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Cheryl cole review


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Cheryl cole review

  1. 1. Cheryl Cole- Fight for this love Cheryl Cole is a talented and beautiful singer, as one of the five of Girls Aloud; she’s part responsible for some of the most exciting pop songs in the last decade. Even thou the song isn’t the most ground breaking stuff Cheryl’s success is mostly to do with her amazing music video. Her costumes are amazing as they are tightly fit to see her skinny figure, she has gone for a black and red theme of the colours mostly and it looks fantastic. Cheryl’s make up is great, she’s the best I have seen her all year, the makeup artists have done a very good job as they make her look skinny and plastic for the camera, her smoky blue eyes stood out thanks to the makeup. The lighting wasn’t too bad, it sometimes made the mistake of trying to make Cole blind, but it was very effective because of the different shades of the shadow and light. It was also amazing how they put lighting in the floor as it showed Coles face to be lighter. The camera techniques are also very good as they make Cole look great even on her worsted moments, which leads me to special effects. The special effects are not too bad, could do with improvement e.g. do a bit less as it confuses people of how much is going on. Overall I would say it’s a good video and have lots of different media techniques.