all day Ohrid Opening of Dutch Park and IK Banka branch office, Velofest bicycle tour 29.04 09h30 Skopje Airport Arrival of the first Transavia charter flight from Amsterdam to Skopje 29.04 10h25 Skopje Airport Departure of the first Transavia charter flight to Amsterdam 29.04 13h00 Municipality of Čair Opening of an open-air stage in the Park in Cair 29.04 19h00 Alexander Palace Hotel Reception (upon invitation) 30.04 DVD with “While the Water Silently Speaks” and a collection of bicycle photographs published in Nova Makedonija daily newspaper Statistics FDI Development In 2008 the total Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) in Mace- donia were 400 million EUR. In the first three quarters of 2009, Macedonia realized an FDI inflow of 212 million EUR. Some 15% of the cumulated FDI is statistically Dutch. The National Bank of Macedonia however, does not provide de- tails on the companies behind the investments. 10
  11. 11. No. 5 / April 2010 Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Skopje Ministry of Foreign Affairs Short News EVD Now Part of Agentschap NL The Dutch governmental agency for international entre- preneurship EVD is now part of Agentschap NL. All EVD PSI, formerly known as PSO SME Forum activities will continue within or PSOM, supports invest- the division “NL EVD Inter- There are 20 places left for ment projects carried out by nationaal”. entrepreneurs from emerging a partnerschip of a Dutch (or economies to participate in the foreign) company and a local B2B event SME Forum in The company. For more informa- Hague on 2 June. tion, see: Companies from Macedonia may still apply for this event Fact Sheets and present themselves to po- All contact details remain un- tential investors and institu- changed. Agentschap NL is an The Embassy has prepared Fact tions. agency of the Dutch Ministry Sheets on market sectors in of Economic Affairs. Macedonia, available through Participation fee: 1,000 EUR NL EVD Internationaal: Deadline: 20.04.2010 agri: Information and application: ORIO Call Open ict: textiles: The first Call for Proposals 2010 for grants under the ORIO Facility for Infrastructure Feasibility Studies COLOFON Development will close on 26.04.2010 at 17h00 CET. The Dutch companies that would Economic NewsLetter Secretariat for European Af- like to investigate the feasibil- No. 5 - April 2010 fairs co-ordinates applications ity of projects in Macedonia, may apply for support from Embassy of the Kingdom for ORIO support, but project the 2xplore Programme. For of the Netherlands, Skopje initiatives may also come from the private sector and local more information, see: Leninova 69 - 71 governments in the areas wa- 1000 Skopje ter, environment and social Republic of Macedonia services, including health and Spreekdagen education. The second Call for t: +389 2 3109250 Proposals for 2010 is expected Dutch companies with ambi- +389 2 3129319 to open by the end of May. tions to start business rela- f: +389 2 3129309 See: tions in Macedonia, can apply e: for a conversation with repre- w: sentatives from the Embassy Second PSI Tender in Skopje during the so-called “Spreekdagen”, from 13-15 The second tender for grants September in The Hague, of the Private Sector Invest- Utrecht and Groningen. See: ment programme (PSI) will close on 23.08.2010 at 17h00. seminars_spreekdagen 11
  12. 12. No. 5 / April 2010 Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Skopje Ministry of Foreign Affairs 12