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97 2003 presentation

  1. 1. Kelci Dubois W200 Professor Lawrie
  2. 2. Technology tips for classroom teachers Integrating technology into the classroom Effects of technology on classrooms and students
  3. 3.  Stuff Ya Gotta Try – educational LA stuff for kids, educational math stuff for kids, educational science stuff for kids, communication stuff, keyboarding for kids, way cool maps.  Handouts – classroom technology, teacher helpers, math, language arts, social studies, science, & family.  Fun powerpoints – famous last words, high school analogies, english system conversion units, why english is so hard to learn.  Tutorials – windows, ms powerpoint, ms excel, ms word projects, creating web pages, firefox, internet explorer  Articles – curriculum + technology, the www + education, the teacher + technology  Integrating tech workshops – webquest workshops, 21 century learning cool tools 2009, building classroom web page workshops, using internet in elementary classes
  4. 4. When I think of having technology in a classroom I think of using computers for a paper, or television to watch a news segment. After looking at this site, I realized there is so much more you can use with technology other than that. I have learned that you can have technology workshops, create fun and attractive powerpoints to get the kids attention, and articles from online that the kids can learn their lesson on. Technology is taking a huge role in the world today and putting it into classrooms for children is a wise decision. Technology Tips for Classroom Teachers
  5. 5. How to integrate technology:
  6. 6. Online assessment Online assessment is a newer part of the internet. It allows the teacher to Concerns create tests, quizzes, and homework that the students can assess online. A teacher can do online assessment When using the internet in the through their own schools website. classroom there may be a possibilities of some problems. So here are the concerns: 1. Time objective 2. Cost and available equipment objective 3. Knowledge objective 4. Quality objective 5. Plagiarism objective 6. Cheating objective 7. Parental and community objectives
  7. 7. “Six years ago, the internet was limited both in what it could do and who used it.” I thought this quote was interesting because it opens my eyes to see how far along we have gotten with technology. Today we are using technology all the time and it’s hard to imagine life without it. From this website I have learned three new things how technology can be integrated into the classroom. It can be tied in through creating websites, researching, and online assessment. I think that creating a website with information from the students work and research is a great idea. In the world today when you need to research a topic we automatically think of researching from the internet. It is important for the students to be able to find their information not only from books, but also online. Online assessments are much easier to access than only other way! Integrating Technology into the Classroom
  8. 8. Change in student and teacher role When students are using technology Technical skills they are making choices about how to generate, obtain, manipulate, and Students of all ages are able to display information. Allows students have a high level skill with a to be more actively thinking. Teachers range of computer software. are no longer the center of attention They will understand the but instead playing the role of the different tools within each facilitator. The teacher can walk computer software. around the room and check on each student and answer questions. Accomplishment of more complex tasks Students were able to accomplish more complicated assignments because they skills provided by technology.
  9. 9. Increased motivation and self esteem More collaboration with peers Students prefer to work with technology Technology provides the than any other work. Their self esteem is students to work well with each increased when they accomplish other and also provides peer technology based tasks and also because tutoring. Technology has many they are able to complete the same “subtasks” that the students computer tools used by professionals. have to have help from their neighbor to finish an answer. Increased use of outside resources Improved design skill/attention to audience Classrooms have observed that technology allows students to the Students are able to make their benefit of using outside resources. presentations more professional looking with the tools and products technology provides. This makes the students more aware of the information being presented to them.
  10. 10. “Technology is the ultimate carrot for students. It's something they want to master. Learning to use it enhances their self- esteem and makes them excited about coming to school.” When I was reading through the article, this quote stuck out to me. I like it a lot because I do believe technology is the “ultimate carrot.” Kids are amazed by technology and they like to see if they can accomplish many things within it. I think as they grow older they will still want to learn more about it as well. This article really shows how technology effects not only the students, but also teachers. I was really impressed with the effects technology had on students inside the classroom. I believe since technology is growing and with this quote that technology should be a big part in each and every classroom. Effects of Technology on Classrooms and Students
  11. 11. Through during this presentation it has really opened my eyes of how important technology is for students. Technology has grown so much in just the previous years and students should be aware of the new areas of it. I believe by having technology in classrooms that it will tremendously help the students with finding resources, online assessments, powerpoints, increasing their self esteem, and wanting to accomplish tougher tasks. All three of these articles tie together because they all explain the benefits of having technology in classrooms and also why they should be.
  12. 12. http://www2.ed.gov/pubs/EdReformStudies/EdTech/effectsstud ents.html http://712educators.about.com/cs/technology/a/integratetech.h tm http://www.edzone.net/~mwestern/